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Post in Beauty Confidential

In Your Shower

How many products do you keep in your shower?  My husband say's I have "too much crap."   I was just wondering how everyone else compares!


My husband has a bottle of Irish Spring.


I have:


L'Occitane Sensitive Scalp Shampoo

L'Occiane Soothing Conditioner

Phyto Intelligent Shampoo

Phytobaume Conditioner



Korres Watermelon Body Scrub

Red Flower Moroccan Rose Oil

Philosophy Cinnamon Buns Shower Gel

Sephora Vanilla Cupcake Bubble Bath



Freeze 24/7 Ice Crystals Face Polish

Smashbox Emulsion Lip Exfoliant

Anthony Glycolic Facial Cleanser



Re: In Your Shower


Oh gosh, the Margarita one smells amazing. I got it last year, I even bought one for my mom it smelt so good. The only philosophy shower gel I didn't like (at all!) was the Peppermint Bark. My mom bought it for me this christmas and I just did not like it. I LOVE peppermint and I LOVE chocolate but that body wash just made me sick whenever I would smell it. I don't know if you like the smell of bananas? BUT my mom is a QVC (Home Shopping network on TV) fanatic and Philosophy came out with this bananas foster shower gel... OH MY GOSH it is amazing. It smells exactly like bananas. Another one that my mom bought from QVC... which smells to die for is Pineapple Orange Smoothie. This smells like heaven. I don't know if you have ever tried Crystal lights pineapple orange drink but the smell of that drink smells exactly like this shower gel. 

Re: In Your Shower

@j12003: I didn't like Peppermint Bark, either!! I think that may be the only one I didn't like. I had the lip gloss, too (500 point perk!) and while I loved the sheer red, I didn't like the peppermint bark flavor in that, either. I haven't seen the Bananas Foster one, but Philosophy used to have a Banana version a few years ago at Sephora -- do you remember it? It came in a white bottle, rather than the transparent kind -- it smelled so good! I think there was an apple one in a white bottle, too...maybe? I haven't seen the Pineapple Orange one, either...


: )

Re: In Your Shower


The only banana one I have tried was the Bananas Foster, but it may be the same one just different packaging. It smells SO good. The Pineapple orange is exclusive just for QVC (I think?) but oh my goodness it smells so delicious, it smells like a vacation to the Caribbean in a bottle! Anyways, I'm glad someone else shares a love for Philosophy's Shower Gels! 

Re: In Your Shower

*sigh* Kalex, WHY oh WHY do you make us count all this stuff?!?!? Next you'll be telling us to check our refrigerators for stored homemade beauty recipes....... OH!! I hope I didn't just give you an idea Smiley Wink Smiley Very Happy


In my shower I have:


Whole Foods Lavender Shower Gel

Pacifica Tahitian Gardenia Body Wash

Kiss My Face Lavender Shave cream

Herbal Hessences Hello hydration, and one I think called Dangerously Straight Conditioners

Organix Tea Tree Shampoo and Cherry Blossom Conditioner


That's all for IN the shower.

Now NEXT to the shower is the caddy I keep most of the stuff I use in the shower and I'm SO glad you didn't have me count that! Because we might be here a while.......LOL!



Re: In Your Shower

To add to my own shower collection, I just bought a GIANT, 1 liter bottle of Aveda Blue Malva shampoo. I forgot how much I loved that stuff -- I used it in middle school in an attempt to fight the brassiness of my Sun-In disaster ( didn't work, but it sure smells amazing). I would have bought a smaller bottle, but unfortunately (fortunately?) it is now only available in this size. Since I was investing in the salon-sized bottle of shampoo, I figured I had to get the conditioner, too...aagh!


: )

Re: In Your Shower

I'm not afraid to admit it I have a shower full of products and my hubby also hates it.


L'Oreal Everpure, Everstrong and Eversleek shampoo and conditioner in each of these formulas

(I wear my hair naturally curly and these products are great for my hair)

Biosilk Silk Therapy shampoo and Biosilk Fruit cocktail conditioner(The scent is heavenly)


Bath & Bodyworks body washes in Black Amethyst, Orange Sapphire, Dark Kiss and Black Currant Vanilla(my absolute favorite) 

Dove Nutrium moisturizing body wash

Aveeno shower oil


Philosophy Purity face wash

So Kalex don't feel bad I'm sure I've got you beat!

