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Post in Beauty Confidential

Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

This is a major beauty confession for me.  Although I do get my hair trimmed on a regular basis, I haven't had a new cut/style in a long, long time.  I've had it pretty much the same with only slight differences since HIGH SCHOOL, and I'll be going into my fourth year of college this coming Fall.  Same part.  All cut to the same length.  It's time for a change, especially since my education classes are really taking off.  I'll be observing my mentor teacher next Spring, and I want to be taken seriously.  Some people say I look like I'm in middle school or high school, and that is a very nice compliment.  However, I don't know how school systems feel about teachers who may look more like students.


I want a change, but I'm a bit of a chicken.  I also have no idea where to start!  I'm a chicken because I had my hair cut too short before.  Short hair is a no-no for someone with naturally thick, curly hair.  Heck, I was picked on in middle school just for the fact it was curly, and gum tossed in your hair is not fun.  However, that all completely changed in high school, although I was not quick to believe people's compliments.  I am going to talk to my future mother-in-law about ideas since she does hair, but I need all the advice I can get since I'm a chicken lol.  I mainly wear my hair in these styles depending on the weather and what I'm doing:

  • Completely down
  • down with sections pulled back and secured with snap clips and bobby pins
  • braided pig tails
  • normal pony tail
  • pinned up pony tail
  • messy bun pony tail

To give you an idea of the slight changes, here's my Senior year formal picture by the crappy photographer that makes people look really pale (you should see some others in the year book).  I'm a 2010 graduate.  You can see how the curl can be at times.  It can curl differently depending on the weather and whatnot.




A much more recent picture with my hair shorter and sections pinned back.  A new photographer needed help building her portfolio with her new equipment, and Lanndan and I were her guinea pigs lol.  It is still all the same length.  Bangs have also been evil with me lol.




Here's another recent one with Meat Head.  Smiley Happy  Right as I took the picture, he turned his face to give me surprise sugar.  "Meat Head!" lol.  Anyway, my hair is pulled back in a pinned up pony tail, another style from the high school days.



Hair completely down.




Another pinned up pony tail that shows more of my face shape.  I know face shape can affect hair styles or something like that.




I hope the info and pics can help with any  advice.  I do like my curls when they do what I want, but sometimes they're stubborn lol.  Since I'm wanting a change, I am beyond clueless as to where to start.


Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I don't think I'll go with the Brazilian blowout.  I want my curls to stay lol.  My future mother-in-law suggested layers, and maybe an a symmetrical cut.  I gotta google for what that looks like exactly.  


I will definitely google the Be Curly line.  I'll also ask my future mother-in-law if the stores she shops for her supplies carries the line.  


Thank you again for the information.  I still have some thinking to do, but I will let you know how things go when they occur.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

FYI: Aveda is not sold in beauty supply stores.  Go to their website to do a search for a salon near your zip code.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

As a gal whose hair won't hold a curl with less than a whole can of mousse, I really can't advise you on cuts and such, but you look lovely in your pictures, and so happy getting bloodhound smooches! lol


As for the philosophy of getting your hair restyled, I'd say, just wear it the way you like or find to be the most time effective. I wouldn't tack on additional time in the AM for a complicated hairstyle, it's much more important to be on time than have a specific hairdo. My physical therapist has curls like yours and she always looks professional by wearing a button down blouse and a tasteful length skirt or a dress that buttons up. I think the buttoning up aspect of an outfit signals professionalism (as long as you don't leave the top buttons undone down too low!) As you go about your daily life, observe how professional people dress (hang around the courthouse and check out women lawyers, see how women doctors dress, check out serious college professors and try to emulate their dressing style. 

I think how you act and dress matters more than your hairstyle, IMHO. 

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Thank you, prettyinpa, and Meat Head is just so full of love!  


I definitely don't want a style that takes more time in the morning, especially when I start observing my mentor teacher and whatnot.  I just hope I can find some dress clothes that fit well and look decent.  The juniors section can be quite limited at times lol.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I completely understand your frustration at having to shop in the juniors section. A good tailor is essential!  Often really beautiful work clothes are available, but on me with my slender frame, they bag or hang funny. A tailor can do wonders for fit, and truthfully, most people don't actually find any off-the-rack clothes that fit perfectly on all parts of their bodies, but they wear ill fitting clothes anyways.


Plus if you have a good tailor, if you find an awesome outfit at a steal (like from an outlet), but it's slightly too big, they can take it in so it fits perfectly. Talk to the tailor first so they can inform you as to cost to get various tasks done. I went in for a fitting initially and discussed costs and what can be done and what can be done but costs a fortune. Too big is generally cheaper to alter than too small, unless it's only a tad small and the seam allowances are generous. It's surprisingly inexpensive to get some alterations done, and then you can shop in the professional clothes section. 

