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I just have to get this off my chest! Which Product???

Theres been almost 100 times I'd guess... that I just wanted to read a particular review on one particular eye shadow color say, and all I see is "Two Thumbs Up", "Great Eye Shadow, Excellent pigmentation, totally buy this, etc" And I have know clue which eye shadow they are talking about. We even have the ability to search the reviews by age and skin type, but we still can't see which eye shadow they're talking about right? Or is there a way for me to find out? Does anybody know if we can see what somebody purchased to understand what their review is referring to?

Now I always make sure to put in my title which product I bought in what color btw. I was guilty of it when I first came to Sephora. I feel but better having vented. Thank you for listening. Smiley Happy


Also, does anyone know if there is a way to contact Sephora to encourage this to write a disclosure before people post that would remind them to mention the exact product color, size, and specifics that they're reviewing?



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Re: I just have to get this off my chest! Which Product???

I second the suggestion. There used to be a trick you can do when you search where you can make it only display that specific color of eyeshadow/lipstick and you can see the reviews from people who brought that (probably automatically categorized there when they click the link in their review-reminder email?). But you can't do that with new site.


I hate it when people were like "it's too shiny" for an eyeshadow that have satin, shimmery and glitter option and such. =(


Also, because the distinction is blurred between face make up and moisturizers, I wish you can pick skin type for make up or complexion for moisturizers (especially the tinted or "light diffusing" kind)

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Re: I just have to get this off my chest! Which Product???

You know, somebody came up with another good point in a post I saw that they also don't mention the dimensions of the product. Like if the pallet is 6" by 4" etc. What a pain.


Re: I just have to get this off my chest! Which Product???

That always bothers me, too -- it would probably be a lot of work, but they could always make it an obligatory part of the review form (a drop down menu with the shade, etc.). There was a previous thread re: ranting about reviews -- that was a common complaint! Smiley Happy

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