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Foundation - Tarte Vs. Others

I love the matte look, something very long lasting and full coverage.


I live in DC, extreme weather, humidity and cold. I've heard the Tarte Amazonion 12 hour coverage is a must try. Is this worth all the hype? I've tried Urban Decay, both MAFU brands, as well as MAC and even drugstore Rimmel. How does Tarte compare? Any thoughts, ladies? <3

Re: Foundation - Tarte Vs. Others

I really like the Tarte foundations. I also love a matte look. I get really oily on my nose when I work all day. I haven't found a foundation that powers through that without me needing to reapply it. But Tarte is the best one I've used so far.

Re: Foundation - Tarte Vs. Others

Awesome, so good to know, thank you!

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