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Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I know there have been some postings about this but some of them were a couple of years old and I know there have probably been some new products.  Here's what I've gathered so far:

  • Lip scrubs
  • Bath bombs
  • Stepping stone
  • Tea tree toner

I'm not sure how much inventory they have inside Macy's but I'm hoping enough to get me familiar with the brand - it's new to me.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

The Comforter is HUGE just like how The Brightside was!


Sweetie Pie ended up being too sweet for me, but I love me some Whoosh!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I broke my bars up into smaller pieces.  I think I got at least 4 uses out of them.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Yup, love how big those are!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Bubblegum lip scrub is awesome! I also got the Honey Trap lip balm that the SA recommended. They go really well together and make my lips so soft and smooth!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Ooo, I'll have to make note of all this for when I hit the shop in Atlanta next month.  Smiley Very Happy

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

omg I thought you guys were talking about slush the drink haha. Wow I need to check it out.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

They're pretty nifty!


I forgot, on their website, they have one called Party On which has mint and lime for a zesty scent!


Wish they carried that one in stores, it'd be right up my alley!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Ah..going to have to delay the gratification...Lush trip tomorrow morn after doctors appointments.  I will have dreams of bath bombs and shower jellies

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

The bath melts! 

Whimsically yours,

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Ultra Bland and Celestial are my absolute favorites. I can't use a lot of their products because I am allergic to lavender and sensitive to artificial stuff in certain products. But I love love love Ultra Bland. I need to try that lip scrub though! 

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Bath bombs: Butterball (add with something else), Avobath, SexBomb

Lotion: Dream Cream (this stuff is the BEST)

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

How awesome would it be if Sephora carried Lush products???

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Actually, I'm going to say it would not be awesome.


Lush has built their brand around fresh ingredients and natural approaches to beauty, being eco-friendly, etc.  People complain enough about Sephora shipments; Lush won't ship certain products during the summer due to melting issues.  I think this is one brand best suited to being on its own. 


Lush has incredible products and promotions (5 black pots = mask, etc) that would likely cease to exist if they put products in Sephora.  It would also put more of a burden on Sephora cast members to cut fresh soap, make sure no expired product was there, etc.  Lush has always felt to me like an indie brand gone big that kept its indie roots and customer service.


If Lush were in Sephora, the distinctive Lush store smell would get lost- and that would be a darn shame!


I get the sentiment, I really do.  But in this case, the 2 brands aren't compatible, IMO.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

Granted - it was more of a "tongue-in-cheek" statement...I suppose I forgot the winking smiley at the end...related question..when Lush inside Macy's, is it just a counter or a bigger setup with people to help?

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I LOVE Lush. I think my favorite products are their bubble bars. Similar to bath bombs but they make your bath filled with bubbles (obviously, haha) and they smell lovely.


I also love dream cream lotion.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I've never bought any of the bath stuff since I never takes baths anymore.  But I love Big Shampoo.  And by love I mean I keep a minimum of 3 in my closet.  I never want to run out.  I don't like any of the conditioners they sell.  I do use their henna hair dye.  It does a good job without the damage, but it can get messy.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I really like the Popcorn lip scrub! my lips are always chapped even though I wear a tone of chapstick Smiley Sad It exfoliates my lips really well. I also love the Vanilla Puff dusting powder. It really helps soak up the excess lotion I put on every day, it smells good and it gives a really healthy glow as well. I also like the Bath Bombs as well. My favorites are Phoenix Rising and Golden Slumbers.  Lemony Flutter is also AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It deeply moisturizes my cuticles and leaves them nice and soft. Lemony Flutter and Hard as Hoof when used together I don't get any hangnails. Smiley Happy

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I LOVE the jasmine and henna fluff eaze hair treatment (amazing treatment, leaves hair super soft and healthy), BIG shampoo (great deap cleaning shampoo, gives awesome volume), and mask of magnaminty (leaves skin super soft). They are my top LUSH products! I will continue to repurchase these always.

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I really like Lush's bathbombs, math melts and bubble bars. Here are my favorites:



Butterball - this is the most moisturizing bath product lush has - I highly recommend it!  I find that the hotter the bath water, the more moisturizing it is.  If you only get one thing - get this! It is the best!


Dragon egg - this one is fun and smells very nice! i like to pair it with a bath melt to add more moisture


Bubble Bars:


My favorite is sunny side - it creates gorgeous gold and glittery water and smells amazing!


A French kiss - this one also smell great!


Bath Melts:


I have tried all of the bath melts and my favorite is ceridwens cauldren - this one is the most moisturizing of all of them and you can get 2-3 uses easy.  It also smell really nice and is wrapped in ccheese cloth which is just adorable!  I don;t really care for the othe rbath melts, becaus I just dont find them to be very moisturixing, which is the whole point of them!


Lush also has some really nice fresh face masks - i relly like BB seaweed the best becsuse, again, it is very moisturizing!


And I almost forgot!  Honey I Washed the Kids bar soap is amazing also!  It smells sooo good!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I haven't really used their bath products but I really love their Dream Cream and Tea Tree Water! Also the Sea Salt Scrub is a great exfoliator!

Re: Going to LUSH - what are your faves

I had to share my love for LUSH. I just HAD to! Smiley Very Happy


The pic on the left is what I gave to my sister for xmas last year, and the pic on the right is what I received from various family members. We basically made LUSH wish lists lol


Hope the pic isn't too big. My favorite bath bomb thus far is Crackersnap. It was introduced last winter and it was about 8 inches in length. You can break it in half and it had a bubble bar inside, a party hat, and a joke. Hopefully it will come out again because the smell was to die for! It was like lemon grass made with champagne. Odd pair, but it just worked!

Dragon egg, Avobath, Fizzbanger, and the original Blackberry are my favorite "fizzies". Now, I'm craving this for breakfast >.<


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