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Glasses & Make-Up

Do you wear your make-up differently if you're wearing glasses vs. contact lenses? 

What do you do differently with glasses? (the entire face, not just the eyes)










Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I wear volumizing mascara when I wear my glasses so my lashes don't brush against the lenses any more than normal.  I also tend to do more of a lip color with them, but I do like color on my eyes still too.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I'm not used to wearing make-up with glasses. Wondering if I need to skip false eyelashes. Nearsighted so it won't make my eyes larger. I do think a bolder lip color will look good. Been wearing sheer pastels. Thank you

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Before I had to wear my glasses all the time (aging is a bummer that way), I used to do a more bold eye look when I was wearing my glasses. I also used a curling mascara because it would bug me if my lashes were dragging along the lenses. I have deep set eyes, so I can't do much of a cat eye liner (it just doesn't show up unless I have my eyes closed), but if you can, these look great with glasses. If you aren't a full on cat eye liner person, a kitten eye looks nice.


I also go for a more neutral look if I'm wearing my colored frames so I don't get clashing going on. If I'm wearing my silver frames, I like a color look for contrast.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Yes, mature eyes aren't fun, takes effort. I can fake all kinds of looks with eye make-up, even all types of cat-eye looks,

Without glasses, the 'balanced look' of the full face make-up look is what I go for, not the 80's look where the whole face was lit up with a heavy bold screaming. 


With contact lenses, my eye make-up, even though it's an illusion, appears to be very simple/neutral yet takes a lot of work many shadows. eyeliner, false eyelashes.


I just have no idea if I need to go for more drama/color with eyes...but that pulls focus to the glasses?...or does it do the opposite? lips depend on what I'm wearing, my mood, the season, the event.





Re: Glasses & Make-Up

When I'm not too lazy to apply makeup I usually just make my eyes extra bold - either a nice cat eye or a bold liner. I do a lot of mascara but nothing too lengthening because I don't like my lashes to hit my glasses - I would not recommend false lashes - too long!! It is nice though since the bottom of my glasses cuts right through my dark circles making them less visible Smiley Happy I also usually do a lippie of some sort as well - usually nothing too bold. And always a mattifying something or other, BB cream, concealer if needed and blush

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I don't normally wear make-up unless I'm at an event/seminar, dining out, & dressed contact lenses.

When I'm wearing glasses, I'm not wearing any make-up. My primary profession I never wore contacts/ make-up...ever.

Secondary occupation, full face make-up & dressed up always with contact lenses. 





Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Personally I don't wear much eye makeup when I wear glasses. If I wear shadows, it's only very light, brightening shadows and a natural mascara look. I never do smokey eyes with glasses, because I just end up looking like a panda! But I do make sure to fill in my brows to make them slightly darker and thicker when I wear glasses. I also use a brightening concealer when I wear glasses since they cast a shadow onto my skin. When I wear glasses, I also always do a neutral lip, because when I do a bright lip with glasses, especially a bright red lip, I just end up looking like a "sexy secretary" haha, which isn't really my thing! 


I wear contacts on most days, and with contact lenses, I feel much more flexible in the looks I can pull off, whether its eye, face or lip. 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Smiley Very Happy " secretary..." heh heh, I can envision you looking like a stag party stripper! Smiley Wink


The eye make-up tips makes a lot of sense. I never thought about how glasses can cast a shadow. I always thought glasses hid my eyes! 





Re: Glasses & Make-Up

When I'm wearing my glasses I generally tend to play up my lips and wear a lot of mascara so that my eyes will look bigger/more doe-eyed because my glasses make them look smaller. I don't really wear any eyeliner, just a wash of neutral eyeshadow.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

You must be nearsighted, too? Another thing I never considered about how eye size changes with glasses. 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I always wear my glasses, but purposefully draw my liner on my top lid thicker because of it! Thin liner doesn't pop with my thick rimmed glasses.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Yep, I go bolder with the liner too. Under eyes, I tend to use a lighter color than I use on top lid or apply a finer line sometimes.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I don't do much differently, except I keep in mind that in my case, I can go bolder on my eyes because otherwise they could get lost behind my glasses. I just posted a photo in the What Are You Wearing Today thread, but here's a pic of my makeup with my glasses. I don't have issues with the lenses magnifying my eyes or with my eyelashes hitting the lenses. My only issue is no matter what type of glasses, they always slide down my nose a bit; this means that in many photos, the top of the lenses go across where my eyes are. It's annoying. Come to think of it, I do tend to go lighter with foundation/powder on my nose, because of the glasses sliding down. That's about it.



