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Post in Beauty Confidential

Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I have....what comes to mind first is the Neutrogena Clear Pore Cleanser/Mask. It made my face burn so bad and it turned me bright red, I looked like I had a bad sunburn and it hurt until I took an ice cube and ran it all over my face, then rubbed on Ocean Potion ICE (blue bottle, HG sunburn product). Right now if there's something that I really hate, I just put it in a large zip loc bag and give it away because money is money.


The Devil....



The Angel....

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Oh my goodness I heart this post!!

I totally hate throwing things away, but sometimes it must be done!!!


Here are some of my recent horrors...

L'oreal Voluminious Million Lashes..Clumps like you wouldn't believe then flaked on me. For some reason I held onto this for about a month until I just tossed it.



Makeup Forever Smokey Lash - Not only did this clump like crazy but it actually made my eyes tear and burn.

I'm so glad this was only a sample!


Tarte Lipsurgance in Amused - this made me look like I had clown lips. Not meant for light skin with neutral undertones. It made my natural skintone look gray. Yuck!

Tarte - LipSurgence™ Natural Lip Stain

The worst: Clean & Clear Morning Burst In shower facial - This stuff did absolutely nothing. It didn't even leave my skin feeling clean, but it was very difficult to remove all the little scrubbing beads from my hairline and the residue.


MORNING BURST® In-Shower Facial

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I have a big history of purchasing beauty products, then getting home and finding they are awful. Of course, by then I have either thrown out the packaging or lost the receipt, so it ends up going in the trash.


Most recent ones are the Boscia BB cream sample, that one turns orange on me after a few hours, Neutrogena gradual tanner (it smells and didn't do much except get my legs sticky), Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer (the peppermint smell/taste is overpowering and it isn't particularly hydrating for me).


Love the angel/devil comparison!

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I usually hold on to the packaging and receipt since I try to first use the product on the day I buy it or the next day. 


Last week, I bought the Salon Express nail stamping kit at Sally's to try.  That thing is a piece of crap.  The stamper needs to be improved, and the designs in the plates need to be deeper.  When I used the scraper, it took off too much polish.  I also tried using other items as scrapers, and the same thing happened.  I returned it to Sally's and bought something I knew would work and I would use: nail polish lol.


I just threw out a sample of the Smashbox TM.  After a few uses, I broke out more than usual.  Usually, I have the "under the skin" blemishes.  This time, I had 4 red bumps at once.  Two on the forehead, one on the cheek, and one on my chin.  I was not a happy camper lol.


Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

What a great topic!


I have recently tossed out...


Make Up Forever Smokey Lash- It was SOO dry and it did nothing but dry out my lashes and it irritated my eyes


Urban Decay Super-Saturated High Gloss Lip Color in Adrenaline - bright fuchsia sparkle, the glitter made my lips peel! However, I also have it in Lovechild and love it. I think it was just glitter that dried out my lips.


Ole Henriksen Walnut Complexion Scrub- It was too harsh on my skin. I personally like something with smaller beads.

<3 Melissa

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Hmmm, I usually keep the packaging and recipt, I am a big returner if I don't like something. However, if it's a sample, I may give it away or toss it out since I didnt pay for it and there's so little of it in a sample. Some examples of giving away...Philosophy's Hope, every time I get a sample I give it away, usually to my mother in law bc I already know I don't like it. My mom in law is usually happy to receive them. I also got rid of the Revlon? Baby Lips lipgloss, I lost receipt and tossed packaging figuring I'd love it, I mean it is just lip gloss...but there is no such thing as "just lip gloss.". So I trashed it. I also always gave away or trashed the toner to Pro activ, I'm not big on toner at all. also, when I did the Clinique 3 step, I hated the bar soap, and later came to hate the toner so I just stopped buying it. I've received some really bad samples of BE bronzer colors, especially in the sun safety kit. That went into the trash, I don't know anyone that color would look good on. I also hated the Blinc mascara that tubes came In a Sephora sampler and I immediately knew it wasn't for me, but who wants used mascara, so trash it went. The thing is, it usually takes me a while to realize I won't use it and I should let it go as the real estate in my makeup storage is hot and I need the space for new stuff. I just can't bring myself to get rid of makeup or clothing items Neil its been quite a while. Throwing out is harder than giving, at least I will see it being used by someone.

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Sephora is a dream when it comes to returns, so the only things I've ever thrown away because of how bad it was was Stila's Forever Your Curl Mascara. Smudged like crazy! By the end of 3 hours, I was already having raccoon eyes. Threw it away when I got home. 

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

I've thrown away a few things, but not very many. The only recent thing that comes to mind is the stila eyeliner in stingray. The top broke, which has happened to TWO of them!! AGHH. And it got so dried out that it was unusable. It also was not "waterproof" for me. The cap would just crack along the side. I also saw it on pretty much every one in the sephora store that I went to but I figured it was just because people are stupid and are too aggressive with them. I'm nothing but careful with my makeup and within 2 days the top was broken. And since my nearest store is over 2 hrs away I couldn't return it. I wasn't going to drive 2 hrs to return a 20 dollar eyeliner and I can't send things back to them through the mail. I pretty much prefer to shop online because I rarely go to my location. I usually like to go in, swatch things, then order what I like online because then I am covered if I want to return it. Their return policy is good, but I wish I could return things through the mail that was bought in store.

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Usually if it's skincare and I end up not liking it, I give them to my fiance (he refuses to buy his own cleanser >.<), that and on occasion if there is a manly moisturizing perk I will give him that (he likes the LAB, and it doesn't break him out)  I'm gathering that he definitely has sensitive skin though, poor guy gets a red nose every time I visit, not sure what it is in my regimen that bothers it so badly :/  I've tried changing makeups too!


If I really don't like it, I will return it, if it's past that point, and the fiance won't use it, I will generally pawn it off on my friends, it's rare that I end up throwing any beauty item out to be honest, the only ones to date have been old mascaras and eyeliners!

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Wow! I loved reading everyone's responses to this topic, because now I've learned some new products to stay away from! I was actually planning on purchasing the Makeup Forever Smoky Lash Mascara, but after reading this post I think I'll try something different. Thanks everyone!

Re: Have you thrown away a beauty product because it was so awful?

Recently I've thrown away-


Hourglass lipstick

Dior Extase Mascara-old

Bare Minerals eyeshawdow

Stila Eye Shawdow palettes


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