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Post in Beauty Confidential

Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

This is a major beauty confession for me.  Although I do get my hair trimmed on a regular basis, I haven't had a new cut/style in a long, long time.  I've had it pretty much the same with only slight differences since HIGH SCHOOL, and I'll be going into my fourth year of college this coming Fall.  Same part.  All cut to the same length.  It's time for a change, especially since my education classes are really taking off.  I'll be observing my mentor teacher next Spring, and I want to be taken seriously.  Some people say I look like I'm in middle school or high school, and that is a very nice compliment.  However, I don't know how school systems feel about teachers who may look more like students.


I want a change, but I'm a bit of a chicken.  I also have no idea where to start!  I'm a chicken because I had my hair cut too short before.  Short hair is a no-no for someone with naturally thick, curly hair.  Heck, I was picked on in middle school just for the fact it was curly, and gum tossed in your hair is not fun.  However, that all completely changed in high school, although I was not quick to believe people's compliments.  I am going to talk to my future mother-in-law about ideas since she does hair, but I need all the advice I can get since I'm a chicken lol.  I mainly wear my hair in these styles depending on the weather and what I'm doing:

  • Completely down
  • down with sections pulled back and secured with snap clips and bobby pins
  • braided pig tails
  • normal pony tail
  • pinned up pony tail
  • messy bun pony tail

To give you an idea of the slight changes, here's my Senior year formal picture by the crappy photographer that makes people look really pale (you should see some others in the year book).  I'm a 2010 graduate.  You can see how the curl can be at times.  It can curl differently depending on the weather and whatnot.




A much more recent picture with my hair shorter and sections pinned back.  A new photographer needed help building her portfolio with her new equipment, and Lanndan and I were her guinea pigs lol.  It is still all the same length.  Bangs have also been evil with me lol.




Here's another recent one with Meat Head.  Smiley Happy  Right as I took the picture, he turned his face to give me surprise sugar.  "Meat Head!" lol.  Anyway, my hair is pulled back in a pinned up pony tail, another style from the high school days.



Hair completely down.




Another pinned up pony tail that shows more of my face shape.  I know face shape can affect hair styles or something like that.




I hope the info and pics can help with any  advice.  I do like my curls when they do what I want, but sometimes they're stubborn lol.  Since I'm wanting a change, I am beyond clueless as to where to start.


Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Have you tried getting a Brazillian Blowout?? One of my friends, Erin, her hair is exactly like yours. Same cut, style, curl pattern, thickness, everything. the only exception is that she has really light blond hair almost bordering a whitish platinum which is natural. She got one last year for junior prom and it looked amazing on her!!! It's a procedure where your hair is straightened using  a  keratin treatment and it usually lasts for 3-4 months depending on your hair type. It's a salon treatment that only takes about 1 1/2 to 2 hours to sit through. She was able to do big bouncy curls, beachy waves, an elegant updo, and she even did bangs!! Her hair went back to its normal state this past september and she did it again last week for senior prom because she wants to do an updo. It may be a bit expensive where you live but its totally worth it. The lady who did it for her is a fellow hair stylist friend of my hair stylist who has worked with people of all ethnicities.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I have never heard of a Brazilian Blowout before.  The stylist my aunt use to go to (this was years ago) started to do some sort of straightening treatment, so I wonder if that was it.  It was described as being kind of permanent, so my aunt told me to think about it for a while before making a decision.  Due to the permanent fact (would require touch ups), I said no because I actually would miss the curls, even at the middle school age.


When her hair went back to its normal state, was it damaged or anything?  Easier to work with?

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

It wasn't damaged at all. Her hair was healthier after than before doing the treatment. It was a lot softer and more manageable.

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I googled it the other day.  I think I would miss my curls lol.  

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

Why did one photo upload twice??

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

dang, but that one looks like a glam magazine fashion photo shoot!


i'm terrible with hair (like you, same style for years and years) so I won't try to give advice....but YAY FOR MEAT HEAD!!!! Smiley Very Happy

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

lol thanks!  Although Meat Head caught me by surprise, I love this picture of us.  It's just too sweet!

Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

swfupload_7721464735879582650.jpgI'm a fan of long hair so you don't have to cut it. Hm....what about having your hair straightened and layered just a bit in the front and bangs? Think taylor swift.


Re: Haven't Had A New Cut/Style In A LONG Time

I do straighten my hair every once in a while, but I have to preplan for it.  I don't have enough time to straighten it in the morning before school.  Even though I divide my hair into various sections when straightening it, I still have trouble getting the back.  The sides are no problem, but the back has a slight wave to it lol.


A lot of people have been suggesting layers, and I've placed that at the top of my list.  Maybe then I'll have an idea as to where my bangs are lol.

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