Re: In Your Shower

 I have a bad habit of going out and buying new bottles of shampoo/conditioner before I've finished my previous bottles.  And then of course, as soon as I buy them, I'm tempted to try them out.  So, in my shower I currently have:

  • Paul Mitchell Moisture Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Living Proof Full Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Redken All Soft Shampoo/Conditioner
  • Sexy Hair Organics Deep Conditioner

For body wash, I normally use Bliss body wash, but on some days I'll use the Bliss Super Slough exfoliating body wash.  And I also have a bottle of Philosophy candy cane body wash that I use on some days.


For shaving, I have a tube of Anthony Logistics shaving cream (it's for men, but I like to use it on my legs).


And for face, Philosophy purity cleanser and Philosophy microdelivery exfoliating wash.


Oh, and for my dog - Furminator shampoo/conditioner.  hahah  Smiley Happy

Re: In Your Shower

Every since I first bought my husband shaving kits at Sephora he is almost tied in number of items in the shower. That has resulted in two additional shower caddies..


My items are:


  • St. Ives face scrub (favorite for many years!)
  • Shampoo and conditioner (Pantene Medium/Thick at the moment)
  • Organics Coconut Oil Serum (makes my hair silk and smell so good)
  • Philosophy Fresh Cream shower gel
  • Sephora Sugar Body Scrub (make my skin super-soft, no moisturizer needed - LOVE IT!)
  • Ole Hendriksen Lavender Body Oil
  • Venus Razor
  • Fresh Black Tea Mask

I guess that's it. Every now and then I switch things up. My skin doesn't respond to certain products after a couple of week so I have a cupboard of half empty containers...


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Re: In Your Shower

hahah, I have a "narnia cabinet" too, I have trouble closing it! But, in my shower I keep:

shower gel: usually philosophy, right now I have the luxury size apricots and cream (32 oz) which takes up a lot of space, and a vanilla birthday cake body wash. (2 products so far.)

shampoo & conditioner: I only wash my hair 1-2 times a week, but I switch between Bed Head moisture maniac shampoo and conditioner and nexxus pro-mend shampoo and conditioner, and I keep both in my shower. (6 products so far.)

shave gel: either skintimate (random scent-they all smell so good!) or philosophy's amazing grace showergel. (8 now!)

face wash / scrub / mask: I actually wash my face when I'm out of the shower, and I use the clinique 3-step acne solutions line and purity made simple by philosophy [makeup remover], which I keep by my sink, but I have a [clinique] face scrub and a clean&clear in-shower mask that you leave on for one minute and it's like a little mini-facial. (10 products in my shower!)

body scrubs: I have a sephora body scrub in a tube, I think it's guava? (I don't feel like checking, i'm too lazy Smiley Very Happy) and a vanilla cupcake one. (12 products.)

lips: I have a brown sugar lip scrub that I use every 2 or 3 days, and a lip conditioner I keep in there to slather on to soften and get rid of any flakes. (14 products)

bubble bath / bath soaks / other bath stuff: I have a sephora vanilla cupcake bubble bath, bath salts and bath caviar (like bath salts but dissolve quicker), epsom salts for after hard workouts (I put it in a tub) and lavender milk bath. (now I'm up to 19! that seems excessive.)

I also have a loofah on a wooden handle, 2 fluffy loofahs (for shower gel), a shower comb, and a body brush.

Re: In Your Shower

Hahahaha, I have a narnia cabinet too!  One upstairs and one downstairs, actually.  But in my shower I have:


Fructis Dandruff Shampoo/Conditioner

Redken Clarifying Shampoo

Clinique Sparkling Skin Body Exfoliator

Dove Sensitive Skin body wash

Philosophy body wash in Watermelon

Clinique Skin Cushion body wash


I do the Clinique 3 step plus eye serum, face serum and sunscreen after I take my shower, plus any body lotion to seal in moisture.



Re: In Your Shower

I don't know if what I have is considered having too much crap.Shower products are probably the only products I'm good about using up and only then buying new ones. 



