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How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

So I know some ladies here use Mario Badescu products, and others have gotten samples from them*. Their lines get pretty good reviews and I really like their rosewater/aloe facial spray so I decided to try a couple more products. What did you ladies get? Any favorites?


For reference, I have oily/combo in the summer and dry/combo in the winter (nowish).

2013-10-21 20.22.22.jpg

Orange Tonic mask - It smells like orange juice but it looks white. It is a thin clay mask, like Glamglow white or Boots Botanic but a little lotion-y instead of watery. It's a soft mask and you can feel a gentle tightening as it dries. It rinse off ok but....doesn't leave me with a super clean feeling like Origins charcoal that I use....


Strawberry Face scrub - It smells like strawberry gum, and the scrub is basically a light pink cream with sparse amounts of strawberry seeds. It reminds me of Origins Modern Friction, altho I prefer thick paste of grains rather than cream/watery solution with sparse grains.


Enzyme Cleansing gel - It's non-foaming gel cleanser, kind of like Anthony Logistic glycolic, with a very mild pleasant scent. After rinsing, my skin felt clean and comfortable. It does cleanse off makeup but you have to rub it in for at least 10-20 seconds (tested with UD eyeliner, powder eyeshadow and KVD lipstick)


Special Cucumber lotion - It reminds me of Clinique toner 2 (with an even shorter ingredients list). Both have a astrigent scent, refreshing and leaving no residue on the skin. Clinique toner 2 does dry my cheeks out in the winter and this didn't. This also didn't sting even when my skin is a bit sensitive after a peel. I might get this for next summer.....


Hyaluronic Eye cream - It's a normal cream, not lightweight and not heavy. There's absolutely no scent and it does not irritate even around lash line. A great basic eye cream for sensitive eyes and, pretty much all skin types unless you are super oily or super dry.


Collagen Moisturizer SPF15 - scentless, a lightweight cream that sinks in easily. It's perfect for combo/normal skin and I would imagine this is good for sensitive skin. Nothing super fantastic about it but very nice.


Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater - this is actually the first thing I brought from the brand. I like the simple natural ingredients list. Very mild rose scent and feels just like water on the skin. In addition to use on skin it's great for taming my static-y hair in the winter.


They are a pretty natural brand with simple ingredients list, which I like. I'm not a fan of the mask and scrub. The eye cream and moisturizer are good but nothing fancy (but then again, they also don't cost $50 per oz or something). I'm going to purchase a full size cucumber toner and the drying cream to try next time (after my wallet recovers from all the Sephora holiday goodies).


*Mario Badescu will mail you free samples if you fill out the skincare survey on their website. It doesn't always work, so make an account, do the survey, maybe even put the products in your basket and wait. If you don't get an email within the week then try again?

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Ohh nice review! I haven't used all of my samples yet, But here's what i did get....



I used the Seaweed Cleansing Soap And i'm not overly loving it, It's a nice gentle face wash but i have others i prefer. 


The Cermade Herbal Eye Cream i use every night. I haven't ventured into eye creams yet, although i will start soon and this is nice until then. It keeps my eyes nice and moisturized. This little samples will last me forever!


Just tried the Cucumber Toner , Hmm It's very gentle, i've never used a calming and hydrating toner so i don't know what to expect, But my face didn't show any dry spots after applying, so i guess that good right? lol 


I haven't used the others yet, Mainly because i haven't moved them form my room to my Skin drawer in the bathroom. 

I can't for the life of my open the Hyaluronic moisturizer! Me and my whole family have tried lol, It's just not happening!! Smiley Sad

I am excited to use my samples now!! I haven't done my face routine yet! Maybe i'll try the Almond and Honey scrub! 




Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Nice haul! What type of skin do you have? I'm more interested in your Flower&Tonic mask and Drying cream. Let me know how you like those two (and the cucumber toner). They recommended drying lotion to me but don't have samples of that available.


lols, I guess somebody was overzealous in making sure no products get spilled during shipping! If you can't open it with bare hands, have you tried with one of those jar opener rubber pads for kitchen?

