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Having a SA argue with you?

Does this ever happen to anyone? Okay wait, let me rephrase because that's probably happened to almost everyone here... does anyone have any stories to share when a SA disagrees with you or points out that you're basically, well..wrong about a product?


I have a few stories. One time at MAC, I wanted to exchange MAC Brave because it didn't look as great as it did when I tried it out in the store. I told the SA that I didn't like the color because it made my lips look washed out and had a pearly/frosty look to it. " Here's how our conversation went:

Me: I wanted to exchange a lipstick. When I tried it out at home, it looked different and kinda washed me out. Also, there's a bit of a pearly appearance which probably was the cause of making me washed out

SA: Oh no, this has no pearl finish, (swatches on her hand) See, none at all. It looks fine on you.

Me: ........well when I checked the MAC website, the description of the lipstick states "pink-beige with white pearl"

SA: I don't know, but I definitely do not see a white pearl here. (swatches again) I don't see anything at all. It's probably because this is a Satin lipstick.

Me: A satin finish just makes it semi-matte though, it's pearly.. the color itself states that there's white pearl..

SA: No, it's the satin finish. That makes it pearly.  There's no white pearl in the actual lipstick.

Me: .........I just want to exchange this lipstick for MLBB color.

I ended up getting MAC Cosmo. Ugh, that lady was annoying. Tried to sell me some lipliner too.


Another one was in Sephora, when I went back to exchange my MUFE Mat Velvet + because it oxidized on me, so I wanted a lighter shade.  I had 45, and wanted to get 35. The lady kept stating that the foundation is oil-free, therefore it does not oxidize, this does not happen, it's "basically impossible." She also kept interrupting me with "No's" when I was saying that I noticed the foundation got darker, and I missed a spot by my outer cheek, near the ear, so I was able to tell that, whoa, my foundation got darker. She also said that I probably got lighter over time after I told her that I just bought the foundation a few days ago. I just wanted to be like, LISTEN B---- and bring out my sassy side LOL


Anyone have any frustrating encounters? Haha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Same! I said Anastasia like anna-stay-jah instead of the correct way until like a year ago. They make it seem like it's such a big deal, but it doesn't really make a difference because they know what you're talking about it. Don't feel dumb, it's a mistake. I didn't feel dumb because her foundation was 2 shades too light hehe.


Re: Having a SA argue with you?

last time i was in store i said "bosh-uh" instead of "boe-shuh" because that's how i say it in my head when i read it. i know it's pronounced "boe-shuh", as as soon as it came out, i started to correct myself and the SA was all... "uh, BOEshuh?" yeah, thanks. i got it. i mean, she talked OVER me, interrupting me correcting myself to correct me! i'm sorry, but you are selling me my makeup and skincare. i spend a lot on it, i am your job security. you are not better than me and treating me like i am beneath you is not winning you any points. i want to scream this in their faces every damned time! 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I say it that way in my head too. I also say becel beck-al instead of baycell.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Oh crap. Then I've been pronouncing Stila wrong too! What's the "proper" pronunciation??

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I had to look this up, but according to wikipedia it is pronounced "STEE-la"

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I just said that out loud, and it just feels weird after so, so, so long of saying STY-luh. Thank you!

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I'm usually a jerk when I get corrected! Haha. I had one correct me on Anastasia as well and when she did I asked her, "does it matter how it's pronounced? either way I'm spending $20 on it..." I think she wanted to bite my head off!!!! Haha. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Thank you, I've been pronouncing it STILL-uh Smiley Tongue

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I have been in stores and have had some pretty snotty associates, mainly older woman who talk to me like I have no clue.  That being said I have worked in retail since I was 14 and in the last 6 years I have dealt with customers that didn't know their butt from their elbow.  When the associate starts to tell me I'm wrong I have starting telling them, okay well then I'm wrong but that's what I want so lets make that happen okay.   

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I would never argue with an SA about a return nowadays... I would just say "Ok, sure, whatever, return this."
But I really do love MAC Cosmo... one of my favorites!!

The only time I had argued with a SA was when I got Benefit Stay Don't Stray online... It had to have been old, but the formula separated and there was a ton of water/liquid on top and the actual product was goopy (for a lack of a better term) as heck.... I didn't know how to describe it to the SA so I said "It was old, and the product separated." She kept asking me WT* separated meant and kept telling me it made no sense... Yes it does!! I ended up just saying "I just don't like it... please take it back." 

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