Aquage Shampoo + Conditioner (love this stuff!)

Biolage Shampoo + conditioner (used to love it. Now I use it occasionally as my alternates)

Its A 10 hair mask



Khiels Face wash (forgot the full name)

St.Ives Apricot Scrub



St.Ives Oat body wash


Ugh. So I have more than I thought. Oops. 

Please do not get me started on hair styling products. That seems to be the one category where I am clinically insane. Lets just say that I have quite a bit. I use them halfway then get sick of them and look for something better.


This online thread is my official confessional. haha

Re: In Your Shower

I, like a lot of you, don't like to fill the shower up with too much stuff at a time because I'm always bumping into bottles and knocking them over--especially when my husband is using the very last drop of his shampoo and has the bottle turned upside down teetering on the edge of all my stuff (lol)!  Anyway, I have a bag that I keep in my dressing room to store all the shampoos that I'm not currently using.  I'm almost embarrassed to say that I like to rotate my hair and body products just like I do my makeup.

In the shower right now I have:

- Matrix Shade Memory Shampoo and Conditioner

- Aussie Shampoo and Deep Conditioner

- TIGI Bed Head Self-Absorbed Shampoo and Conditioner

- Body Wash

- Bar Soap

- Two different micro-bead facial cleansers

- Neutrogena Facial Cleansing Bar


I won't even go into what's in my stash bag of hair products.  Everytime I smell another great smelling shampoo and conditioner I have to buy it.  My husband is always fussing at me about all my stuff in the shower.  He says, "How many bottles of shampoo can you use on one head?"  I have failed to come up with a good answer for that (lol)!

I'm glad I'm not the only one who also collects hair and body products, too. Smiley Happy

Re: In Your Shower

I have so many products in my shower that I run out of hot water before I get a chance to use them all!  Plus I share the shower with my roommate who somehow gets 3/4 of the space and still manages to leave her bottles all over my one little corner of the shower.

1 & 2. John Frieda Sheer Blond Shampoo and Conditioner (doesn't really do much for my naturally blonde hair, but I like to think it does)

3. Pantene restoring hair mask for long hair - smells great and makes my hair feel so silky after I use it

4. Dove bar of soap in Ginger Nectarine

5. Venus Embrace Razor

6. Skintimate Shave gel, in whatever scent I happen to grab, I always change it up

7. Oatmeal soap from Lush - really really exfoliating!  Almost too harsh for arms and chest/stomach, but feels especially great on your feet and smells nice too.

8. Neutrogena body wash in grapefruit

9. Proactiv face wash - I cancelled my subscription to proactiv after years of it not working, but I have this one bottle left and I can't bring myself to throw it out. I only use it maybe once a week at most. Pointless, I know!

10. Clinique Face Scrub - feels so nice when I use it in the shower, the heat opens my pores and the scrub tingles pleasantly

11. Body Shop Almond Hand Scrub - I don't use it in the shower, per se, but I use it right before then rinse off in the shower. This scrub feels great, my hands feel amazing after I use it.

12. Olay Ribbons shimmer body wash with minerals - Sorry I don't remember exactly what it's called, but it's a gold-coloured body wash with shimmer in it that leaves my skin just a tad sparkly and smells AMAZING. I definitely recommend this product.


Plus I have a small basket I keep under the sink for use in the bathtub and right after my shower:


Proactive toner

The Cool Fix for razor bumps

Bath and Body works Warm Vanilla Sugar body wash and bubble bath


Re: In Your Shower

I think I'm the odd one, I have only these in my shower (and bathroom cabinets)


Pantene shampoo/conditioner

Cetaphil soapless bar (body)

CeraVe foaming facial cleanser



thats it...oh and CeraVe cream, after the shower

Re: In Your Shower

I probably do have similar amount of body care products, but in the shower I keep:



  1. a body wash bottle w. pump that I share (Jason brand)
  2. a bottle w. pump of shampoo that I share with my husband (phyto organics)
  3. a conditioner (A/G)
  4. a cleansing shampoo(A/G)



sometimes I remove the cleansing shampoo and just bring it in when I'm going to use it.

same with other things I don't use daily.


my stock of products is in the closet outside the bathroom ...



