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How do people get free makeup sent to them from companies?


Re: How do people get free makeup sent to them from companies?

Hi, lisam11!


There are a variety of reasons behind how and why people may receive product from brands.


For example, in the instance of beauty bloggers or social media influencers (those who may have a bigger name or presence in the online community and have amassed a solid following), beauty companies and brands may seek them out based on their own accord and send "PR (press release)" kits to them which can range from a couple of items in a new and upcoming launch, to an entire collection, or staples in their permanent line. While the items may be issued freely from the brand, this is often done with a mutual understanding that the individual who receives the package will thus reciprocate the gesture with an indepth review video or posting which will promote the brand. Sometimes deals or paid sponsorships are at play at which the legalities of requirements are at a case-by-case basis with the specific company and that individual.


Indie or up-and-coming brands that may be smaller in name or start up may also partner with other growing social media personalities to further drive their brand, building sponsorships in which they may send items to be featured on an individual's social media account for more exposure.


There are also sites now such as Influenster that allow users to sign up for the chance to receive goodies to trial and then post reviews and insight for the mass public to check out.


Beauty Talk, Sephora's beauty forum, has also been known on instances to send users here gratis upon the launch of new brands or collections, for contributing quality posts and material, and even for solid participation in select brand chats. The choosing of who gets gratis is random and Moderators reach out to members individually to inform them of this.


There are also brands and sites that do offer free samples without any obligation or purchases. These can be seasonal or sporadic offers, but feel free to do a search on the main page search bar for threads covering what sites people have received free samples from (some folks have even had luck in just reaching out to the customer service department of brands direct asking if there are any free samples they can be mailed to test before making purchases).

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