Edited to add: I just started using Laura Mercier under-eye brightening powder under my eyes and I like the result! Seems to help with lightening circles there and in dealing with potential shadows from the glasses. I did check for flashback on photos and so far, there isn't any.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Good to hear about the LM brightening powder - I may have to check that out


My glasses always slide down a little bit too - it's kind of annoying since I always am having them tightened at the optho to prevent it - o well I guess - glasses wearer problems Smiley Happy

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Zpsid91, it's likely the bridge in your nose that enables the glasses to slide down. As in, narrow or pretty nonexistent. At least, that's what my issue was. This is my first pair in years w/o nose pads, so we'll see how they work out. Nose pads didn't work that well in preventing slide-downs but I still tried to find rims like this that were very similar in size to my previous pair, especially in the nose bridge area.


The LM powder I just got. It's presented differently in the Sephora store vs. what's shown on line. I think it's just the small version of the brightening powder. I use a teeny tiny amount because too much can look like reverse racoon eyes. I was using it on top of my concealer but yesterday I put it on alone and it seemed to look nice that way too. I wouldn't get the regular size of this unless you want to use it all over your face. Also, if you get it, follow the advice of the top reviewers and leave the sticker on over the holes and just make a few holes through that sticker using a thumb tack. Taking off the sticker, there are just way too many holes.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

@DiVWA...You look great!


I've wanted to try Laura Mercier under-eye brightening powder but never did because the last thing I wanted to do was bring attention to my under eye area wearing contacts.


When I did start paying attention to what I looked like with glasses & make-up, no matter the angle or lighting, there was a dark shadow under my eyes. Nothing I tried looked 'right.' 


So, the Laura Mercier under-eye brightening powder is used instead of setting powder?

Using a setting powder under my mature eyes is art or maybe science.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Beauty4ashes, yes the LM is the setting powder. I just changed my setting powders and had decided to go with the regular LM setting powder (not the lightening one) for my face when I was wearing foundation (primarily the T zone--I use HG ambient powder pretty much all over when not wearing foundation). I saw next to the LM setting powder a smaller jar of "under eye concealing powder" or something like that--not the exact same name as what it's called on Sephora's website. (This was in a freestanding Sephora store.) I put a little bit under my eyes, which at this time had nothing under them since I had taken everything off in experimenting with different eyeshadows, and my under-eye circles looked less noticeable and I looked well rested all of a sudden. It was uncanny. I bought the small jar then when I got home researched and realized it was a smaller version of the regular-sized lightening powder (at least, that's what reviewers said. I didn't try the lightening powder so can't confirm they are the same.)


I was skeptical that this LM setting powder would look good using concealer and foundation first, but it did. I did have to experiment to see that using it is tricky--use a little less than you think you will need. Because of the brightening aspect, you don't want to go overboard. I use a clean brush after applying it to quickly wipe a little bit extra. Still learning the right amount. But I'm impressed. Some reviewers said it was no different than using baby powder but I don't think baby powder would be so finely milled and throw off light in the same manner.


I suggest getting a small sample jar and experiment at home before committing to buying this. It didn't settle in my lines but you may have a different experience.

Re: Glasses & Make-Up


Thanks. I have a good reason to get the LM. I've wanted to try it but it's really difficult for me to try new products until I see 100's of people wearing it! Glad they sell it in a small jar. That's how I originally bought Tarte. I swear the really old Tarte vs. the new one works better. 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

I wear less makeup with my glasses. Usually if I'm wearing my glasses, there is a specific reason such as sick, eye infection, lack of sleep, ... (I always wear contacts.) When I do wear makeup and glasses, I have to be careful because my eyelashes hit my glasses and get mascara marks on them. Probably if I wore my glasses more, I'd go heavier with eyeshadows and liners, but easier on the mascara. 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

My eyelashes hit my glasses too! It used to bug me until I realized that long eyelashes are a good thing! 

Re: Glasses & Make-Up

It still bugs me, ikandi, probably because it's not that my lashes are long. It's more just the way my glasses rest on my face. I wish I could claim nice, long, full eyelashes!  Smiley Happy


Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Sometimes what others view as a 'beauty blessing' can be the opposite.

I have freakishly long stick straight lashes. 

Here I am wearing MAC Cremesheen in Syrup. 








Re: Glasses & Make-Up


"...Usually if I'm wearing my glasses, there is a specific reason such as sick, eye infection, lack of sleep, ... (I always wear contacts.)..."


I have to wear glasses right now. It's not a choice. I always wear contact lenses for events/seminars or going out.

Never had to do this, so I have never had to worry about wearing glasses with make-up...and, gulp, wear glasses dressed up! 






Re: Glasses & Make-Up

Somehow, for me at least, it doesn't feel like I'm dressed up when I'm wearing my glasses. I know that it is probably a mental block in my mind Since I normally wear my contacts.  It was a big shock to my system when I had to start putting on 'readers' and I realized that my arms were no longer long enough to accommodate my eyes! Lol!!

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