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Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I have....what comes to mind first is the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. It made my face burn so bad and it turned me bright red, I looked like I had a bad sunburn and it hurt until I took an ice cube and ran it all over my face, then rubbed on Ocean Potion ICE (blue bottle, HG sunburn product). Right now if there's something that I really hate, I just put it in a large zip loc bag and give it away because money is money.


The Devil....



The Angel....

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I did not like Philosophy Hope in a Jar either! I always hear good things about them, but it definitely doesn't work for me! I used to throw things away before all these stores came up with the return policies.

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Yes! I hate to do it if the product doesn't work for me though. I try to pass it on to my sister, or things I may have tried once to my fellow beauty junkie friends.


Among my list?


Dr Dennis Gross Alpha Beta Peel Pads (nearly fried my skin off Smiley Sad )


A Tarte mascara that did nothing but fall into my eyes and flake EVERYWHERE.


yuck and sad all at once! 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Hey sephoramusthave - I've definitely had this happen numerous times and I do try to give it to somebody who might be able to use it. However, you can very often return it to the store where you purchased, CVS and many stores will give you a refund or at the Very least, a store credit. (the stores get compensation for the returned item)


You can also sometimes return it directly to the manufacturer, don't know if that's if the store gives you a hard time or how it actually works, Very often you can look on the bottle or the packaging *******Always Keep The Packaging******** even if you tried it a few times and it seems okay, sometimes it doesn't cause a problem after a number of uses.


There is usually a phone number on the package or product, if not just look it up on the website, they should have one, although they sometimes make it very hard to find. It's worth making a call. I don't know what happens, every company is so different. I do know that a couple of times I had questions or a problem and they sent me coupons for products in their line. Sweet! So it's worth a try. It makes me nuts too though.


BTW - loved the devil/angel comparison Smiley Happy


ps - also loved beautytesters idea of using something on a different area, a moisturizer that bothers your face might be ideal for use on your feet - patch test first.

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Well, I just use it for a different part of my body. I got a .5oz of Clinique Even Better Moisturizer SPF20 during their bi-annual big GWP thing and it breaks me out so now I apply it to the top of my forearms and back of my hands since they are not as greasy as sunscreen and I'm still protected when driving. I think I kept the clinique yellow gel for too long (half bottle, 2 yrs) and it burned on my face last time I tried it, so now I use it to moisturize my neck and it's working very well.


Oh I just remembered....yes, I threw out Clinique City Block SPF 40 I brought like 7 yrs ago. That was when I was a teenager with no means of transportation so I couldn't return it. I want to like it but it breaks me out over the chin each time. I recently got a sample of it again, the packaging and formula have changed and now I like it. I'm SO glad I didn't buy Boscia black mask. I'm using Sekkisei black mask, which is precursor to Boscia except it dries better and cleans better. When I tried the sample of Boscia, the fume was so strong I was crying the whole time and when I peel, it took off nothing compare to Sekkisei.




Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Yep!  Pro-Activ, Differin, Retin-A Micro, Tazarac. Luckily some were samples given to me by the dermatologist at the time.  I just tossed them in the trash after I had really bad skin burning and severe redness and irritation.

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