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Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

the past two years I've been using CLINIQUE
Moisture Surge Intense For Very Dry To Dry Combination Skin however it's ingredients on sephora do show what it's formulated with out like harmful chemicals. I'm slowly doing research. It just so much haha>.<. Clinique has been the only moisturizer that does not break me out but I'm still a little ify on its chemicals. can anyone enlighten me(: or have suggestions? And great moisturiser? I'm on empty and wad going to pick up another moisture surge.

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

For starters, Origins, Boscia, and Korres make excellent paraben free moisturizer options that definitely lean more on the natural side and contain botanical ingredients.


If you're looking for something for drier skin, try Korres' Greek Yoghurt line, Origins' Make a Difference Plus Rejuevenating Moisturizer and High Potency Night A Mins, and Boscai's Restorative moisturizers.

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

Those sound like great products I think ima stop by sephora this weekend. thanks!(:

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

Take a look at The Body Deli.  Love it!  Not sold at Sephora though...

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

Thanks will doo!(:

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

Try First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream. It's super moisturizing AND keeps your face matte. 



Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

I am wearing this underneath makeup right now! It's not greasy and provides a healthy moisture-locking barrier.

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.


    I think the moisturizers are so important, and after I started using natural/organic brands, I feel a bit guilty? iffy? when I use skincare products that have alot of chemical in it (even though I love Clarins products)


I've tried everything in Sephora's natural line - Caudalie, Boscia, Ole Henriksen, Korres, Origins, and Ren 


I used to like Origins alot when I was in highschool, but few years later, I don't know if they changed the formula, but they irritate my skin whenever I use them.. they have good ingredients, but you have to have the right skin type. 


I love Caudalie. They smell nice, is gentle on the skin, etc but they're a bit expensive. 


I don't like Boscia. everything smells weird. I don't know how to describe them, but abit like a really old cream? they are gentle, but thats about it. weird smell, nothing special, as if the brand is a bit "immature" I would buy them if they were at the drugstore. Korres also. abit better than Boscia, but still not adequate for what I expect in the priceline. 


I really like the ones from Ole Henriksen and Fresh. smells nice, works well, feels nice, I think with these 2 you get what you pay for. 


Ren is okay. They have nice products with nice ingredients but is a bit short on their promise. I didn't care for it. 

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

I think I am going to try Fresh for the fist time thank you. on question thought should I be using anti aging though? Jst turned 20. Could it harm my skin? Also dose it work great under makeup. I hatE primer it feels weird.

Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

I'm 22 and I personally like using anti aging products 

it depends I think on the ingredients, but if its like antioxidants, it shouldn't harm or do anything thats "not good" for your skin 

but I don't use any retinol? retinoids yet just because I think its unnecessary Smiley Sad 


The texture is really light weight and silky, nothing like the primer Smiley Sad 

I really don't like silicones in my moisturizers either Smiley Sad


Re: Great moisturizer ? Healthy and paraben free.

I love this one:

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