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Foreo Luna?

   I am just wondering about the Foreo Luna 

I have been using Clarisonic for a while, and I feel like the trend has shifted to Foreo Luna. 

But I'm a bit hesitant to buy them because I ONLY see not just positive but over the top 5 star reviews.. 

I know from experiences in the past that reviews can be either altered or sponsored.. is it the case for Foreo Luna too or is it genuinely crazy good?


I'm thinking of either replacing or alternating it with clarisonic.. any thoughts?

RE: Foreo Luna?

I am a huge fan of anything FOREO. I have the Luna 2, Luna 3, and the Luna Fofo. They are soooo game changing. My acne cleared up and my skin went to feeling super smooth. Now I look forward to my face cleansing routine!

Re: Foreo Luna?

One thing to consider is your choice of cleanser.  The Sephora product page states:


"Clay-based, silicone-based, or grainy cleansers, exfoliators, or scrubs should be avoided, as they may harm the LUNA's soft silicone touch-points." 

Re: Foreo Luna?

I've used the Clarisonic for a long time, and just got the Luna.  I love the feel of the Luna - no bristles and very soft pulsing, but it's giving me a rash on my cheeks from the bumps which are supposed to clean your skin....I"m not sure if this will go away; it seems to lessen each time I use it.....My friends who use the Luna are really loving it...maybe I'm allergic to the rubber?

Re: Foreo Luna?

If by rash you mean redness of the skin that happens because the vibration increases circulation in the skin. THIS IS A GOOD THING. Increased circulation means more blood flow to the skin in your face which tightens the skin. It might be something you switch to using only at night but it’s not something to worry about! I usually use mine at night. I do make sure to clean it frequently though because I have noticed that my skin will get bumpy in the T Zone if I don’t. It will build up bacteria if you don’t clean it which transfers and effects you’re skin. 

Re: Foreo Luna?

I tried a higher speed than the default and noticed a slight redness during cleansing that faded quickly.  I turned the speed back down and didn't experience the redness.  Perhaps try a lower setting?  And be sure that you've wet your face and are using enough cleanser.  Using this or any vibratory cleanser without adequate lubrication would cause potential skin irritation.  The anti-aging side is very gentle so that's less likely to irritate.


It's made of silicone, not rubber.  Silicone allergies are relatively rare and there's no commercially-available test to confirm.  If someone knows otherwise, please reply.

Re: Foreo Luna?

I just went on the foreo luna website, did you guys know that theres a foreo luna that costs $6,500?!?!?! Its called the luna luxe.



Re: Foreo Luna?

Wow I didn't see that, will have to check it out! Can't imagine what my face would look like after using that!

Re: Foreo Luna?

It's got a gold base. Smiley Very Happy

Re: Foreo Luna?

I wonder if its better to order directly from their website, because they give a 2 year warranty and a 10 year quality guarantee. At the end of the day, it is a gadget, and if it stops working for some reason they could send me a new one

Re: Foreo Luna?

If you order it from Sephora, you don't get the 2 year warranty/10 year quality guarantee? I'm not sure if you do or not. 


I think you probably still will. If so, then you'd have Sephora's awesome return policy on top of it. 

Re: Foreo Luna?

And it'll take you more than halfway to VIB Smiley Wink

Re: Foreo Luna?

Yay Thank you for your honest opinion! 

I actually heard about "purging" of the skin from one of the reviews... and its kind of what throws me back.. 

I didn't experience that with Clarisonic.. but its such a pain when I do break out from something because it takes forever to get rid of it.. and putting makeup on in the morning is so unpleasant..


Re: Foreo Luna?

This started happening to me a little bit after two weeks of using the Luna with no problem. It could be that it's winter now and the air (and my skin) is more dry. 


Now I just use it at night to take off my makeup rather than twice a day. I also make sure to use a good amount of cleanser on my face, and also put some on the Luna, as well. Now, I don't experience the redness anymore.


I prefer the Luna over the Clarisonic. 

Re: Foreo Luna?

Oh, and I also turned the pulsation setting way down, and use warm water (instead of hot water) on my face and on the Luna. 

Re: Foreo Luna?

Thank you for your opinion! 

I think I might want to at least give it a try.. if anything happens it doesn't work for my skin, I have Clarisonic.. 

One of the major draw backs of Clarisonic is having to exchange the brush every now and then... I hope I end up liking Luna over Clarisonic too Smiley Sad

Re: Foreo Luna?

Thanks for the tip re the cleanser.  I'm going to keep using it for a while to see whether my skin gets used to it.  It does make my skin feel really really soft, which I like.  It's also gentler than the Clarisonic....

Re: Foreo Luna?

from what i heard, its a lot more gentle than clarisonic 

i plan on purchasing mine to use in the mornings and on weekends possibly. but continue to use my clarisonic at night when i wear makeup 

Re: Foreo Luna?


Yea I was thinking the same too.. use Clarisonic at night or every other day.. because I still like the Clarisonic.. but I honestly think it could get better especially with the replacement brush situation. Its costing me more than I thought it would

Re: Foreo Luna?

yea it definitely cost a lot but i love the feeling of it when i remove my makeup. Nervous about the purging of the the luna tho since i didn't get that with the clarisonic.. maybe only use it on weekends and then slowly increase to weekdays or every other.

Re: Foreo Luna?

Hi vvib!


I think the Foreo looks really cool- much easier to hold with the more ergonomic handle PLUS its a silicone "brush" that doesn't need to be replaced so its much more hygienic for cleaning and cost effective. 


I know that MakeupMaven wrote a review on the product page and she loves it! Hopefully she will see this post and share some more feedback.


The great thing is, if you order it and aren't happy? Send it back or take it to a store and we can refund or exchange you within the time limit. Smiley Happy 

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana
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