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Hair products for mixed children

I have twin girls who are half black/white and have unbelievably curly THICK hair. They are only 4 and it is so hard to get them to sit and let me comb through it and style it. I have heard about Carols Daughter products being good for their style of hair... any other suggestions before I put out $$$ for something that might not be as useful as another product? I have been using Fructis Leave-in conditioner up until now, but I have to use about 1/4 of the bottle just to get through their hair. Thanks!

Re: Hair products for mixed children

I just read an article in my alumnae magazine tonight and remembered this post. A dermatologist who was in the class a year before mine wrote a book that seems perfect for this topic. I haven't read it nor do I have children who benefit from it, but I know people who do and from the interview they had with her, she sounds very sensible. The book is called "Child of Mine: Caring for the Skin and Hair of Your Adoptive Child", by Brooke Jackson. 


She's an adoptive parent of 3 and the quote in the article especially made me think of this post. "If you're going to raise an African-American child, you need to learn about [his or her needs]. You need to learn that the products you use on your hair are not the same ones you're going to be able to use on your daughter's hair."


I don't know anything more but it sounded interesting and potentially useful, so I thought I'd mention it. 

Re: Hair products for mixed children

My daughter is mixed and Carols daughter doesnt help her hair at all. We use Wen which is amazing but really pricey. Devacurl is really good. So is the mixed chics line. we used both before Wen (my hair is also curly thick dry and frizzy. Her hair is "good" hair compared to mineSmiley Happy We also used the garnier serum and honestly its the bestbest I have found.


How often are you washing their hair? The big thing with that hair type is not to over wash. Dont use shampoos with sulfates and only shampoo when you have to. cowashing is the best method or also known as Curly girl method. 


you can find tons of info on the web about which products are affordable and work the best. I know that v05 herbal conditioner is a great co wash. the website i lve is tons of advice and a great list of products.


 Also, i think when she was little I would part her hair in several places and make a bunch of ponytails with little rubber bands and braid the ponytails. it definately helpedkeep her hair from tangling.  kinda like this:


Re: Hair products for mixed children

I've got thick dreadlocks and Carol's Daughter absolutely destroys my hair. And I mean DESTROYS IT. Strips all the oils from it and fries it. 


100_0380.jpg - This photo is years old at this point, but gives you a pretty good idea of what kind of hair we're talking about. Smiley Happy


I've had to try a lot of different hair care products over the course of my having locks to get the desired results. I've heard good things about "Beautiful Curls", and I used "Every day Shea" for a while, and I had good luck with it. I currently use Indigofera's hair products, but they are on the pricey side and are subject to changes in availability because they are custom made.


The thing about ethnic hair, like any hair, I think, is that it takes a lot of trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn't, and that it might change over time. What may work for a few months might stop. So, just something to keep in mind.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

I have to go with Carol's Daughter.  It's what I use personally.  It keeps my curls under control.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

Salon/higher end brands:


-Deva Curl

-Carol's Daughter (Hair Milk line in particular)


-Bumble & Bumble

-Redken Curvaceous


Drug store/generic brands:

-Mixed Chicks

-Kinky Curly

-Loreal EverCurl (similar to Redken's Curvaceous line)



Re: Hair products for mixed children

Hi, I had an instructor while in beauty school and she was telling me about this line called mixed chicks. Her nieces were half and half as well and she said their hair was so unmanageable and she tried the line on them. She told me it worked so good, and their hair was so soft and tangle free. I gave it as a gift to my cousin cause her daughter is half as well and had frizzy hair and she said it was amazing as well. I don't think it's sold in any stores but you can buy it off their website if you just search mixed chicks.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

Mixed Chicks is sold at select Targets.  I know that my Target has it.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

Oh okay thats good to know, and Mizani is another good one!!

Re: Hair products for mixed children

I work at Target, so it helps out knowing what they might potentially have.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

Carol's Daughter is one of the best for ethnic type hair.  There is another brand - Mizani - which is made specifically for ethnic hair.  Try out these products, for they will probably give you the best results.

Re: Hair products for mixed children

Besides Carol's Daughter, DevaCurl would definitely be worth checking out!

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