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I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

*yaaaaaaaaaaaay*jumps and rolls around happily* I was unable to resist the sephora traincase in the sales section and brought it. I was surprised! It was heavier than I expected, but I suppose that's expected of a sturdy case. It's the large size so the buckles are on the side rather than under the handle. The edges are metal and the rest are quilted thin leatherish fabric.

2013-10-22 18.07.00.jpg

Everything inside is covered with foam, the trays, the dividers, and everything (top, bottom, side) inside the case. So if you have a powder spill, better vaccum it up asap and if you got cream/liquid on it....well then, graffitti style it is.

2013-10-22 18.11.31.jpg

The reviews were right, you can't see everything on the 2nd tier and it's kind of inconvinient taking out dividers unless it's the top row. When you pull it up, it hits the bottom of the tier on top before it comes out completely. You have to kind of rotate/tilt it bottom up trying to slide it out side ways. =/

Anyways, I wasted no time jumping into one of my favorite past time, organizing things. =X

2013-10-22 18.58.12.jpg

I'm surprised I was able to fill it (above are all unopened cosmetics, a couple new things coming in, and I have the same amount opened on my vanity). If you have a lot of makeup this is better for storage than everyday use. If you don't have lots of makeup, you can put frequently used on top, rarely used and new on the bottom. Overall it's a pretty good deal for ~$45. =)


ps. The case also comes with key! So if you don't want curious little kids to play dress up with your makeup when you are not home, or your nosy friends/hubby to know how much makeup you have, you can lock it up. =P


pps. If you are beating yourself up for not getting one, don't. This is the 2nd or 3rd time I see one on sale, so if you are patient and vigilant there will be others coming.

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Hurray!! I'm so glad you got one while we have/had enough inventory! Smiley Wink


I hope the pink ones go on sale lol Smiley Wink these things are lifesavers for my eye products!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

yay so happy for you I wish I had known this. And do please PM me when the pink on sale too Smiley Happy

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Wow! You guys are so  neat! My traincase is a wreck! I got the silver faux croc one in February and it was super neat and organized for about three months. I need to go through and toss out samples & reorganize. I'll post a picture when I'm home. The quilted leather is gorgeous ladies! Smiley Happy) Enjoy your purchase! It's one of my all time favorites!  

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

LOL, this is the one I like. Smiley Very Happy

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Darn it guys. Thanks to your enabling, I now "need" one of these too Smiley Very Happy


beautytester or Bumblee could you post the link to this item so I could so I could stalk it? Smiley Wink

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

The one I got above on sale is no longer available, I can't get to the product page. If it does ever reappear, it should appear in this section of the sale:


Otherwise you can wait for the next one to go on sale. Aside from the default plain black/silver, all the other ones (this studded, the orange ikat pattern and the sparkly) go on sale at some point during holiday season, so ~Apr and ~Oct.

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Ok, thanks for looking and thanks for the tips!!

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

YAY! I'm glad you're happy with your train case! 

Mine is now empty & sitting at the bottom of the hallway closet. I don't know what to do with it now that everything is tucked away in my vanity. I did get 2 years use out of it, so that's a plus. 

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

There is always something you can do with a train case. I used to carry my piercing/body modding kit in one I called my "little box of horrors". XD (Disclaimer: I do not recommend diy body modifications or piercings. Better to leave it to the professionals, trust me. Smiley Happy Not worth the risk.) They are also great for art supplies, essential oils, or really anything that involves a lot of small items. 

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

You can use it for non-beauty things (skincare? super fancy tool box?). Now that you mention it, maybe I should nix the idea of getting a 2nd one.....o.O

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I want that so bad!

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

It's sooo pretty! I love it! Thanks for the review!

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Does anyone have one of these and a caboodle/something to do I side by side comparison with? I would love to see that. Please, wink wink. Smiley Wink

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

I'm loving my new Sephora traincase that I got during the sale too! Though I stuffed the bottom of my traincase chock-full of deluxe samples... divided into skincare with spf, skincare without spf, makeup, and my stockpile of false eyelashes!




I have been watching Youtube videos and blogs about how to organize the Sephora train case. It's really varied out there seems like -- some give their own unique pile of makeup/skincare some organizin' lovin', some actually pack it for travel and some are makeup artists who have totally different priorities of what needs to be in their train cases.


Me personally, for everyday, I already have the basic makeup on my vanity and skincare in the bathroom mirror cabinet. Previously, I put everything else in 5 different little bags. I love that now when I have some time on my hands, I can open the train case and have everything in view, and ready myself for some beautifying/pampering experience, be it putting on makeup for a night out, or choosing a different mask to try for a night in Smiley Happy


Now the question is, what am I going to organize using those makeup bags now? =X

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Wow. That is a seriously impressive set up. 

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

You can use your extra makeup bags for organizing your purse- that's what I do. I have some thin cloth/ plastic ones that stack really nicely within my purse, so I can keep it clutter free (quite a feat when I use my bigger ones). 


In the small mint one I keep pens, my phone earbuds and a charger in. In the clear one, I have one of my favorite rollerballs, lip balm, a flattering lip stain that works with everything, some contact wetting drops, a hair tie and my John Masters Lavender Hydrating Mist. 


Those first two I keep in my purse always and never switch out their contents. Inside the taller, leopard print one, I keep makeup that I'm using that day, just in case I have any touch-ups that need to be done. So, right before I head out, I'll usually grab the concealer, lipstick & gloss, blush and eyeliner. 


Its an amazing way to stay organized, so if you do have extra bags, I definitely recommend doing some thing like that. Smiley Happy



Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Yeah so neat and beautiful. Love it.

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

it looks so pretty! i would definitely be checking the sale section every day just so I can get my hand on this gorgeousness!!!


thanks for the review, beautytester! Smiley Happy

Re: I got my Sephora traincase! (a review)

It is pretty edgy. It's sturdy, dark and studded. It meant business. Altho is it bad that I'm waiting for the pink one to go on sale so I can grab it....despite the fact it's not even released yet? o.o

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