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Help me spend $30 at

Hi Folks,


I have $30 in drugstore/beauty dotcom dollars to spend this month... Ideas on what to get?  Usually I wait to order from them until they have a free bag of samples with $99 purchase or something, but I don't think they will run that before my coupon/credit runs out.


I considered some Lipstick Queen lipsticks, not sold at Sephora... but since I think I am going to order the Give Me More Lip set, that might not be the best choice.


I could use a new moisturizer (sensitive skin) for day (light/matte finish), or cleanser... open to other suggestions too.


Here are some items I'm considering:


MUSTELA Stelatopia Cleansing Water, Cream Cleanser, Cream or Balm... I have sensitive skin/eczema, anyone tried these?


JACK BLACK Calming Dry-Erase Face lotion.


ORIGINS/Dr. Weil Mega Mushroom face lotion.


PTR Ultra Lite oil-free moisture lotion or PTR Ultra Lite Antiaging Cell Repair lotion.


I could also do Lazlo Porcelain Veil but it's mega expensive and I've never tried it.



Thanks in advance for your help! Smiley Happy




Re: Help me spend $30 at

Okay - I got several Stelatopia products, and JB Dry-Erase, and Dr. Hauschka's Melissa Day Cream for combo skin!  


All picked in part because they are things Sephora doesn't carry.  As you can see I well exceeded my $30 credit but that's ok Smiley Wink.

Re: Help me spend $30 at

I just bought The Lipstick Queen "Hello Sailor" and I love it! (And I have the Give Me More Lip Set - you can never have too many lippies!)

Re: Help me spend $30 at

I was going to get Hello Sailor!  But I decided to wait until I try the GiveMeMoreLip lol.

Re: Help me spend $30 at

If you need a filler and can use some wonderful shower gel, Drugstore carries my favorite - Alba Botanica Very Emollient Bath & Shower Gel, Honey Mango. It's $7.95 for 12 oz.


Love, love love this stuff!




Re: Help me spend $30 at

Oh, I usually go for items Sephora don't have. I like Boots no.7 and Boots Botanic line of skincare. Burts' bee is pretty nice and I like the Kiss My Face (organic line) whenever shampoo. 


I actually only go there to get my Sekkisei Kose peel mask, but that stuff is best for combo/oily skin. I wouldn't recommend it for dry or sensitive skin.

Re: Help me spend $30 at

oooh that reminds me I had wanted to try that mask!  Is that the WHITE mask for S. Kose?  I have combo/oily/blackheads on my nose/chin/tzone.  I could just apply it there!


And yes, I also go there for what Sephora doesn't carry Smiley Happy.


I was thinking of trying the Boots Glycolic peel.

Re: Help me spend $30 at

Yup. It's a black peel off mask but it's supposedly "whitening" which is why that's what its called. The peel power is stronger than Boscia black but if you've got really flaky, thick and oily/clogged skin then this will make you feel like peeling off old skin and revealing fresh skin.

Re: Help me spend $30 at

I haven't tried any of these products, but when I need an in-depth opinion, I go to Youtube and see what all the beauty guru's have to say Smiley Happy

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