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Post in Beauty Confidential

How did you start wearing make-up?

I am always curious to how people start wearing make-up and what influenced them to get into all of this beauty craziness. I, for one, wore make-up when I was 12, about 4 years ago. I wore it to my grade 8 grad. And I never really stopped since. I dealt with a bit of self-esteem issues and I used make-up to cover myself up (literally!). But now I feel better about myself and I just experiment and pamper myself with make-up. And just this year...I joined the Sephora family. What's your story? Smiley Happy

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I wore some make-up in middle school but nothing too crazy, mostly cheapie lip gloss from claire's and a bit of eye shadow here and there (but we weren't allowed to wear eye shadow in middle school). 


I started wearing more when I moved to high school and I got a free eye liner with a Lucky magazine (I think). My mom haaaated the way I did my makeup - said I looked like a raccoon - so she took me to Mac and had them teach me how to do my makeup properly and was wonderful enough to buy me most of the products so I could recreate the look.


I think I already had a couple products from Sephora, but that stop at Mac was what really gave me the confidence to do my makeup. From there, it wasn't an everyday thing in High School or College, but the frequency and complexity of my routine definitely evolved over time.


Now I'm in my 3rd year of graduate school (PhD program) and I'm pretty sure I've done my makeup every day for class in that time. I just like the routine of taking a couple minutes to sit down in the morning and play with all of my products! I normally don't wear anything on the weekends unless I'm going out to something special or just bored and looked to mess around a little.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I've had a lot of replies saying they weren't allowed to wear make-up. In Toronto, I don't think I've heard of that before....Hmm. Anyways, it's amazing that you've joined this family, while juggling your time with your studies (PhD!!! WHOA! Smiley Very Happy ) My mom also doesn't like how I'm wearing my make-up and she doesn't do anything about it, but threaten to throw all of it away. :/ So that's why with my Rouge card, I can get a make-over anytime!! Smiley Very Happy And experienting for no reason smetimes at home is funnnn! Smiley Happy I wish you all the best in your third year! <3

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I grew up doing performing arts (dance, acting, music, etc.) so I started wearing makeup at age 5. Not like all the time or anything, just for performances. Or at least that's how it started.

    In grade school, I usually had something on, even if it was just a lipstick or an eyeshadow. I would try to coordinate it with whatever outfit I was wearing.

    By my freshman year of high school, I wouldn't leave the house without full makeup. I had horrible cystic acne all over, which I felt the need to cover up. That was also when I really started to teach myself how to apply different products, so I would just wear all of them at once! Egad. lol

    The following year I got tired of putting myself together. The big hair/lots of makeup/carefully planned outfits lost their appeal and I went totally the opposite. If I wore makeup at all, it was barely noticeable.


As an adult, it varies. I'm cool with wearing no makeup at all or painting myself up like a drag queen if I'm going to be on stage.

The level of makeup really depends on the activity, how much time I have, and my health condition at the time.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I looooooovee complimenting my outfits with my make-up! For me, acne was also an issue with me during my freshman year. It was the same for me too: leaving the house with full make-up on. And I also self-teach myself with make-up becasue I don't have anytime to go online and I've only discovered Sephora this year, so I still have some catching up to do. Smiley Happy I'm still young so maybe I'll be OK wearing no make-up when I'm older. Time will tell. Smiley Happy

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I think the first time I wore makeup was around the age of-6, because that's when my dance class started doing performances. I think I only had some mascara, blush and lipstick on for those shows. Maybe a little glitter (although I hated glitter).

Off stage, I started wearing makeup for myself when I was about 13-14, starting with mascara and clear lip gloss, adding eyeliner and foundation later. I think the only reason I started it was because all other girls were doing it. Lipstick came into my life when I moved to South Texas where I started hating lip gloss for its' stickiness and inability to stay put on my lips (I shouldn't have been so hard on poor lip gloss, nothing stays on in 100F humid heat). I'd started using eyeshadow in everyday makeup only after I turned 20, before that I loved to play with different types, shapes and colors of eyeliners (still do, just not as often).

