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Has anyone tried...

I'm trying not to make impulse purchases & stick to my shopping list, but I have 2 items on there that I know nothing about LOL :/ 


1. DERMAdoctor Photodynamic Therapy

swfupload_5134234003209309641.jpgSPF 30 & helps your skin? Seems a little "gimicky" But I have tried a few DERMAdoctor products in the past and liked them all. 


2. dr dennis gross Alpha Beta® Daily Glow Moisture


I liked the glow pads, but would use them a bit differently: apply pad, and wash face after desired color was achieved. Otherwise I'd end up a little orange. 


Any thoughts on these products? 

Re: Has anyone tried...

From the looks of the ingredient listings alone and how active ingredients are listed out the DDG lotion appears to have more active ingredients in the first couple of things listed compared to the DD one.


The DD one is also more rooted in botanical and antioxidant based treatment ingredients, which will combat and address oxidative/sun damage more as the DDG one is more immersed in various enzymes and acids to treat multiple issues from oxidative damage to also other signs of aging like lines/wrinkles and overall skin texture.


I think it's odd the DDG one doesn't have SPF, so layering one over would be crucial for day time use. I think the DD one would be great if you already get your treatments from serums or masks in your routine, allowing your moisturizer step to focus more on nourishing and protecting.

Re: Has anyone tried...

Thanks. It wasn't really an either or type deal, just impulsively added to my shopping list without really knowing too much about them. 

I'm curious if the DD actually uses the sun for "light therapy" or if it's just a gimmick. 

I'm also surprised the DDG doesn't have SPF in it. I think if I purchased it I'd either use it at night, or just apply the PTR SPF powder over it. 

Re: Has anyone tried...

Gotcha Smiley Happy, well if it's not an either or...that means get both! Just kidding! Haha!


I'm not sure how effective the lotion's active ingredient would be to convert/single out wavelengths in light considering one has to factor in stability levels and overall freshness of a product. At least the bottle is an air less pump and opaque so light and oxygen won't break it down as fast. I know noni fruit (morinda extract) is high in vitamin C, so it being able to combat photo-damage/sun/oxidative damage could be likely and highly supported with that ingredient.


I'm curious as to how potent the DDG lotion is because so many of it's active ingredients are listed right off the bat, hopefully it won't cause any sensitivity.

Re: Has anyone tried...

Both... now that's a fantastic idea! LOL! 

I'm actually leaning more towards the DD. I have DDG glow pads & the A/B pads. I can't figure out exactly where in my routine I'd fit it in. & The whole glow thing scares me a bit. The pads made me slightly orange if left on all day, which is why I would wash my face after an hour or two. 

Now do I keep the DD on my shopping list, or purchase it when the sun safety kit becomes available? 

Re: Has anyone tried...

Ooooo, good question!!!


Out of the two I would probably opt for the DD one too just because overloading your skin with a moisturizer and then having serums or treatments with such potent ingredients might be too much, especially with how sunny it gets during the summer!


The DD one sounds a bit more basic in terms of just nourishing skin as opposed to trying to juggle treating and hydrating.


If you do end up getting it, let me know how it works out for you!

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