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Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I know there's already a favorite thread for drugstore brands, but I was wondering if anyone else has noticed different improvements in drugstore makeup?  Fran11 and I mentioned improvements in another thread, and I thought that would make an interesting discussion.  


I didn't experiment too much with various drugstore brands in high school; I always bought the same things over and over when they ran out.  Some things did not work well for me, but I still didn't experiment more within the brand of the evil product lol.  


Lately, I've noticed some drugstore products are working wonders for me.  Here are some photos of some drugstore items that I love in my stash.



Drugstore mascaras seem to love my long lashes.  Although I despise Cover Girl concealer (that was the evil product lol), the new Clump Crusher mascara is amazing!!!!!  My mom randomly picked it up so I could be the guinea pig for it, and it gives me the exact same effect that the original UD Big Fatty mascara gave me.  Maybelline The Rocket is a close second for the Big Fatty effect lol.  I also love The Falsies and Colossal Volume.  Not pictured is my clear Maybelline Great Lash mascara I use as a brow gel because it is almost empty lol.




Last year was the first time I tried Neutrogena cosmetics, and I have been very impressed.  I use the Shine Control items during the hot TN summers.  I do have to be cautious with the primer at times.  If my skin isn't too oily, I won't use it because it can feel a bit dry.  For a person with really oily skin, I would suggest these items to them.  The foundation is light, but the color is a bit dark for me at the moment.  The Healthy Skin Enhancer is amazing!  Blends well with no streaking.  I actually like it better than the TMs I've used in the past.  The concealer is another favorite that will, sadly, run out soon lol.




I randomly picked this up yesterday.  I've never tried anything by Hard Candy.  I think I read a while back that it was originally a department store brand.  Is that correct?  Anyway, the greens caught my eye.  I used it this morning, and so far I am impressed.  Of course, I always use my UDPP.



Green closeup.



Ecotools brushes!!!!  I love them!!!!!  After various cleanings, they have not shed and they aren't "spikey" and "pokey."  They're amazing!!!!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

oh my gosh i totally forgot to mention Wet n Wild's "Wild Shine LipLacquer"!!  These are perfect for someone like me whose lips are too dry for lipstick, and tired of how lacking in pigmentation most glosses are.  The formula, how it wears, and amount of pigmentation is veerrrrrrry similar to MUFE Artist Rouge Natural.  I bought the WnW in 928 which is almost an exact dupe of the MUFE N45 Red that I got as a 100pt sample last year.  


Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I've only tried Wet n Wild polishes.  I may need to try some WnW makeup.  I read wonderful things about their eyeshadows online.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I'm so glad you mentioned these brushes.  I couldn't agree more!  Although I've just ordered a couple of brushes from Sephora I LOVE my EcoTools brushes too.  I've had mine for two years now and even after constant cleaning, they show little wear and always remain soft.  And, so true, they do not shed.  I bought the set in your pic except my largest brush was a fluffy powder brush.  They are available at most drugstores and even some grocery stores.  They also come with their own cloth case.  :-)


Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I held on to my cloth case, too!  Very handy for trips.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I have been doing a lot of research lately on all skincare. Have you seen the website It is a very good web site that reviews lots of different beauty products from drugstore to really expensive.


A great thing about drugstore finds is that they leave more $$ in the beauty budget or the splurge items.


The other great thing its not always out too expensive to buy a drugstore product just to try it. If I don't like the product, I take it to my local church or other chairity organization (after 2-3 tries) and donate it to a woman in need. So awesome.


I just tried 3 different cleansers from my local Rite-Aid. Found Purpose Gentle Face Wash for around $6 and donated the Neutrogena Naturals $7 and Aveeno Radiant
 $7.  Still prefer my FAB cleanser but, at a $10 savings, I can really, really splurge on my serums. Hello fabulous nighttime retinol serum and fancy sunblock!


Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Do Sephora/department store make-up have more vitamins in them?  Are they better for your skin???

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

The difference between department store makeup and drugstore makeup are:

- skincare benefit: this is half true, but a lot of drugstore brands are getting organic or putting out stuff with skincare benefit.

- lasting power: I think this still holds true, where department store make up last longer than drugstore ones, except for one or two rare product.

- quality: this is half true. Unless you go really high-end like Dior, Chanel or YSL, the quality of most department store makeup are comparable to some of the drugstore ones (Maybelline, covergirl, revlon etc)

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Yup yup, Neutrogena sunscreen, Maybelline/covergirl mascara, and Revlon lip products are always worth it.


I am currently obsessed with Maybelline Color Tattoo in Fiery&Tangy (been looking for that exact color for years), but the texture is not quite right for me, needs to play around more. I adore the packaging of Physician's formula, but they don't really have lasting power.


