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Post in Beauty Confidential

Help enable me!!!

So here's the situation:


I work in a research lab. For most people this means you roll out of bed, throw on whatever is least wrinkled/doesn't smell too bad, run a brush through your hair once or twice, and maybe put on some powder. Maybe. (Sorry if anyone else here works in a lab and is offended, I don't mean anything by it, this is just my experiences in the last decade.)


But. My lab has recently moved to the VA hospital and is no longer on a college campus. This means a dress code! (oh, the horror!) It doesn't bother me at all, because I like to look pretty and don't mind an excuse to wear nice clothes. But it also means I feel really overdressed when I wear a full face or less of a neutral style makeup. Seriously, no one else wears makeup. At all. And I love red lips. Love love love. But every time I wear red lips to work I get Makeup Regret by about mid-morning. I leave my house thinking "Oh, this looks so awesome" but then I get so self-conscious about it I sometimes end up taking it off.


I need strength. Anyone else have this going on? Or do I just need to have more self confidence? lol


Re: Help enable me!!!

Hehe, I work in a small office with no dress code. I can dress up if I want to, but most days I end up wearing a t shirt and jeans and red lipstick, sooooo, yeah.... I'm a big fan of "do whatever you want". My coworkers are used to it by now.

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