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I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

But I need help! There is the original, mia2, plus, aria, and body one! I don't know which one is better! Something for the shower, to clean my skin, and simple to use. Not too heavy or complicated to use. And i guess if I want to use the body brush, that I am able to use that one as well. Thanks guys! Btw I have combo skin, and it's a bit sensitive. Smiley Happy

Re: I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

I think you will truly love Clarisonic once you've tried it, it's pretty great. My BFF finally got one and is annoyed at herself for not getting it sooner. I have the Mia and prefer it to the big one which is for face and body, I think the Mia is easier to handle, especially in the shower. The other thing is you have to buy different brush heads for the face and body. So I'm a Mia girl.

There are 5 different brush heads to choose from, I think there is Regular, Acne, Deep Pore Cleaning, Sensitive and Delicate. So that's one way to help tailor make it to your skin. The other factor is how hard you press, if you're sensitive just make sure not to use too much pressure. It's also best to use a gentle cleanser, I love Philosophy Purity Made Simple (I find sometimes you have to rinse that a bit more than some other cleansers, no big deal, especially if you're in the shower, to me the end result is worth it)  You should probably stick to your regular cleanser when you start using Clarisonic, as long as it's gentle, so if you have any issues you'll know why. BTW, my friend has Rosacea (spelling correct?) and it works for her. Shop around, there are a variety of kits available at different places. I got mine from QVC, it was a Today's Special Value, which means it's a special low price. They do that a number of times each year and the price was reasonable.

I hope you'll try it and let us know if you like it or not. Good luck. Smiley Happy


@superjulienne - I LOVE your 'avatar' picture. That dog is so adorable. What kind of dog is he? What's his name? Assuming he's yours. He looks so sweet, he just made me smile. Smiley Happy

Re: I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

yea i believe the body brush is only on the plus one. I have the mia 2 and had the original as well. I haven't changed the speed setting on mine, so i'm not sure if its defaulted to low or not. I really got the 2 because i wanted the 2yr warranty and the original only has 1yr. 

Re: I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

hi!! I'm also buying my first clarisonic next month and am so excited to try it.   Ps.   I'm getting the mia2<3

Re: I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

If you want one that can use the body brush attachment, I believe it has to be a plus model (not sure on the aria). I had the Clarisonic Pro, but honestly I only used the body brush a few times and preferred my body scrubs. After I somehow misplaced/lost mine I replaced it with a Mia2, and I think it is just as great for getting a nice face exfoliation in the shower (plus it's smaller!). I kind of hated the bulky charging system with the Pro, but with the Mia2 I enjoy how it magnetically sticks onto the Clarisonic and is easy to store.


If you care about the different speed settings, you should see if you like the single setting on the Mia, if not I would suggest the Mia2. Right now if you have a Costco, I saw the Clarisonic Mia for $57 at my local one. Smiley Happy


Oh, and the sensitive and delicate brush heads are my favourite!

Re: I want to buy my first Clarisonic!

Ahh okay well thank you for the info! This was really helpful Smiley Happy 

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