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Having a SA argue with you?

Does this ever happen to anyone? Okay wait, let me rephrase because that's probably happened to almost everyone here... does anyone have any stories to share when a SA disagrees with you or points out that you're basically, well..wrong about a product?


I have a few stories. One time at MAC, I wanted to exchange MAC Brave because it didn't look as great as it did when I tried it out in the store. I told the SA that I didn't like the color because it made my lips look washed out and had a pearly/frosty look to it. " Here's how our conversation went:

Me: I wanted to exchange a lipstick. When I tried it out at home, it looked different and kinda washed me out. Also, there's a bit of a pearly appearance which probably was the cause of making me washed out

SA: Oh no, this has no pearl finish, (swatches on her hand) See, none at all. It looks fine on you.

Me: ........well when I checked the MAC website, the description of the lipstick states "pink-beige with white pearl"

SA: I don't know, but I definitely do not see a white pearl here. (swatches again) I don't see anything at all. It's probably because this is a Satin lipstick.

Me: A satin finish just makes it semi-matte though, it's pearly.. the color itself states that there's white pearl..

SA: No, it's the satin finish. That makes it pearly.  There's no white pearl in the actual lipstick.

Me: .........I just want to exchange this lipstick for MLBB color.

I ended up getting MAC Cosmo. Ugh, that lady was annoying. Tried to sell me some lipliner too.


Another one was in Sephora, when I went back to exchange my MUFE Mat Velvet + because it oxidized on me, so I wanted a lighter shade.  I had 45, and wanted to get 35. The lady kept stating that the foundation is oil-free, therefore it does not oxidize, this does not happen, it's "basically impossible." She also kept interrupting me with "No's" when I was saying that I noticed the foundation got darker, and I missed a spot by my outer cheek, near the ear, so I was able to tell that, whoa, my foundation got darker. She also said that I probably got lighter over time after I told her that I just bought the foundation a few days ago. I just wanted to be like, LISTEN B---- and bring out my sassy side LOL


Anyone have any frustrating encounters? Haha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Should you be allowed to return?  Yes.  Should there be a better option than destroying brand new product?  Yes.  There should at least be an option to send the brand new items that aren't sold at that location to the warehouse.  Getting rid of brand new product for that reason is what makes costs go up over all, and a lot of returns, online in particular, can hurt the budget of a store and cause them to cut hours.  (The return reflects only on the location, not online, which is stupid.)  Again, I agree that corporate needs to make these fixes, and customers shouldn't suffer for it, but I don't think the employees should either.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Are the employees allowed to purchase them?  At my local Sephora, the employees always love it when I return items sold exclusively on-line, because if they are unopened they are allowed to purchase them with their employee discount.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

One particular situation comes to mind.  I wanted to buy a turquoise eye liner for summer one year.  The particular mall I was at didn't have a MAC and this was before a Sephora or Ulta existed in my area (those were dark times indeed).  So, I went to the Lancôme counter at Macys and it went like this:


SA: hi, can I help you?

me: yes, I wanted to know if you had any bright blue eye liners?

SA: bright blue? No, you don't want to use bright blues, you want to use navy eyeliner (proceeds to show me a navy one)

me: no, I want bright blue.  So, you don't have any?

SA: no, you don't want bright color, it's dark colors that look good on the eyes


and I wasn't rude, I just thanked her and left...but what I wanted to say was "nooooo, you obviously like navy eyeliner. I want a bright one.  I ended up having to go to the other mall that did have MAC.  Where I did find the product, so maybe I'm not the only one who doesn't always want a dark color.  Sigh.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I was at The Bay's beauty gala last year and I sat down on a stool next to Shiseido to put a couple of things in my bag, etc. Without me even indicating an interest in her products, the Shieseido lady started telling me how she had the perfect skincare range for me "to help with breakouts and large pores". I wasn't wearing makeup at the time and I would have had maybe two pimples? I kind of stared at her for a minute wondering how on Earth she thought it was okay to say that, and when I tried to be polite and say "no, thanks, I like what I'm using" she went on and on about how the Ibuki range was SO much better than anything I could possibly be using, blah blah blah. Woman, stop, I didn't even ASK you for your opinion in the first place!


Oh, and then there was the woman in Shoppers (who I swear is there every single time I go in without fail). I bought one of their in-house brand Quo's Christmas palettes, wore it once, then went to return it because there was far too much fall-out and it irritated my eyes. I normally don't have a problem with eyeshadow and in the pan it didn't look like a glitterbomb. She acted as if I was daft for trying that brand to begin with when there are other brands labelled hypoallergenic. I tried to explain to her that this isn't a regular issue for me and I've used nearly every drugstore brand before without problems. A couple of weeks later I go in to return a Soap and Glory mask which turned out to have a peppermint tingle in it which I know my skin reacts to. There was absolutely zero mention on the packaging that it tingles and again she was all "oh, but that's obviously too harsh for your skin!". The ingredients list looked fine, how was I supposed to know? Just let me do my returns, which are fully within your policy, and stop being a **bleep**!

