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Post in Beauty Confidential

Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

This is a major beauty confession for me.  Although I do get my hair trimmed on a regular basis, I haven't had a new cut/style in a long, long time.  I've had it pretty much the same with only slight differences since HIGH SCHOOL, and I'll be going into my fourth year of college this coming Fall.  Same part.  All cut to the same length.  It's time for a change, especially since my education classes are really taking off.  I'll be observing my mentor teacher next Spring, and I want to be taken seriously.  Some people say I look like I'm in middle school or high school, and that is a very nice compliment.  However, I don't know how school systems feel about teachers who may look more like students.


I want a change, but I'm a bit of a chicken.  I also have no idea where to start!  I'm a chicken because I had my hair cut too short before.  Short hair is a no-no for someone with naturally thick, curly hair.  Heck, I was picked on in middle school just for the fact it was curly, and gum tossed in your hair is not fun.  However, that all completely changed in high school, although I was not quick to believe people's compliments.  I am going to talk to my future mother-in-law about ideas since she does hair, but I need all the advice I can get since I'm a chicken lol.  I mainly wear my hair in these styles depending on the weather and what I'm doing:

  • Completely down
  • down with sections pulled back and secured with snap clips and bobby pins
  • braided pig tails
  • normal pony tail
  • pinned up pony tail
  • messy bun pony tail

To give you an idea of the slight changes, here's my Senior year formal picture by the crappy photographer that makes people look really pale (you should see some others in the year book).  I'm a 2010 graduate.  You can see how the curl can be at times.  It can curl differently depending on the weather and whatnot.




A much more recent picture with my hair shorter and sections pinned back.  A new photographer needed help building her portfolio with her new equipment, and Lanndan and I were her guinea pigs lol.  It is still all the same length.  Bangs have also been evil with me lol.




Here's another recent one with Meat Head.  Smiley Happy  Right as I took the picture, he turned his face to give me surprise sugar.  "Meat Head!" lol.  Anyway, my hair is pulled back in a pinned up pony tail, another style from the high school days.



Hair completely down.




Another pinned up pony tail that shows more of my face shape.  I know face shape can affect hair styles or something like that.




I hope the info and pics can help with any  advice.  I do like my curls when they do what I want, but sometimes they're stubborn lol.  Since I'm wanting a change, I am beyond clueless as to where to start.


Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Welcome back, kssweetheart!  Smiley Happy  It's great to see you back online!


I am very impressed that you didn't give your stylist a piece of your mind.  There's a huge difference between two or three inches and nine inches.  That's is close to one foot!  He would have gotten an idea about how I felt just by the expression on my face if I caught it in time, or the next time I was there.  I definitely don't blame you for the tip.  I know tips are important, but those working for them need to listen and do their job correctly.


Once again, the layers idea seem to be a very popular/good idea.  Some of the pictures I found online involve layers, and I took pictures of them on my phone for reference.  I'm also going to post them on here.  I've already posted them to Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.  When I research and look for other opinions, I go all out lol.  Yay for social media! lol.


Thank you for your advice and compliments Smiley Happy  Meat Head is a rescued Bloodhound my parents and I adopted a bit after we had to put down my almost 15 years old basset hound, Jewel.  I posted about him somewhere in the off topic part, but he is such a sweetie!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Me again, just saw my 2nd post and it's even longer *blushing emo here* This isn't the thing I couldn't remember but you could try clip on bangs, they can cut them and style them to blend with your regular hair. Some can be colored to match you perfectly. Then is you don't like them, not that big of a deal, just pop em' right off. Prices vary, shop around, or see if anyone else has some more info. Smiley Happy

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Thank you all so much for your advice!!  It has helped me out so much!  I've also shared everyone's advice with Lanndan and others.


I've been doing some more research and talking, and I found a few ideas online.  Many suggested layers, and some of the styles I found that I liked deal with layers.  My future mother-in-law also suggested taking things slow and start with some layers.  I believe she said long layers.  Here are the styles that I found.



The top left is probably my number one favorite.  I think lol.  Her curl is tight, but I'm not too sure if my curl is too tight for it.  Maybe the layers would help with that?


The top right one is very pretty, too, but her curls are on the loose side.  


The bottom two are of the same style pretty much, but just different views.  It's very pretty on her (I think she's an actress?), but I would be afraid that would be too drastic of a change so soon.  And I'd worry it would look like a boxy afro on me lol.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I think you can pull off top left.  You're absolutely right the top right is too loose for your natural hair.  The girl on the bottom her name is AnnaLynne Mccord (I gave you a link to her too!) and that's her natural hair.  Just google her name + hair and you'll see some of the different styles she has.  She's got longer layer styles she's had that I think you might be more comfortable with.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I'd say the girl with the loose curls probably has straight or wavy hair and she used rollers to create soft curls.  Other people have told me they liked the top left, too.  Some like the bottom one, but I think that's too short for me.  I will definitely google more of her styles!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Kimmi I think your hair looks great!  I have curly hair as well, and I will say bangs and layers do not work for me, especially in the humid summer months.  I would not have the Brazilian blowout thing either because it appears to be toxic to anyone who breathes in the fumes!  I usually wear mine naturally curly or use a flat iron if I want it to be straight.  Yours looks awesome in all of the pictures you've posted!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Just popping my head in to say that Kimmi- your hair is beautiful, your photos with your fiance adorable, and your furbabies cute!


I've got no good hair advice (mine is pin straight, with only a bit of frizziness showing up in the baby south summers), but I think everyone here is moving you in the right direction!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Look how adorable you are! What about long layers? No matter what you'll still be as cute as ever!Smiley Happy

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Actually, short hair is fine for someone with thick, curly hair (I should know, I have thick, curly hair) as long as it is layered properly.  If not, it will create triangle head.  Now, you have a pretty nice face shape for you could try anything really.  A longer inverted bob tends to look lovely with curls.  Really, anything would look good.  I would personally stay away from bangs, unless they are longer.  With your tight curl, they will tighten even more.

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