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Having a SA argue with you?

Does this ever happen to anyone? Okay wait, let me rephrase because that's probably happened to almost everyone here... does anyone have any stories to share when a SA disagrees with you or points out that you're basically, well..wrong about a product?


I have a few stories. One time at MAC, I wanted to exchange MAC Brave because it didn't look as great as it did when I tried it out in the store. I told the SA that I didn't like the color because it made my lips look washed out and had a pearly/frosty look to it. " Here's how our conversation went:

Me: I wanted to exchange a lipstick. When I tried it out at home, it looked different and kinda washed me out. Also, there's a bit of a pearly appearance which probably was the cause of making me washed out

SA: Oh no, this has no pearl finish, (swatches on her hand) See, none at all. It looks fine on you.

Me: ........well when I checked the MAC website, the description of the lipstick states "pink-beige with white pearl"

SA: I don't know, but I definitely do not see a white pearl here. (swatches again) I don't see anything at all. It's probably because this is a Satin lipstick.

Me: A satin finish just makes it semi-matte though, it's pearly.. the color itself states that there's white pearl..

SA: No, it's the satin finish. That makes it pearly.  There's no white pearl in the actual lipstick.

Me: .........I just want to exchange this lipstick for MLBB color.

I ended up getting MAC Cosmo. Ugh, that lady was annoying. Tried to sell me some lipliner too.


Another one was in Sephora, when I went back to exchange my MUFE Mat Velvet + because it oxidized on me, so I wanted a lighter shade.  I had 45, and wanted to get 35. The lady kept stating that the foundation is oil-free, therefore it does not oxidize, this does not happen, it's "basically impossible." She also kept interrupting me with "No's" when I was saying that I noticed the foundation got darker, and I missed a spot by my outer cheek, near the ear, so I was able to tell that, whoa, my foundation got darker. She also said that I probably got lighter over time after I told her that I just bought the foundation a few days ago. I just wanted to be like, LISTEN B---- and bring out my sassy side LOL


Anyone have any frustrating encounters? Haha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I agree! that sounds amazing!


Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I had a lot of arguments (it's funny, but most of them were when I wasn't wearing a lot of makeup), but the one that comes to mind is the following scenario (also at a Mac), which was more of general weirdness than an actual argument, but what the heck:

Me: I want to return this.

SA: REALLY???? Are you sure?

**All the other SAs coming closer when seeing the product (it was a cream highlighter, and the color was just too much to use on an everyday basis), and starting to look at the product like Gollum looks at the ring, or those hyenas from the Lion King look at anything edible, and looking at me like I was insane**

Me: Yes, I just wouldn't really use this product, and I'd rather get something I'd actually, you know, use.

**"What is she out of her mind" looks**

SA: Are you sure? You could blend it into your foundation yada yada...

Me: Yeah but it's just too dark, I don't wear foundation so I wouldn't really use it.

SA: It's one of the best selling items, I mean, I wouldn't mind you returning it since we all want it, it's sold out so quickly...

**All the SAs coming even closer**

Me: Yep, I'm sure.

SA: fine, let's find you something else.


The stares and the attitude, jeez... didn't return to that Mac after that.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

haha i had a very similar experience when i returned orgasm to sephora Smiley Happy it just doesn't work with my rosacea unfortunately... of course the SA was super sweet and understanding when explained it to her (after her eyes about popped out of her head haha) and made a suggestion for something that would work for me, since she has the same problem Smiley Happy 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

So weird, I thought I was one of the only people ever who wasn't an Orgasm fan. It just doesn't work for me, and I was told it was a "universal" shade so I just thought I was strange Smiley Very Happy 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I'm not either. I actually really love it mixed with other fdns but not solo

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

i am glad i am not alone Smiley Wink it's so pretty, but it just makes me look like a clown! then again, anything that isn't rose gold toned does that to me Smiley Sad 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Okay I work at a store, and after years of working there I have learned to never argue with customers even if they are wrong.  For instance I will have customers with pitch black Colored hair and they want to go blonde but they don't want to use bleach. I try to explain to them what that it is close to impossible to do. Then they will proceed to tell me, I'm wrong and that they have friends who did it Without bleach. (inside my head I'm thinking, well why did you ask me then?) BUT I will not argue with them,  that's rude. I politely try to tell them Im sorry I couldn't help. 


Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I would never argue with an SA about a return nowadays... I would just say "Ok, sure, whatever, return this."
But I really do love MAC Cosmo... one of my favorites!!

The only time I had argued with a SA was when I got Benefit Stay Don't Stray online... It had to have been old, but the formula separated and there was a ton of water/liquid on top and the actual product was goopy (for a lack of a better term) as heck.... I didn't know how to describe it to the SA so I said "It was old, and the product separated." She kept asking me WT* separated meant and kept telling me it made no sense... Yes it does!! I ended up just saying "I just don't like it... please take it back." 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I hate being corrected on how to pronounce a product line. I've been corrected on Ole Henriksen ( I said OLAY instead of OOO-LAH), on L'occitane and Lancôme ( yes, lancome.....I say LAN COM they say laaaaaaaaan com).


I think its rude because as a customer, if you want my money you better not correct me.



Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Agreed.  When I make a return, I prefer not to even discuss the reasons (because yes, many SAs will argue with you if given the chance).  I just hand them the product and say "it didn't work it".  If they ask me again I say, "oh it's just not for me".  Hard to argue with that Smiley Wink

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Yeah, I've heard people say that they always say they had an allergic reaction or it broke them out because you can't argue with that.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I have been in stores and have had some pretty snotty associates, mainly older woman who talk to me like I have no clue.  That being said I have worked in retail since I was 14 and in the last 6 years I have dealt with customers that didn't know their butt from their elbow.  When the associate starts to tell me I'm wrong I have starting telling them, okay well then I'm wrong but that's what I want so lets make that happen okay.   

Re: Having a SA argue with you?


                                                                                                                                                                        I always have to prove that I'm right's so annoying, but I have to. This one Sephora SA (godbless her soul) was wondering why I was returning this bronzer & I said because it wasn't matte and I swear to god she rolled her eyes and said "uhm, this is matte I use it everyday" and I swatch it & boom, GLITTERBOMB. She's all like "oh, it only has a little" and I just walked out, I didn't even want to deal with it anymore. I get irritated when SA's correct other too. This one lady with a country accent said Guerlain wrong and the sassy little SA was like, "you mean GUERLAAAIN right?", uh sorry we aren't as sophisticated as you and know how to pronounce everything doll. GET OVER IT.



Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Omg... for the longest time I only shopped online, so a lot of brands I only knew by reading them. I pronounced Stila as "Style-uh" for a really long time. I really wanted to buy my mom the Stila liquid liner for Christmas and my store was out, which I didn't initially realize (it wasn't on the shelf, so I asked a SA where it was, pronouncing it the way I used in my head.) She was so rude about my mispronunciation BUT! I kind of get it... I can't explain why, but I wasn't even mad about it, I just felt dumb. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Oh crap. Then I've been pronouncing Stila wrong too! What's the "proper" pronunciation??

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I had to look this up, but according to wikipedia it is pronounced "STEE-la"

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Thank you, I've been pronouncing it STILL-uh Smiley Tongue

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I just said that out loud, and it just feels weird after so, so, so long of saying STY-luh. Thank you!

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I'm usually a jerk when I get corrected! Haha. I had one correct me on Anastasia as well and when she did I asked her, "does it matter how it's pronounced? either way I'm spending $20 on it..." I think she wanted to bite my head off!!!! Haha. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Same! I said Anastasia like anna-stay-jah instead of the correct way until like a year ago. They make it seem like it's such a big deal, but it doesn't really make a difference because they know what you're talking about it. Don't feel dumb, it's a mistake. I didn't feel dumb because her foundation was 2 shades too light hehe.

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

last time i was in store i said "bosh-uh" instead of "boe-shuh" because that's how i say it in my head when i read it. i know it's pronounced "boe-shuh", as as soon as it came out, i started to correct myself and the SA was all... "uh, BOEshuh?" yeah, thanks. i got it. i mean, she talked OVER me, interrupting me correcting myself to correct me! i'm sorry, but you are selling me my makeup and skincare. i spend a lot on it, i am your job security. you are not better than me and treating me like i am beneath you is not winning you any points. i want to scream this in their faces every damned time! 

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