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How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

So I know some ladies here use Mario Badescu products, and others have gotten samples from them*. Their lines get pretty good reviews and I really like their rosewater/aloe facial spray so I decided to try a couple more products. What did you ladies get? Any favorites?


For reference, I have oily/combo in the summer and dry/combo in the winter (nowish).

2013-10-21 20.22.22.jpg

Orange Tonic mask - It smells like orange juice but it looks white. It is a thin clay mask, like Glamglow white or Boots Botanic but a little lotion-y instead of watery. It's a soft mask and you can feel a gentle tightening as it dries. It rinse off ok but....doesn't leave me with a super clean feeling like Origins charcoal that I use....


Strawberry Face scrub - It smells like strawberry gum, and the scrub is basically a light pink cream with sparse amounts of strawberry seeds. It reminds me of Origins Modern Friction, altho I prefer thick paste of grains rather than cream/watery solution with sparse grains.


Enzyme Cleansing gel - It's non-foaming gel cleanser, kind of like Anthony Logistic glycolic, with a very mild pleasant scent. After rinsing, my skin felt clean and comfortable. It does cleanse off makeup but you have to rub it in for at least 10-20 seconds (tested with UD eyeliner, powder eyeshadow and KVD lipstick)


Special Cucumber lotion - It reminds me of Clinique toner 2 (with an even shorter ingredients list). Both have a astrigent scent, refreshing and leaving no residue on the skin. Clinique toner 2 does dry my cheeks out in the winter and this didn't. This also didn't sting even when my skin is a bit sensitive after a peel. I might get this for next summer.....


Hyaluronic Eye cream - It's a normal cream, not lightweight and not heavy. There's absolutely no scent and it does not irritate even around lash line. A great basic eye cream for sensitive eyes and, pretty much all skin types unless you are super oily or super dry.


Collagen Moisturizer SPF15 - scentless, a lightweight cream that sinks in easily. It's perfect for combo/normal skin and I would imagine this is good for sensitive skin. Nothing super fantastic about it but very nice.


Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater - this is actually the first thing I brought from the brand. I like the simple natural ingredients list. Very mild rose scent and feels just like water on the skin. In addition to use on skin it's great for taming my static-y hair in the winter.


They are a pretty natural brand with simple ingredients list, which I like. I'm not a fan of the mask and scrub. The eye cream and moisturizer are good but nothing fancy (but then again, they also don't cost $50 per oz or something). I'm going to purchase a full size cucumber toner and the drying cream to try next time (after my wallet recovers from all the Sephora holiday goodies).


*Mario Badescu will mail you free samples if you fill out the skincare survey on their website. It doesn't always work, so make an account, do the survey, maybe even put the products in your basket and wait. If you don't get an email within the week then try again?

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I would love to do the survey.  I have heard nothing but great things about these products and I want to try them all.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I LOVE the strawberry face scrub!!! I use it on my husband & myself!  I want to try the rose water spray next

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I love MB products! I have rosacea and after experimenting with so many different products and lines, I tried the Regime kit, which is meant for combination/oily skin. I fell in love with the Enzyme Cleansing Gel and the Cucumber Cleansing Lotion, but the Aloe Moisturizer did nothing for me, nor the Flower and Tonic Mask. I bought a full size of the Seaweed Night Cream thanks to the included sample. When my skin is especially irritated, I use the Cream Cleanser and Chamomile Cleansing Lotion as well as the Azulene calming mask. I received samples of the Hyaluronic Eye Cream and Hydro-Moisturizer with Vitamin-C and ordered full sizes. I like that the prices are so reasonable. 

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I really, really like this line. It's perfect for me, since I'm still pretty young and really don't need all of the intense anti-aging ingredients yet. Here's what I use:


Enzyme cleanser: Perfect for morning use as a light and gentle way to remove any sweat and residue from my face


Hyalauronic eye cream: I use this morning and night. I don't have issues with fine lines or dark circles, but this helps everything stay hydrated to help my makeup go on smoothly. 


Glycolic acid toner: I use this if I have to wash my face mid-day, as its very gentle and hydrating. My mother also uses this and loves it


Seaweed night cream: Silky and hydrating, I wake up with glowing, non-greasy skin


Drying cream: Absolutely love this for clearing up a random spot. It shrinks it overnight!


Collagen mask: I use this if my skin has been feeling dry or just 'blah'. Instant perk-up


Peptide Renewal Cream: I use this when I want a lighter moisturizer at night. 

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I was so hopeful, since the ingredients sound good and the prices are so reasonable.  I got the orange cleanser, which feels like it never rinses off.. The cucumber toner is OK. The dermonectin  ( i think ) eye cream was super heavy and greasy, but made a great cuticle/nail cream. The collagen cream was so-so. the kiwi scrub is a joke--truly, there were only kiwi seeds in there as the scrubbing grains, and there were about 20 of them. No scrubbing action at all. The strawberry mask was OK, no big deal. The drying cream I put into a pot and do use that for monthly breakouts, and it works nicely. The seaweed night cream I used on my arms, because I could tell it was thick and heavy and wasnt going to try it on my face.  Overall, I have to say I will not be trying their products. I am disappointed, and I don't know it I was just sent the wrong type of products for my skin, or if everything would be this disappointing for me.  loved the great, generous samples and personalized user guide.  I am glad it works for others!