I've been meaning to try the Eco tool/real technique brushes, but since I only use shadows in the summer so I don't have motivation to get extra brushes right now. Not a drugstore brand but I've been intrigued by H2O+ brand and so far kind of like their products...


TIPS: Beauty dotcom  has excellent promos also worth up to $20-$25 sometimes. The samples and return policies are not as great as Sephora obvi but they use the same basket as, so you can buy your drugstore stuff and get almost Sephora level promo sometimes. =X

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Look at your tjmaxx/marshalls locations---the ones around me carry tons of the H20 skincare.


I love beauty/drugstore dotcom!  I order my contacts from visiondirect, which is tried with beauty/drugstore, same basket so I get money back every time I order, and I use that on my next contact order! Its been awhile since I've ordered anything beauty related from that website, but they really are great with giving a percentage back to you.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I often use drugstore eyeliner -- pretty much anything I can find in black or black/brown that has decent staying power. I like L'Oréal's kohl pencil, and another one (I forget its name). I also tried the Color Match foundation before -- and while I'd never found a color match in drugstore foundation, it was pretty comparable to my normal shade. I also really like Revlon's lipstick (not necessarily the lip butters, but the Color Burst lipstick is really nice).


Smiley Happy

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Most of my makeup falls under the department store/high end category, BUT I do have some drug store cult favorites that I cannot fathom giving up.


NYX: Their lipglosses, blushes, and glitter eyeliners are to die for. One of my all time favorite glosses is Beige...which ironically isn't beige at all but a soft pink. Most of their stuff is highly pigmented.


Ardell Lashes: My lashes of choice are #113. They're long and doll-like with the perfect amount of density.


Burt's Bees: Their cuticle butter is my main favorite. I use it everytime I give myself an at home manicure.


Sally Hansen: SH has really stepped it up this year. I really like their gel nail system.


Whimsically yours,

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

oh man I love NYX!  their single eyeshadows are AWESOME, such a smooth formula and large-ish color selection.  I hear great things about the powder blushes too.  I have a highlight/contour compact from NYX that has a white powder and a cool brown powder that I love.  Definitely want to try the matte lip cream or whatever it's called.  

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

It sounds like I need to be more determined to try NYX, now.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I still need to try NYX!  Whenever I go to Ulta, I always tell myself that I will try NYX, and then I end up in the nail polish section lol.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I only have one NYX lipgloss but I looove it! I want to pick up more!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Love this topic!  Keep meaning to add pictures like kimmi did but things a little crazy this week.


Like others, most of my collection is high-end stuff.  I didn't get into makeup until my mid-30s so I just went to my local Sephora and plunged right in.  However these last few months I've been exploring more drugstore brands and seeing with a critical eye whether I really HAVE to pay premium prices for decent makeup.  Here's what I've found so far:


Foundation:  My current favorite is Maybelline Dream Smooth Mousse.  Perfect for my dry skin, love it just as much as (possibly more than) my Clinique, Laura Mercier, Lancome, etc.


Brushes:  Like everyone else, love EcoTools and Real Techniques.  Would've saved me a bundle if I'd known about them earlier!


Cream Shadows:  L'oreal Infallible is GORGEOUS.  I suspect it's the exact same formula as the Lancome 24H shadows, just different shades (Lancome is owned by L'Oreal).  Maybelline Color Tattoos are also gorgeous.  Between those and my Benefit, not sure which ones I like more.


Felt-Tip Liner:  L'Oreal's Lineur Intense is suspiciously similar to Lancome's Artliner.  Exact same felt tip, and I haven't noticed any difference in formula although I haven't compared ingredients or anything.


Mineral Foundation:  Love Physician's Formula, I use the talc-free SPF16 one and really love the texture of the powder.  Would love to try more of their stuff, like powder highlighter or blush.


Skincare:  CeraVe, 'nuff said.  My skin texture all over has improved so much since I switched to CeraVe.  I used to have rough, horribly dry skin but no more.  Now I have smooth, slightly dry skin.

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

Have you tried the Physican's Formula eyeshadows?  They have a pretty good selection of palettes, and some of the packaging is adorable.  However, I've only looked at them.  

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

haven't tried them, but I do hear good things about those "Shimmer Strips" and they look very enticing! I wanna try a blush or illuminator because they have adorable hearts pressed into the powder!

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I purchased a eyeshadow palette from PF and I really disliked it. The quality is just not there. I haven't really found any PF product that I like except for their blush (has a little stiletto on it!). Overprices drugstore crap in my opinion. 

Re: Improvements in Drugstore Makeup

I forgot to include the L'oreal Infallible Eyeshadows. Those puppies are AMAZING! 

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