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HELP .. Trying to find some skin care products!

I'm 20 years old and pale with freckles. I'm a natural blonde and a college student. I don't spend a lot of time outdoors, mostly just back and forth to the car and stuff like that.

I'm looking recommendations for some new moisturizer and night cream, and eye creams, that will help prevent aging. I don't really have wrinkles on my face, but I have the line under my eye with maybe a little darkness and puffiness and the occasional zit. I have normal/combination skin.

Currently I'm using the Neutrogena face wash, and just an oil of olay regular moisturizer with SPF 15. I'm hoping to get a clarisonic later this year and maybe try out the Ole Henriksen truth serum and oil so now I'm looking for some good quality products to go with it. Smiley Happy

I don't need anything crazy since I am so young. I also wasn't sure if maybe I should just do the truth serum, then a moisturizer without spf, and then a sunscreen on my face? But then again, I know a sunscreen can affect the way your foundation looks in photos and out and about. (I use Make up For Ever HD Foundation)

So any recommendations would help. I was looking into the Ole Henrisken truth cream with spf 15 in the eye cream and moisturizer. But I'm not sure....

Re: HELP .. Trying to find some skin care products!

Thanks. Yeah, I'm looking for ones that will help prevent aging I guess. Just because I am 20, and trying to get started early. I don't mind the oil of olay spf 15 it's just a plain moisturizer though and I'm not in the sun a lot and if I am I normally use a high SPF sunscreen all over Smiley Happy 

I'm just looking for some overall good day and night creams and then some good eye creams for day and night that like I said will help prevent aging. 

Re: HELP .. Trying to find some skin care products!

hmmm, sounds like you need a fancy eye cream but you can keep the other things basic. One step at a time, my friend, do NOT try to introduce your skin to a completely new set of skincare at once, sometimes it can overwhelm the skin or cause allergic reactions and you don't know if it's cuz you used too much, or if the product is bad or something else.


I don't know about the OH oil, but I like the Truth Serum. If you like the Oil of Olay with SPF15, then there's no need for separate moisturizer/sunscreen (just extra steps, unless you are super white or out in the sun a lot). I have combination skin and I'm using Bliss Fabulous spf15 right now, you can try Murad Essential-C spf30 (lighter weight) or Origins Brighter by Nature spf35 (creamier). At night, I use Clinique Moisture Surge or Philosophy take a deep breathe.


Oh right, most importantly, the eye cream. Hmmm, not serious anti-agers, but Boscia Enlivening Amino and Origins Eye Doctor fits your description and I like both.

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