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Yeah, the masks/scrubs don't work for me, the rest are ok. Everybody likes the drying lotion/cream it seems. I'll have to put that on my list of to-buys after I finish using my current ones.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

after reading this thread, I am starting to think I got all the wrong products...I even got the aloe toner, not the cucumber like I thought. bleah. Oh well...

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I would try going on the website and contacting them about it. They may be able to send you other samples. I just received mine in the mail. I'm slowly trying them all. I'm not 100% sure the products they sent me will work the best for me looking at the rest of their entire line but it should give me a good feel on how the products perform.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I took the survery and jumped the gun and emailed Mario asking about samples as I didn't see an email. So hopefully I will hear back from them! Smiley Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Enzyme Cleansing Gel: It's a gentle, exfoliating, non-foaming cleanser. After rinsing off, my skin's pores and texture was very refined and smooth. It even got rid of the dry, flaky spots on my face. Weird scent, though: kind of a cross between tropical and medicinal. (Hospital air freshener in papaya?)


Seaweed Cleansing Lotion: Ergh, not a fan. I don't really know the purpose of this product if you already cleansed with the gel. It's like an astringent toner on steroids. It burned my face and made it feel very tight. Not recommended for dry/sensitive skin. I do want the benefits from seaweed, so I hope they come out with a gentler version.


Ceramide Eye Gel: A green eye cream in gel form. It's very lightweight, so the benefits aren't very apparent, but it's good for me, since I don't need to focus on my eye skin just yet. 


Chamomile Night Cream: Amazeballs. It soothes my irritation, eczema, and atopic dermatitis like no other. My skin is soooo smooth after using it for only a couple nights. It perfects my skin and really evens out any rough patches. My skin stays moisturized for the whole day, so I put it on under my makeup for a flawless look. Only con is a slight medicinal smell, but that's nothing.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I really like the eye cream.  I do have sensitive eyes and like a lighter cream.  This is the one I keep coming back to of all of the samples I have and even an expensive one I bought.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I love Mario Badescu products, and before reading this thread, I had no idea that they were sold at Ulta!!!  There are not any Ulta stores in my area, so I normally shop at Sephora.  My only options for purchasing MB products were to order online or go to their salon in Manhattan, but there is an Ulta right down the road from my mother's house back home...and I am so excited to go shop there next week when I'm home for Thanksgiving!!  Sometimes it really is the little things in life.  Smiley Happy  Thanks for this new information!


In keeping with the thread though, my favorite MB products are the Enzyme Facial Cleanser, Glycolic Facial Cleanser, Buffering Lotion, Hyaluronic Eye Cream, and Honey Moisturizer.  I have tried some of the masks and night creams, but they weren't quite suited for my skin.  The Healing and Soothing Mask is very nice for counteracting harsher acne products.  The Special Healing Powder is nice to dab on a pimple in the morning to help minimize redness.  I've never really been a toner person, but I've heard good things about the MB toners.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Thanks for starting this thread -- I received their samples too but haven't gotten to them yet, but reading through the reviews makes me look forward to it!!

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Woo-Hoo!  Finally got my products today!  It's funny because I contacted them today about shipping times and they said probably 8 weeks for Canada... Not too long after the mail got here and I had my samples!  Took 4 weeks. Smiley Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I just filled out the survey! I love Mario Badescu, and I want to try everything, so 6 down, lots to go. Also, how big are the samples? Are they single use?

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

@evno. Did you see the picture I posted above in the initial post? the smaller jars are just slightly shorter than Sephora sample jars. All of them are fully filled so they are pretty generous. =)

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I've only ever tried the whitening mask and I didn't like it because it left a film of grease after rinsing. So bizzare. Its a clay mask that when it dries my skin felt super tight but after rinsing it didn't rinse clean. And it didn't help my acne scars at all. It took me forever to finish it up but I was glad when it was gone. The testers at Ulta for this line....if its in a jar, its completely dried out.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Agreed, the masks/scrub did leave a weird texture behind for me. The other stuff are ok. I'm going to try the cucumber toner more, otherwise the rosewater/aloe spray is the only thing of theirs I like.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

so i did my samples and liked some of the products enough to buy them when haute look had a sale.


so i bought:


enzyme cleansing gel: i love this stuff so much.  It makes my face feel awesome.


strawberry scrub: at first i didn't like it much because there aren't that many grains in it, but it grew on me.  It's a super gentle exfoliator but I feel like it still gets the job done


seaweed night cream: my skin feels great when i wake up in the morning


hyaluronic eye cream: GREAT eye cream.  My eyes are brighter and the skin is firmer and it's great.


I would have also bought the cucumber lotion, but i didn't see it on sale.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I'm getting some samples!  cool!  I filled out the survey a day or two ago and today when I looked in my junk mail I had an e-mail for them.  Just followed the directions and looks like they'll be sending some my way!  Thanks for this post!  I also learned a lot about my skin while browsing on his website. Smiley Happy

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