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I have the exact same problem with how clothes hang.  I end up looking a bit slouchy no matter how nice the outfit is.  I've never thought of looking for a tailor since it's not really advertised around here.  However, my two great aunts are amazing at sewing and whatnot.  I wonder if they can alter my clothes as a future graduation gift lol.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I also have curly (More wavy hair actually) and I adore your hair! I think it looks fab, and you are very pretty and it flatters you lots! I think if you are sick of the same style, maybe go for a suttle change and maybe add a different color? Maybe put some layers in it or some longer bangs?


I don't really do hair or anything, but I can attest to the fact that I too get bored with my hair and am always nervous before changing something! But keep in mind, you are very beautiful already and there is seriously no change needed! Lucky you! :]



Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Thank you, that is so sweet.  Wavy and curly hair each have their own difficulties from time to time.  Both hair types have minds of their own lol.  


I never even thought about adding more color.  That would be much more simple, and the color would fade away before a bad hair cut grows out lol.  I've had highlights added before, but that's pretty much it.  

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

First, can I say Kimmi- you are so pretty!  Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. 


I hear you about the change.  I think a lot of people may assume the "middle school" look because you have a young face.  I say embrace that, because after like 25 you're always trying to look young lol.  I def think dressing a certain way would help look more mature as well.  I used to be the youngest person in my office when I first joined the workforce, and right now I'm still one of the youngest but a manager.  I dress like a manager.  My face is very "cutesy" young but my hair and makeup/dress is done like a professional.  However, it's ok to embrace that you are young.


I looked up some hairstyles that might work for you, depending on what you're looking for.


(I'm having issues with inserting images here lately.  I've provided some links)


Short, like a bob ( i know you said no-no, but you can take it a bit longer)




You can also take off a little length for managability and go ombre.  It's also not a bad idea to get a consulting at your salon.  They can give you some ideas.


BTW wtg on the change.  I'm about to get a long bob in a week or two- I haven't had hair that short since 10 years ago!!



Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Thank you, and it is really good to know someone has gone through something similar.  I like how you pointed out wearing makeup in a professional manner.  Ever since I got the first Naked palette over a year ago, some of the looks I play around with are good for school and the work force.  I especially love the Naked Basics palette.  There's no way I would wear UD's Woodstock to any of my Education observations! lol.


I am going to look into some pictures of layers and colors.  Ombre sounds like a cool idea with curls.


Awesome for your change as well!  I bet you're excited for the upcoming new style!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

^_^ Pretty Kimmi!!!!! In addition to sharing your hair woes, thanks for sharing your lovely photos!


Aside from finding a pro who is well versed in cutting curly hair, I think since your hair type makes such a statement alone, you don't have to go for a 180 change in style which might end up being too overwhelming.


Halle Berry's spirals follow a basic shape and length. Too long and curls can end up dragging down and taking away volume at the roots and look heavy at the ends, you can work some longer layers on the top portion just to balance things out, but also taper your cut to where your hair ends up at a soft "u" or "v" at the center of your back.


See how the ends (almost from her arm pit down) taper and don't look as heavy? Her layers also don't start until about chin length and then at the base of her neck, this will allow for body and volume to create some lift in your curls, but not give you an afro circling your face.



Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I agree with lylysa! My sister has super thick spiral curl hair (almost exactly the the pic of Halle Berry's hair).  I like it when she does layers (seems to make the curls bouncier).


There are hair stylists who specialize in cutting curly hair. Im not sure where you live, but Im sure if there is a good sized city around, that there would be someone available. 

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

ooh!  I like the thought of bouncier curls that do what I want lol.  


I don't think there are stylists who specialize in curls, but my future mother-in-law seems to know quite a bit.  I was texting her yesterday about style and layers.  She has been wanting to play with my hair for quite some time lol.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Thanks, Lylysa, and I love that picture of her hair!  Smiley Happy  The hair at my roots/scalp doesn't have much lift due to the curls weighing it down.  I've tried scrunching some product carefully around it, but the curls at the bottom still weigh it down.  Now that you mention it, that is probably why tighter ringlets form at the bottom only.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I think tapering the layers and thinning out the mass of curls towards the bottom some will help prevent it from dragging down the tops and roots of your hair.



Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

That may be what my hair needs. My future mother-in-law asked if I wanted to stop by the shop this week, but the rest of the week is intense house work for me.  I have a list of things to do before papaw's surprise cookout on Saturday.  She just told me to let her know when I have the time.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

You totally have to keep us posted and show us pics once it's cut!!!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Hi Kimmi1115 - I haven't been around much, partially because of feeling not so great but maybe more so because I actually wasn't able to even get on the advice section and a couple of other areas for like...ever! .My computer? Nobody knows why it wasn't working and why it suddenly is - the sections I couldn't get on were not in dark graphics like they normally are, then Shazam! They 'lit up' while I was on the phone with somebody re: it,  don't want to look a gift horse in the mouth, I'm just glad that I can get on again. Also haven't been getting any VIB promos, I called and they said they'd try to work on it, hope I haven't missed anything good or upcoming goodies....I need some things but hate to buy without as many VIB options as possible, Hopefully they'll have it fixed soon.


