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Post in Beauty Confidential

Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

We are all anonymous (kind of) here, so I was wondering if anyone have any strange little beauty quirks. The most random/weird quirks you have, not the stereotypical "go to sleep with makeup" kind, but more like.....


.....if you haven't done much physical activity or sweat, sometimes you showered without soap or shampoo


.....if you were in a bathroom stall to fix your makeup/change close and the automatic flushing activates, then you feel obligated to wash your hands cuz you don't want other ladies present to judge you for "not washing your hand" 


.....if you were about to shower but it got SUPER late before you realize, then the "pre-shower" hair treatment turns into an "overnight" hair treatment


.....if you forgot to use/bring your deodorant and to freshen up, you gave the area a few good swipe with cotton pad soaked in toner to tide you over.


I may or may not have done any or all of them at one point or another. I'm not the only I? o.O

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I have an extremely horrible habit of forgetting to put deodorant on in the morning, so I always put it on at night. It actually seems to work better than way, but I don't sweat a great deal either.

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Deodorant? What's that? Smiley Tongue  My friends say that I strangely don't smell, even when I flop sweat, so I've never felt the need to put it on. 


Sometimes (most of the time...), I can't be bothered with concealer, so I use a detail brush to dot on more foundation where I need it. On the plus side, my laziness has made me more confident about my skin!


I also don't condition my hair. I really should, but usually I just cheat by putting on too much hand creme and rubbing the excess into my hair. 


When I put on lipstick, I always smudge off the corners of my lips and cupid's bow with my fingers. Idk, but I think it looks better on me that way.


I like the dewy, glowy makeup look, so I put on moisturizer, grape seed oil, and then primer before my foundation. I'm sure something cancels out somewhere, but it gives me a wonderful, natural glow! Smiley Happy



Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I don't know if I have any strange beauty quirks. Might need to think a little while on this. I don't know if this qualifies as *strange* but  if I'm really interested in trying a sample packet, I transfer it into a little jar so that I get my use out of it without the risk of the product drying out/getting contaminated because I just left the open sample packet out on the bathroom counter. Its actually quite hard to find a place that sells good sample jars for a cheap price. I finally found a good deal at walmart, you get 2 good sized jars for 97 cents.


Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

For the transferring a sample to a jar thing...I don't think that's strange.  I think that is economical & practical! I do the same thing! & I know for a fact, many other BT'ers do too!


 Not strange, just smart! Smiley Wink

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

beautytester----The ones I buy are *much* bigger than the sample jars from Sephora or origins. I never keep the Sephora ones because they usually contain makeup and I'm too lazy to even think about cleaning something so small >_< It doesn't say how many oz the jars are on the back but they have to be around 1 oz. And they are pretty strong, and the cap screws on nicely so you don't have to worry about anything spilling. They come in packs of two in different colors. Its in the travel sized section at walmart....where they sell things like mini shampoos and stuff.


jenjendoitagain---Thanks! I used to just use a sample packet once and throw it away because keeping it open like that overnight ruins the product but I found that once transferred, I get sooo many more used out of it!

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Ah 1oz, that's what I use the eye cream and moisturizer jars for. I do transfer things to jars, especially for tubes, I would take pic of them for empties sometimes, then cut it open and put the remaining stuff into jars (were you the one who always post spotlessly clean empty containers? I miss your post, lol). I thought my Jack Black lip balm was running out, but I cut it open and there's at least a month's worth in there still!


ps. I usually don't clean Sephora jars, just wipe them clean with kleenex and cotton swab, but if I do need to, old toothbrush and hand soap. =)

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

upload_1451661629813179675.jpgbeautytester---These are the walmart jars I'm talking about


Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I usually just use Sephora or Origins sample jars. Is there a difference between those and the drugstore ones you buy?

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

i have a couple of things that i do..or don't do!  i condition my hair every 3-4 days but only cleanse once a week at most and i haven't brushed my hair in 3 months!!!  i threw all my brushes out (with the exception of the 2 tangle teazers i have hidden Smiley Happy) and only brush/comb my hair with my fingers- i read the curly girl handbook and i am trying to follow the curly girl method!!!





Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Do you find that using your fingers more hair falls out?  Whenever I'm bored I do that and I'm constantly having to shake my hand to get the hairs off.  Seems like my hair is always falling out. Ugh...I hate my hair. :-/ I'm surprised I'm not bald yet.

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

i do have hair that falls out but no more than when i use my brush.  I actually have less hair fall out.  I am attributing that more to the fact that my hair is healthier than not using a brush but i'm still going for it!

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I always drink a huge glass of water after every shower? its a weird routine i got in one day and now i bring w huge glass with me every time i got take a shower!


I have to shower my body everyday otherwise I feel crazy gross 


I am currently trying to wash my hair only 2/3 times a week


I am a avid returner at sephora!!


Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Oh Penelope!! I'm with you on the avid returner! 

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Oh, and the water thing after showers!  I always seem to get hot/steamy in the shower, and I too drink a big ice cold glass once I get out! Hhaha, I've never really thought about that though...if it was strange, because it's so natural to me.

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

Interesting subject, though it sounds more like "embarrassing lack of hygiene" than "guilty beauty secrets." Smiley Wink


I've only done 1 or 2 of those things...maybe?

The "shower just to rinse" one all the time but that's a normal part of the SoCal beach rat lifestyle. Smiley Wink


The "makeup touch ups in the restroom stall one"....yup but only if I'm in there for other reasons as well, so hand washing is justified.


The only time I've ever gone without deodorant was if health reasons prevented a rash, shingles, open wounds, etc.


There is one really bad thing that I do because of time constraints & that's simply rinsing my face after work (not washing) and applying makeup over whatever remnants of work makeup are still there.

Fortunately I hardly wear makeup at work (if any) so it's not a huge deal but still pretty gross putting makeup on unwashed skin. Smiley Tongue
If my schedule were different, so would my habits be. And yes, I do wash all makeup off before bed. Usually. lol

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

You might like a make-up remover and cleansing cloth like Philosophy's Purity Wipes. I loooove them for when I'm too lazy or rushed to fully wash my face with Purity, or if I want to keep on my mascara cause that's the longest part of my routine, and just reapply my skin makeup after I get gross during the day like if I'm going out right after work.

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I condition my hair everyday, but rarely shampoo it. (Maybe once every 2 weeks?) I'm a curly girl though, so it might not be that bizzare. Smiley Happy

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I hardly ever use deodorant, because I am not a sweaty person. If I'm going dancing or its mid summer I will wear it, but other wise I don't. 


I never use conditioner


when is shower I always use soap on certain parts of my body, but other parts like legs and stomach I only use soap on once a week, 


sometimes I go an embarrassingly long time without shaving



Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

One of my friends is like this -- she really just doesn't sweat! (I, on the other hand, am the opposite -- I wish I were so lucky!). Smiley Happy

Re: Guilty little beauty secret. Have you ever....=P

I skip showers on the weekend...   I'm allergic  to water,  so the less contact my body has,  the better.  

I wash my hair once a week, even though I work in a salon.

I've gone to bank and pharmacy with color/ foils  in my hair.   I wore a hat, so you couldn't really tell,  and color irritates my skin,  so it's easier to rinse in the privacy of my own home instead of people wondering why I'm covered in hives.

I have a calendar that tells me when I need to do each mask/treatment,  abd in trying to cater it around my cycle to keep hormonal nasties at bay.  

 My boyfriend and I have the same stylist.


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