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HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Totally embarrassed about writing this but, I mean, I know I'm not alone with this one... 


Does anyone have any tricks to cover cold sores? I feel extremely insecure talking to people at work all day for like, a week at a time, with a massive bump on my lip that EVERYONE seems to stare at! I find just lipstick alone makes my lips look worse and accentuates the bump even more. 


Also would love to hear any healing remedies that may have worked for you! 


Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

@FrancescaZ I get them too. Unfortunately when you are tired, stressed or getting cold/flu it will show up. when I start to feel cold sore forming on my lip I take Vitamin B Complex - take 2 pills everyday until it disappears + 2 vitamins Cs + try to get good night sleep. When I do this the cold sore heals faster and it's smaller. Also I use cream called ZOVIRAX - it's from Europe, not sure if you can buy it online somewhere - it helps me better than Abreva. ( And just FYI when you take Vitamin B Complex your pee can turn orangey so don't  freak out😂 ) Hope this help!! 

Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

So this probably won't help you this go round but order some Compeed Cold Sore Patches. I get mine from Amazon. They ship from Europe somewhere so they take awhile to get here. I don't know why they don't know why aren't sold here because they are AMAZING. They are little stickers that speed healing AND you can put makeup over them. I also like that they contain the cold sore so I know it wont spread or contaminate my pillowcase etc. They really stick on and help take the redness out. I keep two packages at all time just in case. I alternate these with Abreva cream and take Lysine and Licorice pills to help speed healing. Just remember people don't notice nearly as much as you think they do. 

Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Definitely going to order some asap!! Thanks so much 

Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Quick fix is to get organic coconut in a small jar and put on the cold sore with a qtip.  The coconut kills all the cold sore germs super fast and helps it heal quicker too.  I wouldn't put cosmetics on it until you have healed up really well, and then only a tinted moisturizer.  Put lots of coconut on it at night, too, to speed up healing!   xoxo PS BREATHE everyone gets these, so love on yourself a little, it means your stressed out and your body is reacting poorly.  

Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Thank you!!! Going to try the coconut oil right now xoxo 



Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Hey there @FrancescaZ!  I get cold sores too so I feel your pain - literally. First, try to get rid of it quickly. I've had fancy prescriptions but I can tell you that OTC Abreva really works. Keep it moist with that. 


I know you want to cover it, but I'd try not to if possible. I think it would just interfere with the healing process. But if you're determined, I would pour a tiny bit of a sheer foundation out and then lightly dab a q-tip into the foundation and then on the cold sore. Don't dip directly into the bottle! You don't want to contaminate your foundation. I wouldn't use a full coverage foundation or a concealer. It would make your cold sore look like it got spackled. Hope it goes away soon. Try the Abreva, really!

Re: HELP! Best way to cover a cold sore

Thank you!!! 

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