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Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I know there's already a favorite thread for drugstore brands, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed different improvements in drugstore makeup?  Fran11 and I mentioned improvements in another thread, and I thought that would make an interesting discussion.  


I didn't experiment too much with various drugstore brands in high school; I always bought the same things over and over when they ran out.  Some things did not work well for me, but I still didn't experiment more within the brand of the evil product lol.  


Lately, I've noticed some drugstore products are working wonders for me.  Here are some photos of some drugstore items that I love in my stash.


Drugstore mascaras seem to love my long lashes.  Although I despise Cover Girl concealer (that was the evil product lol), the new Clump Crusher mascara is amazing!!!!!  My mom randomly picked it up so I could be the guinea pig for it, and it gives me the exact same effect that the original UD Big Fatty mascara gave me.  Maybelline The Rocket is a close second for the Big Fatty effect lol.  I also love The Falsies and Colossal Volume.  Not pictured is my clear Maybelline Great Lash mascara I use as a brow gel because it is almost empty lol.



Last year was the first time I tried Neutrogena cosmetics, and I have been very impressed.  I use the Shine Control items during the hot TN summers.  I do have to be cautious with the primer at times.  If my skin isn't too oily, I won't use it because it can feel a bit dry.  For a person with really oily skin, I would suggest these items to them.  The foundation is light, but the color is a bit dark for me at the moment.  The Healthy Skin Enhancer is amazing!  Blends well with no streaking.  I actually like it better than the TMs I've used in the past.  The concealer is another favorite that will, sadly, run out soon lol.




I randomly picked this up yesterday.  I've never tried anything by Hard Candy.  I think I read a while back that it was originally a department store brand.  Is that correct?  Anyway, the greens caught my eye.  I used it this morning, and so far I am impressed.  Of course, I always use my UDPP.


Green closeup.


Ecotools brushes!!!!  I love them!!!!!  After various cleanings, they have not shed and they aren't "spikey" and "pokey."  They're amazing!!!!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

The only Revlon lip products I've really tried are the Lip Butters.  What others have you tried? 


I have the Revlon polish in Whimsical, which is now considered a hard to find polish!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I love love love the Revlon Super Lustrous Lipsticks. Probably some of my favorites in the drugstore. Some top colors for me are Just Enough Buff (a basic nude), Primrose (a slightly blue toned pink), Mauve it Over (slightly deeper rose nude), Cherries in the Snow (a gooorgeous deep pink/red), and Blushing Mauve (slightly deeper pink with a hint of rose). I also have almost all of the Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, among some of my favorites in the "balm stain" category. The ColorBurst Lip glosses and the Super Lustrous Lip glosses are great as well.


Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I love nivea lip butters (seriously, so good!), and I still am a sucker for Great Lash mascara.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I dont really have any other lip products from Revlon other than the Lip Butters and the Balm stains. I have 4 or 5 different shades of the lip butters and wear them often so they definitely take the cake for me in the drugstoee lip category! Smiley Happy

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I was at Target yesterday and I saw that all of the Boots No.7 makeup was on sale (apparently they are revamping their packaging). I'm extremely picky with drugstore makeup, but I figured for 50% off I would get something, since I had been wanting to try something. (Also it seems a bit pricy for drug store makeup.) Anyway, I got a lipstick that they did in collaboration with Poppy King, and I really like it!! It ended up only being $5. Also it is hot pink, so that is awesome. It feels like very good quality.


Also, I really like the beauty blogger/vlogger Emily of Beauty Broadcast, and she always recommends Wet & Wild products. I was hesitant (mostly becuause I think I tried their products in my youth and they were horrible). But I decided to buy an eyeshadow palette and a blush a few weeks ago, and I actually really like them. The eyeshadow is very creamy (it is powder, but I think you know what I mean), and the blush is very pigmented and pretty. Also they were both around $3, so that was awesome.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I love watching Beauty Broadcast! I have one Wet and Wild trio based on her accolades.  I always seem to walk right by their display with out realizingat the drugstore though, or I am sure I would have purchased more by now. 

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Me too! I think Emily is so great becaue you can just imagine being friends with her.


I would try more W&W, especially because they are sooooo inexpensive, but they're not really sold that many places!! I do think they are great for experimenting with colors you're not sure about, since you're not wasting much money.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I know! I feel the same way about her. She is one of the few big "gurus" out there that really spends a lot of time finding and suggesting affordable options. I think thats really great! 


Me too! I had one of the 8 shadow palletes in my hand a few weeks ago and put it back. I have been kicking myself ever since!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

There is always drugstore dotcom!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Ecotools are my favorite brushes. I also like Physican's Formula eyeliners.


I've been curious about the Hard Candy makeup. The brand used to be a deparment store brand. Back when it was I couldn't afford it so not sure how it compares from then to now.

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