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I am a makeup addict!

Yes.... i am a boy... but i am also a total makeup addict!  I have to admit it... and it feels good to do so Smiley Happy 


I have always LOVED fashion and makeup... but never really expressed it to anyone... even myself.   But the passion never went away... So recently...finally... i have been giving in to my passion and have been having a BALL.  I have been watching my makeup bag get fuller and fuller (and, of course, wathching my bank account get lower and  Anyway... thats my confession and I am thrilled to be making it Smiley Very Happy   

Re: I am a makeup addict!

You totally need to spill and fill out that Top Ten Favorites list!! Share your wisdom, makeup addict!


Re: I am a makeup addict! all are soooo nice Smiley Happy... and yes mermadelove.. you are right, i have been slow on the gun with this.... so i have finally gotten my current fav's up....but of course its subject to change....Smiley Very Happy



Re: I am a makeup addict!

totally going to check out your list right now!!!!

Re: I am a makeup addict!

i heart boys who wear makeupSmiley Happy

Re: I am a makeup addict!

Good for you...and join the club of us makeup junkies!! I went to Sephora and the man who helped me out had the most amazing and professional looking makeup I had seen in a long time. He looked gorgeous with the makeup, and you could tell that they had been applied with a light and skillful hand! He showed me some of his tricks, and I totally admire him...and now you too! I am so happy for you...everybody has their little secret confession moments! I had one yesterday Smiley Happy. Can't wait to hear more from you and your growing makeup collection!!




Re: I am a makeup addict!

OMG...You are all sooooo sweet  Smiley Happy :biz:  you definately make me feel at home here and at peace with my addiction Smiley Happy  That is so encouraging to hear about working at a store like Sephora... that would be a dream job for me Smiley Very Happy  I hope that I will be able to get good enough to do that someday!

Re: I am a makeup addict!


Re: I am a makeup addict!


makeuplover16 wrote:


Me: Hi, I need to match my foundation shade bc I ordered the wrong shade

Woman worker:umm i have like 10 min so make it quick

Regardless of who said it, that's just really rude.  I can't stand terrible customer service.  Those things are not gender related at all.  I've dealt with plenty of unhelpful male sales associates before.

Re: I am a makeup addict!

You should apply at Mac or Sephora Smiley Happy From my experience, I actually preffered the guys! (Plus you'll get a discount Smiley Wink

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Re: I am a makeup addict!

you are like my bff!!! i am a makeup addict and a chocolate addict and there is nouthing wrong with that.!!!

Re: I am a makeup addict!

Right on! Smiley Tongue


Re: I am a makeup addict!

Good for you! It's so great to have a passion for something that you truly enjoy. I live near a flagship Sephora store, and there are a ton of male associates there who are always wearing the products and looking fabulous. Have fun! Smiley Happy

Re: I am a makeup addict!

Good for youSmiley Happy  Life is to be enjoyed!

Re: I am a makeup addict!

some guys look great in makeup, and i bet you are one of them!

also, i find guys with nail polish very sexy, like Russell Brand.

Re: I am a makeup addict!

I work at a mall and have seen several men working in different stores wearing makeup.  Adam Lambert's eyes are amazing!  Seriously, I feel like you boys look better than I do sometimes!

Re: I am a makeup addict!

awwww.... your are really sweet!!! oh... and yes... Adam's eyes are TOTALLY amazing!

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