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Has this ever happened to anybody else?

I was just checking on an order and noticed that my points balance had suddenly dropped. When I went in to check the latest transactions there was an in-store return processed at a local Sephora I’ve never visited. I immediately called customer service and the representative asked me if I’d bought a particular item as a gift that perhaps someone had just returned. When she told me what item it was I verified I’d never bought it, and with a quick look of my transaction history she verified I’d never bought such an item. She quickly returned my points and added a flag to my account to ensure that my ID was asked for when processing a return. While I’m very happy with the awesome customer service I received over the phone, I’m really puzzled how this could have happened in the first place. I mean, even if somebody mixed up a phone number to pull up the VIB Rouge account, wouldn’t the salesperson have double checked that the item was actually part of my purchase history? I hope this doesn’t ding me negatively in the Sephora return system!


any other crazy stories out there of mystery items in your BI/VIB/VIB Rouge history?

Re: Has this ever happened to anybody else?


How is this even possible? Last time I returned an item, I didn’t have the invoice (bought online) and threw out the packaging because I was sure I’d love it. The mascara didn’t have a wand. So when I went to return wandless mascara, cashier couldn’t find the item as quickly as she would have liked (in 3 mins). I buy 2x/week so there’s a lot of transactions on my account, I had to find it on my account and wait back in line and show her. They verify everything. So someone wasn’t doing their job. I hope CS follows up with the store that did this. 

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