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Post in Beauty Confidential

Has anyone else ever used Syn-ake???

I use a lot of Korean skin care products. I just turned 26, and I'm starting to get lines around my eyes and forehead. I did some research online and came across "syn-ake" or snake.


Syn-ake is basically a synthetic snake venom that when applied to the face daily can have similar affects as botox. It is really mild though, you need to use the syn-ake cream everyday and every night consistently.


I looked on Ebay and I found that my favorite seller carried syn-ake cream. So I bought a jar and so far I've been using it for a week and I really like it Smiley Very Happy I also bought syn-ake gel eye patches. I have been using them every night as well.


So basically my question is, has anyone else used sny-ake cream, or anything syn-ake related??? Not very many people have heard of it (that I've talked to anyway.) If you have been using it, how do you like it so far? Have you noticed any changes to your skin??


I'd really like to hear from people that have tried it!! Thanks for reading Smiley Very Happy

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