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So, for the past two years I've slowly started to grow into myself. I am trying to be more "girly" as my mom would put it, by wearing dresses, skirts, and heels instead of jeans and sneakers. ANYWAY, with my new "womanhood" I would like to learn how to wear makeup CORRECTLY. I'd like to know which colors complement my skin tone, and which products are the best for my skin. Recently I went out with my girls and I wore some basic mascara and eyeliner, and for my lips I wore Fig by Bite and I absolutely LOVED IT! It made me feel new, I even got compliments saying I looked like a Barbie doll. ANY tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Re: HELP!!!!

Honestly go with what you like! Try out colors and see how you feel about them, there might be colors that people think look great on you but you hate! Also the girls at Sephora are definitely helpful! They can probably help you learn about your skin type and what type of foundations you should look for.

Re: HELP!!!!

Thanks everybody for the AMAZING advice ! I'm trying to upload a picture of that night so you all can see my first attempt with makeup. Hope you like it !

Re: HELP!!!!



Ok everybody here it is lol... I hope it doesn't look too grainy

Re: HELP!!!!

You look lovely! 

Re: HELP!!!!

You did an amazing job! You're clearly naturally gorgeous...omg those eyes.

Re: HELP!!!!

Thank you jellybean97 and rikkie ! I only did my lips and mascara though lol my friends did my eyeliner. Idk what it is with me and eyeliner but I seem to have the hardest time applying it correctly and without looking like a raccoon or some sort of horror film character

Re: HELP!!!!

If I could tell my younger self what to avoid when starting out with makeup, it would be:

1) It's easier to add more color (to the eyes, cheeks, lips) than it is to take off.

2) Avoid the dreaded heavy eyeliner on the bottom lash line look.

3) Spend a little more time blending eyeshadows and buffing products to achieve a more cohesive look.


Lastly, natural "no-makeup makeup" look can sometimes look better on some people than smokey, dramatic looks. Smiley Happy


Re: HELP!!!!

I agree, you look great! You have amazing looking skin, so that's one place I'd go light on coverage or just rely on your natural beauty. And I bet you can really rock bolder lip colors for a night out if you want to. Or you might want to check out some neutral shadows to draw even more focus to those gorgeous eyes. 


Most of all, have fun!

Re: HELP!!!!

Lord honey you are GORGEOUS!!! I can't see anything that you would have to do you truly have a beautiful face and I would go with what your doing now because it's definitely working for you!!!

Re: HELP!!!!

Thanks everybody ! You don't know how great all your compliments made me feel. I appreciate all the advice and I will be taking myself on a date to my local Sephora pretty soon.

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