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

This happened to me once.  I was at a walgreens type store in australia (Priceline).  They recently started selling real techniques brushes.  I went in for a look at something else and someone asked if they had the "Samantha chapman" brushes, to which the SA gave a sassy no.  Well I was standing right next to them, and I said excuse me, you do actually sell them and pointed the rt brushes out.  The SA glsred at me until I left and she is always nasty when I go in there now.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Haha, Priceline is normally pretty good but I've definitely learnt not to ask about new products because chances are nobody knows they even exist. I only succeeded once, and that was when the L'Oreal lip stain things came out. The girl was wonderful and even though they weren't on the shelf yet, went out the back and got the testers for me to play with.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Yes, the girl at the Lancome counter.  She argued with me about everything we talked about.  I could tell she was in a bad mood so I very politely excused myself & got the heck out of there.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

The Lancome counter at my local Belks has a rude young lady there all the time as well. Anytime I'm asking her about products she isn't knowledgeable at all and just kind of 'wings it' by telling me some nonsense. If I try to correct her or tell her that doesn't sound right, she starts raising her voice with me. Sometimes I wonder how some people work in retail. If you don't like people, or know how to communicate with them respectably, don't work in customer service.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Yes! Same things I have been saying for years - some people just aren't cut out for certain kinds of jobs. Either learn the skills necessary to make yourself successful there, or know yourself well enough to know you are just not cut out for that kind of job and move on to one where you can be more successful and at the same time make room for someone who can be successful in the position you just vacated!


On an unrelated topic, its good to see a fellow tech on here. -An RVT in training

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Every single time I've gone into the local MAC store, the SAs have been horrible to me. Smiley Sad They ignore me, and when I finally get their attention to ask them a question, they act like I'm just ruining their day. I can't stand when people act like doing their job is a gift to me. Like...without people like me who go in, willing to spend oodles of cash, you wouldn't HAVE a job. I've completely stopped going to MAC because of it, and now Sephora gets all of my business. The SAs there treat me with nothing but respect and are awesome, even if the store is ridiculously busy, they at least tell me they'll be with me as soon as they can.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I was going to post this exact same comment - and I'm posting from Australia.  It doesn't matter whether it's a stand alone store or a concession in a department store, the attitude is always the same from the MAC people.  The world over, it would seem!  I'm never rude, and I usually go in knowing exactly what I want, so it's not like I'm wasting their precious time while I make up my mind about something.  I just need them to acknowledge my presence and get the thing out of the drawer please, so I can buy it.


In contrast, I always find that the ladies at Benefit and Clarins are really nice.  And some years ago now, I had two super-dooper chicks at the Chanel counter at Saks in NYC.  They were hilarious, beautiful, and very generous with the samples.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Yes.  At tim Horton.  I used to get decaf coffee and one day she piped up and asked when I'm due.

Me. I'm not pregnant.  I just carry all my weight there

Her.  Yes you are.

Me.  No, really I'm not.

Her.  Yes you are.  That's why you drink decaf

Me.  No  I'm not.  I would know if I was pregnant.

Her.  Your secret is safe with me.


I tried to shake it off, but really she was adamant that I was preggers.  I sure wish I was.  Then I'd have an excuse.....smh

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Omg, I don't know how you weren't completely offended/horrified! I'm sorry that you had to go through that :/.


Circa 2005, babydoll dresses were in and I had a couple of strangers ask when I was due. Already self conscious about my weight/appearance I ripped them a new one :x. Well, one of them was a rude dude and I ripped him a new one. The other was a nice enough lady who could tell from my horror that she had clearly offended me.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

That was extremely rude of her and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I do have to say though, I would get people almost the exact opposite problem with people being downright nasty with me when I would order a *DECAF* white chocolate mocha while I was pregnant and craving them. I was perpetually having to explain to people that its not the coffee itself that is the issue but the caffeine which is why I did order decaf in the first place. Did people ease up at all when I pointed out that it was decaf or explain any of that? Nope! You would think I was chugging sweetened cyanide instead of a decaf mocha.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

HA!  That kinda looks to me like she was horrified with herself at the faux pas, but her back-pedalling was just as clumsy as saying the stupid thing in the first place.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

WOW that is so rude! I'm sorry you had to go through that, it must've been really frustrating! Who the heck does she think she is to know if you're pregnant or not, HELLO, whose body is it?! I just can't stand ignorant and smug people, sorry.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

That is hilarious.  And offensive.  But so randomly offensive that it just makes it even more hilarious.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Oh my gosh! That is horrible!!! Like IttyBitty said, I probably would have given her some choice words! So sorry that happened Smiley Sad

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I'd be furious honestly and would have probably lost my temper with her and slung a few choice words. Bad words. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Usually I want to corrct the SA, especially with the proper pronunciation of things! Say it with me:


Givenchy: Pronunciation: jhee-von-SHEE ; NOT gee-vin-chee

L'Occitane: Pronunciation: lox- ee- tahn: NOT le-octane


i could go on and on, but I have heard these two brands mispronounced by SAs and when I pronounce them correctly they about lose their minds thinking I am some pretentious fancypants. Nope, I just know that if I gonna drop that kind of coin I want to say it right!

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Gahh and here I though I was the only one who is bothered by pronunciation. Everyone around me just tells me to stop because I was being snobby! I went to Sephora the other day to look for a foundation with a similar consistency and coverage as Guerlain's Lingerie de Peau. The SA told me immediately that she wouldn't know anything about it since Sephora doesn't carry that brand. When I told her that she was standing in front of the display, she goes "Oh, you mean the Gar-LAN Skin Fusion Foundation!" But of course, Gar-LAN.

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