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Glasses & Make-Up

Do you wear your make-up differently if you're wearing glasses vs. contact lenses? 

What do you do differently with glasses? (the entire face, not just the eyes)










Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I purchase contacts from franchise opticians after I've decide which contact lenses I want. Then I order from Contacts I can save up to 15-20% since they want my business. 


All my eyeglasses I've purchased are from small little business owners. Many nice frames won't allow they're brand to be sold at franchise optical centers. 


No matter what frames I buy, my glasses just because of the add on's. progressive bofocals, the thinnest lens have to be ordered overseas. Don't know why. Maybe Crizal will start making the thinnest lenses in the States. My lenses end up costing as much as the frames.



Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I went a step further, I did selfies and posted live to Facebook to make my friends vote on which were best. Smiley Very Happy It worked out great.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Would love to know what you picked! Smiley Happy

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I wear glasses! These in particular


I try to focus more on my bottom lashes since when I wear them I feel like my eyeshadow can't really be seen well. Nothing like blending and having a beautiful make up and have all that go to waste!

I like to either do a wash of color on my lids and sometimes define the crease a bit and go with a nice color on the bottom and highlight my inner corner.

For the rest of my face... I try not to put too much foundation around my nose/eye area especially now that it's summer time because I don't want things sliding off!


Re: Glasses & Make-Up


Pretty glasses! I love the shape!

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I wear glasses sometimes, because I technically only need them in one eye so I can function fine. They're Coach and are pretty big framed. I wear extra concealer where they hit my nose to prevent the foundation rubbing off, and I wear more eyeliner. I sometimes add extra definition to the crease of my eyes to really make them stand out.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up


I kept thinking less eye make-up yet it seems my eyes disappear.

I think I'll need to keep experimenting. May even try using colors for eye shadow. I only wear muted neutrals with contacts.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Oh this is gonna be an easy answer Smiley Wink --I don't wear makeup when I wear glasses. 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up


Normally, I don't either.

I'll need to wear glasses for a little while & I have to wear make-up.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

No offense, but that's pretty limiting. May as well just stay in bed and not bother getting up! LOL

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