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Post in Beauty Confidential

How Often Do You Go Without Makeup?

An ultimate beauty confession: how often do you not wear makeup?  I was watching a high school reality show with Lanndan (I think it was called Principal's Office), and the girls on there had makeup layered and layered on.  They were late to school because they were doing their makeup!!!  Some of them wore more makeup than certain celebs!!!  What the crap?! 


Anyway, I took this picture a couple of days afterwards and posted my thoughts about the above to Instagram.  I go without makeup at least a couple of times a week, especially when school starts back up lol.  I'm sometimes just too tired to fool with on school days.  I would rather sleep in or take more time to wake up than put makeup on.  Here's me without my light mask on lol.  No face makeup, eye makeup, mascara, or lip stick.  I did comb my eyebrows to make sure they stay in place, though lol.


no makeup.jpg

Europeans & Americans on MAKE UP :

Hello :


I've noticed a difference betweeen American and European men.


While Americans may not mind a lady with no or little make up, the European men will insist on it.  I , as a Frenchman do prefer ladies well made up.


So the natural look is for over 60+ and make up starts at 20 or so ... and WE LIKE TO SEE IT but not too much !


Antonie ( From a Frenchman's observations of Women ) !



Re: Europeans & Americans on MAKE UP :

I dont think that European men "insist" that their women wear makeup. I am 100% European, born/raised (I came to USA when I was 8) and my parents are both 100% European, born and raised. I've lived in several different countries around Europe, and I find that Americans (by far!) wear a lot more makeup than Europeans. Europeans dont have as many credit cards as we do here, and their pay checks arent *nearly* as big as the working class here has. Even the people that make minimum wage here, have a LOT more money than most Europeans, and that goes for all the countries in Europe. A lot of European women go without makeup. Its more of a luxury over there. Unless they work in an enviroment where they are required to wear makeup, they dont. I've met Professors and Doctors over there that dont wear makeup, and they make decent pay. I cant speak for France because I've only been to the airport in Paris *once* but I dont remember seeing women in lots of makeup. I also remember being kind of surprised that I didnt see as many red lips...I've always heard that French women are known for wearing a good red lip. I also politely disagree that the natural look is for 60+ women. I am 23 (about to turn 24 this week) and I dont have that many "flaws" to cover up so I can get away looking and feeling pretty with the bare minimum. But a older woman who has lines, wrinkles, sun spots/age spots, dark circles, puffy eyes usually needs to wear a lot more than a 20+ woman to look her best. Now, I'm not saying that 60+ women all have skin issues and that they need to wear makeup, I just disagree that a 20+ woman *has* to wear a full face on everyday and that the natural look is only reserved for the 60+.

Re: How Often Do You Go Without Makeup?

Cool topic! I try to go without make-up but if I am leaving the house I slap on tinted moisterizer, a little concealer on my problem spots (I have some patchy red areas!), a little bronzer, mascara and some lip balm/gloss. I look pretty much the same with make-up on as without, but having a little on makes me feel more confident while I am out and about! Smiley Happy

Re: How Often Do You Go Without Makeup?

Never, unless I am sick in bed, or at home all day doing chores.  If I am going out of the house, I at least have on a lip balm, and concealor under my eyes. Skin care is everyday unless I am dreadfully ill.

Re: How Often Do You Go Without Makeup?

You mean how often do I go WITH make up. Usually I go without.


~2-3 days of the week, I will do light make up (curled lashes + tinted lip balm or gloss), or actual make up (eyeshadow, mascara, TM, tinted lip balm, powder).


I do wear perfume on most days.

Re: How Often Do You Go Without Makeup?

I'm the same as beautytester - most days are sans makeup days for me.  


- If I've got the time, energy, and patience, I will do my eyes,  the intricacies of which depends on my mood.  Most times, [coloured] liner and mascara are it.  Lash curling and shadow is added if I'm up for it, but since I almost always do a variation on a smokey eye (whether "natural" or darker shades), it takes me a good 10-15 minutes to get that part exactly how I want it and that's not something I'm always up for doing.


- A "full face" is almost always reserved for special ocassions (to be defined as according to my mood).  The whole foundation, powder, etc. thing makes me tired just thinking about it, which is odd since everything takes up maybe five minutes without the eye makeup part.


I always have a variety of lip products in my purse, so I always have something on my lips, more because a lot of lip balms now come with a tint and I need lip balm to get through the day.  As my lips dry out constantly, I've sort just combined a necessity with a way to make me look not like death warmed over, which I always do first thing in the morning.

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