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I have super dry skin! I'm not crazy about the smell of the products, but not  a huge issue! I will mow likely use the Flower and Tonic mask on Sunday. So i will let you know then!!! I currently have on a face mask so i will try the Cucumber toner after i rinse my mask off and edit my original comment! 

The drying cream i will try next time i get a huge pimple!! I'm more then sure ones coming soon :/

And i opened up the Almond and Honey scrub, I didn't use it, I have a feeling it's just like the Strawberry one you described, All cream, no grains to scrub!


Lol i will keep trying! I really want to try the moisturizer!! I was most excited for it lol! If not i'm gonna resort to breaking it somehow and moving it in another container Smiley Tongue



Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

The Drying Cream really worked for me.I'm planning to get the full size soon.I also really like their Buffering Lotion.

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Very nice! I would love to hear your opinion on the Almond & Honey Scrub and Flower & Tonic Mask once you've tried them!


Side note for the moisturizer- trying putting the container upside down in hot water for a few minutes- maybe there's product stuck to the lid?


Also side note... I have trouble "recognizing" some of you guys now with the new avatars Smiley Very Happy I like them though!! Smiley Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I will definitely post my review once i've tried them! I'm going to go try the water thing and Rubber pad that Beauty tester suggested!!! I hope one of them works!!! 


Lol! I don't think we recognize ourselves!! Smiley Tongue

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

I should be getting some very different items from MB, and will happily add reviews once I receive and try them!


If anyone has trouble getting an email from MB, I actually contacted them personally requesting samples and they asked me to take the survey, which I did a second time, and then finally got an email!

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

And here is the after math of me trying to get the jar open! 

Lol It was not budging and i tried everything! It had a crack in it so i just wedged something in there and it all broke! 



So i will use it tomorrow morning and give my thoughts on it at the end of the day!

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Several of my jars broke also. My hands are pretty strong though so I thought it was just me. 

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Eeek! Didn't cut you I hope??


Any extra jars or containers you can stick that puppy in?

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

No cuts! I transferred it in another container! Smiley Very Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Yay! Smiley Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Also, what the heck time zone do you live in??

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Lol Central! I have insomnia!! And i couldn't sleep till i finished my Halloween Nails!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Haha ok. I was wondering! It's 4:30 am here! Smiley Happy (yay for night shift insomnia) Smiley Very Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Lol I need a night job! It would be perfect since i can never for the life of me sleep at night! 

Yayyy for us insomniacs!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

It definitely works really well for me! I've always been a night owl, could never go to sleep or wake up early without feeling off/sick!

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Better than Eastern right now

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)


Ceramide Eye Gel- I actually rather like this. I'm young so don't have much use for eye creams but this seems to add much needed moisture around the eye area and reduce puffiness as well. I think it's a good minimalist eye cream.

Collagen Moisturizer (SPF 15)- This is alright, nothing really bad about it. I think it may contribute to an oily t-zone though. It may be worth revisiting once winter sets in. I do wish the spf was higher. 

Enzyme Cleansing Gel- It doesn't remove all my makeup in a single wash but it is a gentle basic cleanser. It doesn't seem to over dry my face or anything. 

Flower & Tonic Mask- I'm not sure about this. I don't think it's had any negative effects but I really haven't seen where it's done anything and I've used over half the jar. I think it balances skin and smooths it decently but it's nothing magical.

Seaweed Night Cream- I like the way this feels for some reason. I think this is just a heavy nighttime moisturizer. 


Special Cucumber Lotion- I don't really know what to say about this one. It was hard to use as a toner (probably human error). I just couldn't seem to get the cotton saturated. It did make my skin temporarily red when I finally did. Take this review with a grain of salt I"m still not sure what to make of this yet. 

Strawberry Face Scrub- Creamy with really big grains and a strawberry smell you would find in the children's section (I actually like the smell). I think I'm just the wrong person for this as I like things with more grains like Yu-Be Foaming Skin Polish. 


I don't think that I found any HG products here. Lots of decent products but nothing amazing. I will probably purchase the Ceramide Eye Gel for winter time as my eyes get dry easily. 

Re: How did you like your Mario Badescu products? (Review)

Oh to use the toner, I find it easier to invert it onto a cotton pad/ball, then squeeze the bottle gently. Otherwise the tiny opening doesn't do anything.

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