Anyhow, I was so glad to see your post, I love your hair and have the same dilemma on and off, my hair isn't quite as curly as yours though, unless I use product that makes it hard and crispy feeling, I don't like that. I haven't made a lot of changes in the past several years. Until last month that is. I hadn't been in for a cut/color in over a year! (since I'd been so sick and all) I couldn't wait to have the color done, I hate to admit it but the grays just keep on coming, every time I'm having more major health issues the gray/white hair just comes in like crazy Smiley Sad Smiley Sad   It was like a white halo around my face Smiley Sad So I was really in need of color and just a trim really, not using a lot of heat/ styling products so what's there is pretty healthy. We were going to take off 2" then decided on 3" - this way I can go in next time and just get color and skip a cut, save some $$ (to spend @ Sephora probably) I didn't really look that closely when he finished I just wanted to get out of there because I was just wiped out. The next day I went to twist my hair up in a bun - it stays by itself usually - Not This Time! There was nothing there, nothing. Before cut my hair was down into the small of my back and I actually had measured it prior to going in. Had somebody get a tape measure to help me measure.......He took of 9 1/2 Inches!!! What the.......heck? Yeah, needless to say, I'm not happy. It just about reaches my bra strap in the back, barely, and that's when I pull it down straight, when it's curly it's much shorter. I have, thankfully, found the silver lining. My stylist may have actually just saved me a Ton of money, I could go in for just color for another year probably, I just have to be super mindful of the ends and causing damage. It's $125.00 for cut/color and will be half of that for color alone, so that's a lot of money, and also spells out less tip money for him. My only concern is that he'll get ticked off about me just coming in for color. I've asked him to do the color since it's a revolving door of newbies who are practicing color application on me and it very often ends up uneven and not applied well enough to the roots where I need it most. Afraid he might pass me off to one of the newbies if I just go in for color, maybe I'll get a trim in 6 months. I just hate feeling like I'm walking on eggshells around my stylist, trying not to upset him, it should be the other way around. Sadly, that isn't so. I do want to let him know that I'm not happy about this major scalping but, again, I have to be so careful, it shouldn't be like this. I do usually love the way he cuts my hair, he's good at curly and it took a while to find him. Do you, or anyone else have these issues with your hairdresser? I hate feeling like this. I don't know if he just was so busy yapping with the person in the next chair and accidently cut a piece really short and then he had to go to that level with the rest of it. I wish I knew what the heck he did and why. I kinda' think he should have offered an explanation right then, I'm guessing since I didn't go crazy at the time he felt it was fine. I don't know how to deal with this.

Wowser!!! Do I sound a little upset by this, or what??? I started off wanting to answer your question and launched into this insanity, sorry about that. I'm going to write another post right after this one to discuss your hair issues. Anyone have any feelings about this?

***Who wants to share hair horror stories? That would be fun.

**I'll get things rolling by saying my guy (a different guy) put a drape over the mirror because I was getting squeamish about having a lot cut off. I brought in a picture of a style I liked and he just got scissor happy and I ended up having hair that was an inch long, Yes, you read it right, One Inch Long Hair (or should I say One Inch SHORT Hair?) on my entire head. Not what the picture looked like. Not happy, I actually cried, I know that sounds shallow and lame but....well...err...umm....I guess that means I'm a little shallow and lame. It was traumatic at the time, I was in high school, luckily it was during the summer.


I know, it grows back. I do wish that hair, from the recent cut, could've gone to Locks For Love, (think you need 10") but since that wasn't the plan it was all short pieces on the ground.

Funny... something just dawned on the time I got up there was No hair on the floor, it had all been swept up. That never happens, ever. They always sweep up after I'm out of his chair, he has a thing about it. Kinda sheds some light...he knew it was 'his bad' and was probably counting on the fact that I'm pooped out and just wanna get gone asap. - hmmph, pretty interesting to me.

*Any ideas how I should approach him? Thanks for any input, if you were able to make it through all of this.


Kimmi, I'll get right back to you with my original email thoughts for you.


@beautytester - Hi, I'm still here, hope you didn't think I abandoned you completely, will get back to you soon in PM, hope all is well. "Talk" to ya soon. Smiley Happy Missed ya.


Gee, did I mention.... 9 Inches??? Smiley Happy

I'm dealing with it just fine now that the shock has worn off, just don't know how deal with him.

If this is the worst thing going on in life, I'm pretty darn lucky! It takes my mind off of other stuff & I've learned to try and laugh about all this kind of stuff. It's what's kept us sane, well...relatively sane, throughout these years.

