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Post in Beauty Confidential

I need professional help

I decided to tally my year to date spending on Sephora. Wow I think I need counseling or something. I requalified for vib by the end of January Lol.

Re: I need professional help

If I had my old, typical habits, I would have qualified for VIB the first week in January Smiley Very Happy


Over the past few years due to budget concerns, I've forced myself to rely on cheaper, easier-to-acquire products (aka the drugstore).  Yet, this past Christmas, my underlying desire for better products was renewed with a Sephora giftcard.  While I won't splurge on everything I use, I'm set on selecting better products for particular things, like around the eyes (mascara, shadow, primer, etc.).  I still probably won't qualify for VIB for awhile yet, but I have a decent start considering how I've been the past few years.


I miss being a makeup junkie Smiley Very Happy

Re: I need professional help

I went to the store today for the sale and had $40 cash and limited myself to that, getting a NARS Satin lip pencil and UD concealer.  Then I got home, put on the NARS lip color, decided it was darker than I wanted for a summer color, went online, and bought 4 more of them.  UGH.


I really need to close my Macy's AmEx because that's what I use when I don't want my husband to see it on the credit card statement.  It's enabling me FAR too much!!!

Re: I need professional help

Mine renewed in Feb. I blame the skincare & fragrance promos. :/ To be fare my man needed a cologne & I was running low on a lot of products. 

Ok, I have a problem... 

Re: I need professional help

My VIB renewed today. Yeah, I think in the last month I've spent at least $300 on makeup/beauty products. It doesn't help that I'm addicted to the internet and shopping is fun to do. Look at the products, then research the reviews and blogs for swatches. OMG, I need counseling, too!!

Re: I need professional help

Haha so did I!! I even got another VIB kit! >.<

Re: I need professional help

Lol Mid Febuary I think i spent well over $350 and i have another order to make!! D:

Re: I need professional help

If you want, you can join us in Fabz no buy thread, or project 10 pan thread...or both like me! It helps, and you have the support of several people that are cheering each other on every day!

Re: I need professional help

there's an idea Smiley Wink i think i can handle two weeks lol

Re: I need professional help

I made it by February- I had so many gift cards from the holidays. I try not to add up what I spend on beauty products- ignorance is bliss. Haha!

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