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I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

*yaaaaaaaaaaaay*jumps and rolls around happily* I was unable to resist the sephora traincase in the sales section and brought it. I was surprised! It was heavier than I expected, but I suppose that's expected of a sturdy case. It's the large size so the buckles are on the side rather than under the handle. The edges are metal and the rest are quilted thin leatherish fabric.

Everything inside is covered with foam, the trays, the dividers, and everything (top, bottom, side) inside the case. So if you have a powder spill, better vaccum it up asap and if you got cream/liquid on it....well then, graffitti style it is.

The reviews were right, you can't see everything on the 2nd tier and it's kind of inconvinient taking out dividers unless it's the top row. When you pull it up, it hits the bottom of the tier on top before it comes out completely. You have to kind of rotate/tilt it bottom up trying to slide it out side ways. =/

Anyways, I wasted no time jumping into one of my favorite past time, organizing things. =X

I'm surprised I was able to fill it (above are all unopened cosmetics, a couple new things coming in, and I have the same amount opened on my vanity). If you have a lot of makeup this is better for storage than everyday use. If you don't have lots of makeup, you can put frequently used on top, rarely used and new on the bottom. Overall it's a pretty good deal for ~$45. =)


ps. The case also comes with key! So if you don't want curious little kids to play dress up with your makeup when you are not home, or your nosy friends/hubby to know how much makeup you have, you can lock it up. =P


pps. If you are beating yourself up for not getting one, don't. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I see one on sale, so if you are patient and vigilant there will be others coming.

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Until I saw the review I didn't know I needed one.  Now I know that I do, so thanks for mentioning that it was around again.  I might not have thought to check my Loves list in time.  After digging around through a bunch of bags to find things, I really hope this helps me organize/use things a bit better.  Of course it might let my husband better visualize everything I have.


On the good side, it should get some things off of my counter and keep me from knocking stuff into the sink all the time. I really need to get those palettes moved but still handy somewhere.

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

"it might let my husband better visualize everything I have."


Hahahaha, that's why the case come with a key so you can lock it. He doesn't need to know what's inside. *wink*

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

A lock? Omg now I'm even more excited! My hubby doesn't need to know!


Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I was avoiding this thread cause i didn't want to fall in love and want one Smiley Tongue

But i think i need this, Mainly for Deluxe samples! They are taking up tons of room!! And i could store my perfume in it!! Ahhh I don't know if i want this more or the Naked Palette i was planning on getting with my 20% off!

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I'm not too worried about deluxe samples if I'm not actively using them.  Or even the incredible collection of deluxe mascaras I have.  I'll be happy if I can keep the eye palettes, blushes, and other things that collect or sit somewhere else because I can't easily get to them collected somewhere.  I can add in deluxe samples as I want to use them.  (I fear I could use more than one case here.)


If I get the palettes off the counter near the sink (not a good place for them to hang out anyway) I can put cleansers close at hand and still find other things.  That alone will make my husband happy.  And then I'll lock it up!  Great suggestion @beautytester. Smiley Happy

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I use my Deluxe samples often! And i keep them in a container in my room so i have to go back and forth and decide which i want to use and it would be nice to keep this beneath the sink and then take out when i need it! My skincare samples take up a lot of room in my skin drawer and i would love to keep my full sized items only in there, And use this to store all makeup and deluxe samples i don't use often and everything i do use i can keep near me in my drawers! I think if this is available on monday when i plan to make my order i'll get it, if not i'll take it as a sign to get the Naked palette. 

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Oh my lanta!!!!!!!! I am heading to Sephora as soon as possible to see if they have this,so I can **bleep** it up! I think this is the first product that someone has enabled me to get and I am so excited!! Smiley Very Happy Smiley Very Happy <3 <3

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Sephora needs to send beautytester a gift for enabling so many people! I am sure you will get a surprise in a mail from Sephora, beautytester. 

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I don't enable often since I'm super picky/critical. I just lay out pros and cons and let you guys decide, lol. I don't think I will get a surprise in mail from Sephora, altho I'm pretty sure I will get a surprise when I see my bill this month. *sobs* Every holiday season I swear to "fast" during summer, but when summer rolls around I forget how tempting holiday kits are and end up buying anyways. I brought twice as much stuff from Sephora this yr than last yr. X.X

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Let me know when the pink available actually on sale better haha and I will let you know when I see it on sale too Smiley Wink. Deal? Train case buddies? Smiley Wink.

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