****Looking forward to Hair Horror Stories.....even better...Pictures of hair horror stories! Yeah!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Nice to have you back! =D


Oh horror stories. My dad likes my hair short. When I was little, he kept telling the barber to cut it shorter, shorter shorter. Even the barber was hesitating cuz he saw my unhappy face, but my dad insisted and I ended up with a super short boy cut, not 1in, but ~2in. I cried and refused to step out of the house.


Also, don't EVER go to get a haircut at a random place cuz you are in a hurry. The guy said he's not sure if he knows how to cut the style in the picture I showed him, but my parents kept telling him "it's ok! it's easy!" and cheering him on as he cut. Let's just say my face got darker the more he cuts and I was staring venomously at his scissor for the last half almost without blinking. He kind of got scared at the look on my face, went super quiet halfway through and tried to fix the cut by blowdry/styling it, which made it WORSE. Let's just say he's probably as relieved/glad I left as I was about leaving.


Moral of the story, I'm NEVER allowing my parents to have ANY input on my hairstyle EVER AGAIN. 

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Eeep for computer problems! Smiley Sad


Glad you're back though!!! ^_^ *hugs*

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Hi Kimmi, me again. First of all, sorry for that looong post, just saw it and want to hide my head. Tried to 'edit' and put an I'm sorry but it wouldn't let me. Sorry Ladies and Lads. Hope this isn't as bad.

Anywho, *Your hair - Gorgeous. *Your Boyfriend/Fiancee - cuuute. *Your dog - Love him, so cute, can you tell me more about him? * Your friends picture taking ability -Great. I really love the pics , especially with Landon and your pup. I like your hair in the pic with Lanndan, it's polished and stylish at the same time, shows off your curls beautifully.


I think you got some great input from a lot of others, I agreed with much of it. You don't need to lose your length. You could do different Up-do's or maybe French braids, I've seen some other cool braiding techniques, check youtube maybe. That might make you feel a little more polished/professional. Have you ever used rollers, hot or cold, to get a looser more wavy look, that's sometimes a bit softer and looks nice in a ponytail too. If I'm not going curly I use a hot curling brush or rollers, it's hard to get all that hair in the rollers, my arms aren't always long enough to do it easily, you probably have the same problem, you have to be some kind of contortionist. Reminds me, bought rollers from Sephora during 20% sale and haven't tried them, They're $$ should see if I like them, although I bought them when my hair was long, will be easier to do but I won't be able to see if they work well when my hair is long again. Have not had success with Velcro rollers.


You could color it if you want a change up, nothing too crazy, but I feel stupid saying that now, you're wise enough to not go nuts. You could do some fun playing around with color over the summer and during senior year, before spring teaching starts up. I like the Ombre look a lot but I'm not sure I'd go there, atleast not when you first start. I know the feeling about looking so young, dealt with it myself. I think if you keep your hair, clothes and makeup polished looking you'll be just fine. I loved the picture @lylysa posted showing Halle Berry's layers, good call, layers might work nicely for you. I'd just explain it all to your stylist and maybe he can start off with more conservative, starter layers. Definitely find somebody who specifically cuts curly hair. Find another curly top whose hair you like and ask her who she uses, that's what worked for me. I also really liked Ouidad Haircare a lot. I haven't used it in a while, she has a lot more products in her line now. I stopped because my hair was getting a bit thinner and I don't know, maybe it was that or just that I needed a break from her She owns a salon in NYC and has some others I believe, not sure where, you can check out her website. She designed the products for herself and is supposed to be like the Goddess of Curly Hair Cutting. Her employees must be good as well, don't know if they're near you, you're in TX, right? Her products might work wonders for you, although your hair is gorgeous as it is. Might work well if you decided to use rollers. I usually dry my hair all or most of the way, depending on what curling 'appliance' I'm using. I'd love to see pictures with your hair soft and wavy. I know this weather is not your friend though.

I've been using Alterna Haircare lately. Was using Volumizing in the winter and just switched to the frizz-fighting line. I use their Abundant Volume and De-Frizz styling products. I think I'm liking the Anti-Frizz Shmp & Cond, need more time to tell for sure though. The Volumizing line smelled a little yummier. I also used Living Proof and liked that too.

Finally, I don't have to say this, but you really are beautiful and I think much of that comes from within, there really is something that I suspect radiates from inside. Your hair, clothes and makeup will just compliment what you naturally possess. I hope this helped. Are you taking courses over the summer or taking time for yourself? Congrats on your upcoming senior year, good for you. Can't wait to see what pics you post for us and what you've been doing with your nails, I love checking out your designs. Be well. Smiley Happy

p.s. - had something else I wanted to say, but forget what it is...I'll let you know if I remember. Please forgive length or typos.

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