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Having a SA argue with you?

Does this ever happen to anyone? Okay wait, let me rephrase because that's probably happened to almost everyone here... does anyone have any stories to share when a SA disagrees with you or points out that you're basically, well..wrong about a product?


I have a few stories. One time at MAC, I wanted to exchange MAC Brave because it didn't look as great as it did when I tried it out in the store. I told the SA that I didn't like the color because it made my lips look washed out and had a pearly/frosty look to it. " Here's how our conversation went:

Me: I wanted to exchange a lipstick. When I tried it out at home, it looked different and kinda washed me out. Also, there's a bit of a pearly appearance which probably was the cause of making me washed out

SA: Oh no, this has no pearl finish, (swatches on her hand) See, none at all. It looks fine on you.

Me: ........well when I checked the MAC website, the description of the lipstick states "pink-beige with white pearl"

SA: I don't know, but I definitely do not see a white pearl here. (swatches again) I don't see anything at all. It's probably because this is a Satin lipstick.

Me: A satin finish just makes it semi-matte though, it's pearly.. the color itself states that there's white pearl..

SA: No, it's the satin finish. That makes it pearly.  There's no white pearl in the actual lipstick.

Me: .........I just want to exchange this lipstick for MLBB color.

I ended up getting MAC Cosmo. Ugh, that lady was annoying. Tried to sell me some lipliner too.


Another one was in Sephora, when I went back to exchange my MUFE Mat Velvet + because it oxidized on me, so I wanted a lighter shade.  I had 45, and wanted to get 35. The lady kept stating that the foundation is oil-free, therefore it does not oxidize, this does not happen, it's "basically impossible." She also kept interrupting me with "No's" when I was saying that I noticed the foundation got darker, and I missed a spot by my outer cheek, near the ear, so I was able to tell that, whoa, my foundation got darker. She also said that I probably got lighter over time after I told her that I just bought the foundation a few days ago. I just wanted to be like, LISTEN B---- and bring out my sassy side LOL


Anyone have any frustrating encounters? Haha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

no but I look forward to reading everyone's stories Smiley Happy

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

hate it when the employees think they know everything and are rude about it. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

i hate knowitalls in general, especially when they're wrong and are still rude about it. and ESPECIALLY when they just get all of their "knowledge" from random blogs Smiley Sad 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

i went in looking for something from anastasia and the girl asked me " you mean Anastaaaaaaaaasia?" like she didn't know what i was talking about because i called it a-na-stay-sha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

lol I pronounced Ole Henriksen "OL Henriksen" and little miss sassy SA corrected me quickly. It's oo-lay. I think? Whatever, i'll call it what I want. I'm from Texas, we don't sound fancy..haha

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

I pronounced it that way too, but the SA was awesome about it in Sephora. I said that I'd used the OL Henriksen Ultimate Eye Lift Gel with bad results, and she said "Oo-lay Henriksen is meant to be used only at night, but I agree that it's not the best product." I didn't mind, and now I know. It's not hard to be nice about things. I like to learn, I don't want to feel stupid about it though!

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

                                                                                                                                                                        I always have to prove that I'm right's so annoying, but I have to. This one Sephora SA (godbless her soul) was wondering why I was returning this bronzer & I said because it wasn't matte and I swear to god she rolled her eyes and said "uhm, this is matte I use it everyday" and I swatch it & boom, GLITTERBOMB. She's all like "oh, it only has a little" and I just walked out, I didn't even want to deal with it anymore. I get irritated when SA's correct other too. This one lady with a country accent said Guerlain wrong and the sassy little SA was like, "you mean GUERLAAAIN right?", uh sorry we aren't as sophisticated as you and know how to pronounce everything doll. GET OVER IT.


Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Exactly. In my head, I'm just like, come on, I want something else so stop trying to convince me to keep the product I want to exchange because it's not going to work out. It's MY MONEY!!! I hate it so much too when they try to convince you to use a shade of foundation that's way too light for you and tell you that you can always use bronzer. Ugh. 

Re: Having a SA argue with you?

Omg... for the longest time I only shopped online, so a lot of brands I only knew by reading them. I pronounced Stila as "Style-uh" for a really long time. I really wanted to buy my mom the Stila liquid liner for Christmas and my store was out, which I didn't initially realize (it wasn't on the shelf, so I asked a SA where it was, pronouncing it the way I used in my head.) She was so rude about my mispronunciation BUT! I kind of get it... I can't explain why, but I wasn't even mad about it, I just felt dumb. 

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