Re: In Your Shower

In the shower itself there isn't too much.  Hubby has his own shampoo & bar of soap, I have Amplify shampoo,  Peter Thomas Roth conditioner, Ulta shower gel in Coconut, Tea Tree shampoo (generic), St. Ives Apricot scrub, a pumice stone, and travel bottle of Shu Uemura oil cleanser for makeup removal if I forgot before getting in shower. My shower has a custom built indentation that holds product so it can't fall out.


Face stuff is in a little wall cupboard near the sink, so it really doesn't go in shower, except that little Shu Uemura bottle.


My bathroom closet is getting really bad, I can't put the TP or towels on the shelf, I have to put them on the bottom with the dog's shampoo. Maybe time for spring cleaning....

Re: In Your Shower

HAHA @ officegal's Narnia closet...I have one of those. Smiley Tongue


I don't have too much in my shower, mainly because I, too, hate clutter where I can see it. I try to put away the shampoo and other products (in said Narnia closet) I'm not currently using.


Right now, I have:


Herbal Essences shampoo -- I think it's called Drama Clean

Expensive Aveda Shampoo that my stylist guilted me into buying after lecturing me re: sulfate-laden products (I love Aveda, but I hate this shampoo, and reverted to Herbal Essences).

L'Oreal Sulfate-Free conditioner that I also bought, guiltily, at Target (I hate this, too! Maybe my hair just LIKES sulfates!)


Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant (not currently using...I need to move that to the closet)

Neutrogena Visibly Even Foaming Facial Cleanser (love)

Fresh Soy Face Cleansesr (for use wtih Clarisonic)


La Roche-Posay Lipikar Surgras body wash (best.stuff.ever. Recently discontiued...always!!!)


I think that's it...I think.

: )

Re: In Your Shower

I don't keep a lot in the shower either. I have many, many bath & body products but I keep most of them in the bathroom cabinet and I just select something before getting in the shower. I do keep the basics in there, of course. I have a cheap shampoo & conditioner (currently Herbal Essences- the red "smoothing" one, forget what it's called), an organic/ all natural/ sulfate free shampoo & conditioner (currently Burts Bees Pomegranate & Soy), a super moisturizing conditioner (currently Nexxus Humectress), and a shower gel. My hair is very dry, and I find that the natural shampoos are much better for keeping it softer & less frizzy. However, if I consistently use them, it does get some build-up and every once in a while a drugstore shampoo gets it nice and clean and fluffy.

Re: In Your Shower

Haha this is an interesting topic, I don't think I have that much in my shower. I have:


Shampoo (currently using one that I got from Bath and Body Works, its a Volumizing in the scent Cherry Blossom)

 I also have Head and Shoulders shampoo in there, cause once a week, I wash out the build up of products in my hair.


Body wash- Its Caress, in Tahitian Renewal


Shaving Cream- Skintimates, the Cream Shave in Cashmere Rain, for dry skin


Face wash- Olay Total Effects Cream Cleanser + Blemish Control


Face Exfoiliator- Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub


Body Exfoiliator- St. Ives Apricot Scrub


and thats about it, in the shower... I don't use conditioner because I have fine hair (but a lot of it, so it's thick at the same time) So, in shower conditoner really weighs down my hair too much, with the strands being so fine and the weight of them all, since I have soo much hair. So, when I get out and after I dry my hair, I use a leave in conditioner on the ends and then comb it through. I started doing this a couple months ago and I've noticed a HUGE improvement in the volume of my hair.

Re: In Your Shower

Shampoo is always changing - right now, it's Yes to Carrots but I find it too drying on the scalp and will switch again.


Conditioner is Redken, forgot the name. Smooth down? Although I have crazy stories about this brand. Don't buy Redken from a salon.


I love Pacifica soaps! They smell so juicy Smiley Happy


Cake shower gel and exfoliater


File for the soles of the feet (the nail buffer looking kind, not the one that looks like a cheese grater. Those frighten me!) and a brush for the skin to exfoliate/massage and stimulate circulation.

Re: In Your Shower

Katie and Officegal - Good to know I'm not the only one with a closet full of 1/4 and 1/2 used bottles.  I get bored and rotate products all the time too!

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