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Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Hitting pan and finishing a product feels like a major makeup accomplishment, especially when it is something that has been neglected for a while.  So, I figured why not have a thread where we can share this accomplishment.  Perhaps we can all inspire one another, and probably discover a new product or two to replace the finished one lol.


I am about to run out of a few items.



My Buxum Lash mascara is getting low, and my Mega Plush mascara has maybe a couple of uses left.  I wore the Mega Plush a lot this summer.  The Neutrogena concealer feels like it is getting low, but I gotta give it some credit for being a drug store product.  I bought it during the Spring semester, so it has lasted quite a while.  TheBalm BalmShelter TM, which I bought last summer, is almost at the end of its days. 




I've used my Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting a lot this summer as well, and that is what remains of it.  The nub is what remains of my Sephora Retractable Waterproof Lip Liner in Nude.  I need to replace it ASAP!!  Although no where near finished, I have made a small dent in my Buxom lip gloss in April that came in a 500 point perk.




Another item that I need to replace ASAP: Victoria's Secret Pro Lip Scrub and Balm.  It has helped my lips out a lot since I bought it sometime in February.





Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Find a women's shelter. Most of them will take slightly used cosmetics & body products. 

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Yay! I finished stuff!

Clinique lotion - meh. It always come in GWP from Clinique

Soap&Glory righteous butter - nice butter, too sweet/candy/fruity for me.

Bliss Fabulous SPF15 - pretty nice. It's creamy but sinks in well for summer.

Caudalie beauty elixir - my addiction, just got a new one, yay!

Alba Botanica sea enzyme scrub - pretty good, but not fantastic. I need to finish my half tube of Clinique before I can move onto new ones.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Nice!  How do you use the Caudalie beauty elixir?

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Me too! I was thinking about getting a smaller size in the fall for an after cleanser spritz for hydration

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I love it. Altho I'm not ashamed to admit it's most cuz I love the scent. This is like a "perfume" you can safely spritz everywhere and breathe in (while I'd be paranoid about chemicals with a real perfume).


To be completely honest, if you don't care about the scent, there are other good options like Caudalie grape water (scent less) and...I haven't tried other spraying toner. =/

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Ahh so hard for me to finish stuff since im always trying something new. 

Currently hit pan on

- LM powder fdn (already have backup)

- UD abc gum e/s (already have a backup)


Ive finished an age rewind concealer already and a clinique travel size gel moisturizer, small travel size of origins ginzing eye cream..


Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I finished off another Sephora lip liner.  I need to get a replacement next time I'm at the mall.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I love this thread... I totally feel like it is a major accomplishment when I finish a product and am so excited to get a fresh and sometimes new one. Most of the time I don't let the product finish completely before getting a replacement because I cant go without lol. I just ordered a new Cover FX Cream Foundation because I don't even have a days worth of it left and I also ordered the new Kat Von D Lock it Powder Foundation. I was using MUF Pro Powder Foundation and it still has a bit but I can see the silver bottom and i'm always afraid to carry it in my make up bag for fear of it shattering.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Finished products (yay) and throwing away products (boo).

Biore 4-in-1 foamy cleanser: awesome for getting off dirt, oil and make up, so awesome that it's really drying, too drying even as hand cleanser, so I use it to clean brushes and empty jars etc.

Ole Henriksen Truth Serum: can't get enough of this stuff.

Aromachologie volumizing shampoo from L'occitane: it's natural so doesn't foam much, feels nice and smells nice.

Bliss Oxygen+C gel cream: very runny gel with expiration date of 6 month. Too short for me, didn't finish last summer and it turned nasty this summer so I have to throw out the little puddle left.

C.O. Bigalow Rosemary+Mint lotion: looooove the scent and refreshing feeling. It's my second bottle but....whenever I have 1/4 left, the pump always break. =/


Lola eye/face/lip set: my first set of make up from HS. awww. I actually used about half of everything except for the blushes, but now they don't even last 5min on me and applies clumpy.

Clinique Stay Matte: it's 7 yrs old and the only powder where I actually hit the pan.

Physician's Formula blush/bronzer/powder: all of them 5+yrs old and have hardened/doesn't apply easily. The powder doesn't do anything any more so that's out, the bronzer is so yellow on me and doesn't last so that's also out, and the blush.........ok, I'm not gonna use it but it's pretty so I'm keeping it.


Anyways, out with the used/old. Hopefully I'll have made significant progress through my beauty stash by the end of the summer, but considering the fact I kept placing orders during the summer..... >.<

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I think that for every new colored makeup item I add to my collection, I need to get rid of at least one. Those Physician's Formula blush and bronzer are too darn cute though! Smiley Happy

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