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

Glitter is a little too much for me. Smiley Happy I only like it for parties!! I had no peer pressure to wear make-up, but it was just becasue of how self-conscious I am. (Check out my lastest post) Finding the perfect lip gloss is like travelling to the centre of the earth!! Smiley Surprised I found mine: Benefit Ultra Plush Lip Gloss in Sugarbomb. Smiley Happy I love to experiment with different colours of eyeshadow and eyeliner, but I'm just too busy to experient...YET. >Smiley Happy 

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I discovered Coty Airspun powder in 8th grade and my obsession began! After that I never left the house without foundation,blush,lipstick, and eye makeup. I've since realized that less is sometimes more (especially at 38) but I still feel most confident,beautiful,and put together when I have a full face on.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I can't leave the house without those things either! And I agree! Less is more. After goign through horrible phases of exessive make-up, I've learned my lesson. Smiley Happy And still feel beautiful.


Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

Thanks for all of your replies!! I'm really entertained with your stories. I was touched, surprised, shocked, happy, and sad. This is amazing. Thanks a million! xo



Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

When I was little 12ish ...I remember asking my mom to try her lipstick, she would only tap it on...I thought no fair. After I tried realish/kid makeup (i believe I already had it) lipstick and kept using it until it was gone...(Continuously going in a circle, not stopping). When it was no more...I used another and didn't stop. I remember the first one was orange, then purple. Years went on and only wore it on special occasions, since I thought makeup aged you later on in life. I hated it for a while. Now that I'm 23 I love the new fashion trends they have for makeup, like the cat eye (still trying to learn how to do it.) Since i'm going to be a cosmetologist I going to be in tune with fashion...Never knew that's what I wanted to be, until now...I'm also fantasized by the Japanese fashion in Tokyo (after cosmetology I'm going to Tokyo!) Mix US and Tokyo fashion together and you get me.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

Personally I never really wore makeup (beside prom and special events) on a daily basis until my University years, when my acne got really out of control (my dermatologist suggested it was ok to cover them up). And now thanks to Sephora, Youtube, and MakeupAlley, I am a makeup addict.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

My mom has never worn makeup, so Iending up having my first experience with it when I was in Colorguard. We were all forced to wear this horrible Mary Kay neon pink shade! the instructor even rubbed some on our cheeks-yuck. After that I stayed away from makeup until I joined a theater group-it was a wrap after that.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I didn't start wearing makeup in earnest until like... March of this year, and I'm in my mid-twenties. Smiley Happy Only one or two of my close relatives even wear makeup, and when I was growing up I only saw them a couple times a year so I didn't really have anyone to teach me.


I had an embarrassing Hot Topic phase in high school where I would only line my waterline in black, I would also wear bright red or bright pink lipstick from the dollar store (all of this makeup was, of course, shoplifted). In college I was really briefly involved with a local group of alt fashion people and one of my friends from that scene got me to start wearing a basic neutral eye and like a powder foundation, which I kept up for a couple years and then lost interest when I ran out of foundation, lol.


I've been wearing and collecting nail polish consistently for about three years, and got interested in makeup again after seeing nail blogs make posts about makeup as well. I started wearing makeup again this year as a means of self-assertion + reclaiming femininity after struggling with some stuff.

Re: How did you start wearing make-up?

I started wearing makeup in the 1990s - everyone was obsessed with beach beauty at the time (1994-ish) and I became obsessed with red lipstick and black eyeliner. Of course, my mother talked me out of both - and into Clinique's Black Honey Almost Lipstick and a more neutral eye look because I was 12. Four years later and I was back on my red-lip and black eyeliner obsession (which hasn't really let up over 15 years later) but I was already addicted to quality makeup brands. My mother didn't know much about blending or really great application - she kind of just threw foundation and mascara on in the morning and called it a day. I didn't start learning about proper eyeshadow blending and lipstick-and-liner use until I was in my late teens/early twenties. I weep at the memory of my late-90s dark liner with lighter lips - how embarrassing to think of now!  In my defense, it was a fairly common look at the time. My eyebrow skills lagged behind until five or so years ago when I really sought out someone who could help me shape them and understand what I was doing wrong that produced such an odd look. 

I have to wear sunscreen daily and have since I was an elementary-school aged kid. One of the things that makeup really did for me was let me control how that looked, especially given that I'm allergic to a number of the more common sunscreens and usually wind up with something that's zinc-oxide heavy (which just absolutely wipes out the remaining color in my face.)

It also lets me change my look very dramatically with something that's so easy to carry in my purse - I had coworkers for years that never suspected that I was into a vampier, gothier style because I could do a more basic or colorful look for work and then save the heavy red lipstick and black smoky eye for going out. 

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