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I know I won't do this again!

As most of you know, I have a daughter who's 21 months old (2 years in October!  Ack!)  So naturally, I usually put my wallet and checkbook (along with a lip color or two) into her diaper bag instead of carrying that AND my purse with me everywhere.  I've been sick with side effects from the antibiotics I've been on for the past week and so haven't gone anywhere, but my car has been sitting outside instead of normally in our garage.


You can see what's coming, can't you?


I finally got the diaper bag out last night.


I had FIVE lip colors in the bag.


I should mention it's been at least 80 degrees in the Pacific Northwest for the last week or so.  Two of the colors were lip gloss, so no harm done.  The other three?  Nars Lip Pencil in New Lover, Clinique Intense Moisturizing Chubby Stick in Roundest Raspberry, and Dior Lip Glow.


The Clinique and Dior were brand new, only been used a couple of times.  Popped all of them in the fridge overnight and they're okay now, but...yeah.  Lesson learned.  DON'T LEAVE ANY LIP COLORS IN THE DIAPER BAG!



Re: I know I won't do this again!

oooh! glad you could save them!! I was afraid you were going to say that she found them and drew all over with them, ruining not only your lippies but whatever wall/clothing/upholstery she colored on! Smiley Happy

Re: I know I won't do this again!

Any pics to show us the liquidy goodness of melted lip colors?

Re: I know I won't do this again!

Ah yes. I've even had lipsticks melt when it was just a bit hot in my bedroom.


I think if I ended up with a bunch of melted lipsticks, I'd find a way to combine them into a super ultra mega lipstick.

Re: I know I won't do this again!

I love my Nars New Lover and I would have a fit if I forget them in the car. YIKES! I'm glad their alright and it could have been so much worse. Summer is terrible for this so I placed all my lip colors on my vanity desk so when I do my make up each day, I just pick which color to wear. So I just take what I need and not all my lip colors. Thanks for sharing.

Re: I know I won't do this again!

You actually just reminded me to take a look in my purse to see what is in there.  I wear mostly glosses, but I think I may have a couple mini lipsticks in there...


I leave me purse in my car and just bring my keys, phone, and a few things into work in my work bag.



Re: I know I won't do this again!

LOL wow almost 2 years already?!


I'm glad you were able to fix them, my friends have been telling me how bad the heat is up there, I'm always so sad when I forget a makeup item in my purse or car just to find them melted. It's worse when its candy though hahaha Smiley Wink 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: I know I won't do this again!

What a bummer!!  I actual just did this too!  Not left it in a diaper bag, since my kids are 6 & 11, but I opened up my brand new Benefit Lip Tint, with its gorgeous packaging & all, and left it in my center console of my car.  It was laying on its side & when I went to use it, the entire stick had melted & rehardened into a globby mess in the cap Smiley Sad  There was no saving it.  I tried to put it in a warm cup of water to melt it back, but nope.  Its a hot mess, literally.  I wouldve cried if it was my Dior Lip Glow, so I'm glad you were able to save yours!!


xo, Mia

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