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Post in Beauty Confidential

How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

...with tweezer in hand?


Needless to say, I went a little overboard this morning.

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I always have this problem too!
Omg I just always do it and always mess up.

Sorry no advise here BUT I got bangs to cover it all up!


Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I have had several traumatizing episodes where my brows were scary, so after those experiences, I realized that exercising restraint was something I had to learn. We all have different limits we reach before we have an eyebrow epiphany LOL.

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I embrace my full eyebrows, so I really only tweeze the few stray hairs, and don't really try to shape them. 

I don't see a point in tweezing off all my eyebrow hairs & then drawing them on. Seems a bit counterintuitive to me. 

Some brands have brow stencils & I think using those before you tweeze really helps keep you from going overboard Smiley Wink 

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I am so terrible at shaping my brows (I have asian brows, so the hair grows in several directions and can get quite long) and always over I gave up and leave it to the experts.  I found a threading salon in my neighborhood, they charge $7 to make my brows beautiful, and then I try to upkeep for a couple weeks by plucking hairs only as they grow in out of the nice shape.  I inevitably get lazy and forget to pluck for a few days, so then it is back to the salon for me! 


If you have a middle eastern or indian neighborhood in your area, you can probably get your brows threaded for as little as $5.  Also, I'm not sure if this is true, but I've heard it is better for the delicate skin around your brows than waxing.

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I think I just make a point to be really careful and take my time; I try not to get impatient and grab several hairs at once. I've definitely overplucked before, but I've been more vigilant lately because I read that sometimes the hair doesn't grow back, or doesn't grow back the same way. I like my brows, so that was enough to scare me! Smiley Happy

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I honestly have a bit of a problem when I start, I would say borderline OCD. One I tweezed the last half of my eyebrow because I just couldn't stop myself. (Yeah I am painting myself in a great light here) It doesnt help I ALWAYS use a 15x mirror, Anyway I now have a strict rule that everyday I can only pluck 5 hairs. 


So I look, and have to think thoughtfully what hair are the worst and take them out. Leave the rest for another day.

How bad did that all sound :s

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

I have the same problem, and sometime have that issue with my eyelashes..Even If I stopped I would continue it the next day. Then beat myself up about it, until it grows back

Re: How do you tell yourself "STOP, that's enough"?

But there's always just one more that needs to go! lol...I know what you mean. I'm guilty of this all the time...and sometimes I just have to quit looking in the mirror because otherwise I'll tweeze til there's nothing left!

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