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Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Hitting pan and finishing a product feels like a major makeup accomplishment, especially when it is something that has been neglected for a while.  So, I figured why not have a thread where we can share this accomplishment.  Perhaps we can all inspire one another, and probably discover a new product or two to replace the finished one lol.


I am about to run out of a few items.



My Buxum Lash mascara is getting low, and my Mega Plush mascara has maybe a couple of uses left.  I wore the Mega Plush a lot this summer.  The Neutrogena concealer feels like it is getting low, but I gotta give it some credit for being a drug store product.  I bought it during the Spring semester, so it has lasted quite a while.  TheBalm BalmShelter TM, which I bought last summer, is almost at the end of its days. 




I've used my Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting a lot this summer as well, and that is what remains of it.  The nub is what remains of my Sephora Retractable Waterproof Lip Liner in Nude.  I need to replace it ASAP!!  Although no where near finished, I have made a small dent in my Buxom lip gloss in April that came in a 500 point perk.




Another item that I need to replace ASAP: Victoria's Secret Pro Lip Scrub and Balm.  It has helped my lips out a lot since I bought it sometime in February.





Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

They are not doing it this year anyways. =/


They have if you buy a earth day item, they will plant a tree. If you buy $55+, you get a tote. If you buy $35+ from Plantscription, you get a free eye cream. And the normal $10 off $35 (I think? or $25) online.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Really? Awww. I just chatted on with a origins person a couple of days ago and she said that they are doing it Smiley Sad Maybe it varies by location or something. Bummer.



Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Now I'm curious....because I do have empty jars....hmmm...

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

lylysa----Earth day was yesterday so its over Smiley Sad

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Bahh, I never seem to catch promos, oh well...the Sephora CW hauls have me pretty held over until the next promo comes along! Smiley Tongue

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I'm almost out of my moisturizer, makeup wipes, pore strips and one of my cleansers.


Yep, doing good Smiley Very Happy


I don't usually have problems with using up skincare items, its makeup that takes me forever! But that's a good thing, means I'm getting my moneys worth Smiley Very Happy

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

So excited to have lots of updates! It's been almost 3 weeks since I posted- and I've been using up stuff left and right- and doing a major product comparison (it'll become obvious).


Bath and Nail Stuff:

Ulta Bath Smoothie 3 in 1 in Dragonfruit- 24oz! (This was a Christmastime purchase, so that's not bad. I'll repurchase once I use more of the bath products)

Boots London Naturals- Mango

Boots London Naturals- Almond (Love Boots!)

Zoya Remove Plus (8oz)



Full Size:

Shiseido Beneficiance WrinkleResist Eye Contour Cream- backup already purchased and in-use.

Shiseido Lip Water in Raspberry- cute



2x Julep Rock Star Hand Cream- already purchased a full-size

1x store-made sample of Shiseido BioPerformance Serum

5x Assorted Serum samples


And after I took that picture, tonight I finished:

Boots 4 in 1 Makeup Wipes- Need to purchase, will finish the Josie Maran wipes first

Deluxe sample of Shiseido BioPerformance Serum

Counter-made sample of Shiseido Beneficiance Softener (already own, needed to use this)



Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I keep seeing lots about Boots beauty products lately, which makes me want to try some! Any recomendations?

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I have a massive crush on Boots in general- but I fell in love when I studied in the UK. That said, there are a couple of products you can find here (Target/Ulta) that are worth checking out:



* I can't live without the 4 in 1 wipes (above). They're cheap and can battle even the most waterproof makeup with a gentle rub or two.

* I'm hugely in love with all of their sensitive skin products- they're as sensitive-friendly as most Clinique products (for example) but at drugstore prices. I keep the sensitive lotion ($3.49/8 oz!!) in a soap dispenser in my bathroom, for example.


Bath Stuff-

* If you can find the original bath foam, go for it! (I think it's been discontinued in the US though)

* The body washes are cheap but nice (< $7)


I wish they had the super awesome sensitive moisturizer over here- I'd consider abandoning my beloved Shiseido for it!  It literally does it all plus has major SPF for < $15.  I found it in Dubai and would've shipped myself a case had I known it was unavailable here.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Boots Botanic clay conditioning mask

Boots Botanic toner

Boots Protect & Perfect night serum/cream

Boots facial wipes

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Thank you both for the recs! I see there's a US store online, so I'll probably try placing an order through them! Skin care addicts unite? Smiley Happy

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Enabling unite! Smiley Wink


I love all of my high-end splurges, but in the end it's the bargain wonders that have my heart since it's hard to create a truly amazing product at some of their price points!


Their freestanding stores in the UK are insane. It's like Sephora meets the pharmacy- overseas you can even pick up Chanel makeup and your prescription. 

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I just used up my yes to blueberries face wipes Smiley Very Happy The yes brand wipes are amazing, they get my face makeup completely OFF (I don't use on eyes because I don't want to rub/tug at delicate eye area). LOVE.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

FINALLY hit pan on my Laura Gellar Balance'n'Brighten baked powder foundation! WOooooooOOO!!!!  At first I couldn't believe my eyes, the packaging is really deceptive because the pan isn't as deep as it looks. Don't get me wrong, I really love this stuff and would repurchase, but not until they get a better shade range!  I'm normally light-medium, but for Laura Gellar I'm somewhere between "Porcelain" and "Fair".

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Wahoo!  I have her Brighten n Balance I got as part of a TSV from QVC.  And if there is SPF then the shading will be rearmed for some reason.  With her non-SPF foundation I am regular and with the SPF I am fair. I think she received many complaints when she changed the formula. I heard her say something on QVC show about the shades.  


Yesterday I hit pan on my Bobbi Brown Pot concealer and loose powder combo.  I decided the consistency was too creamy and didn't like the color on my skin anymore(it's too light now. i think i bought it before i had kids and ended up with the mask of pregnancy - which for me has never gone away.) I don't feel too bad, I bought it a while ago and she has since changed the packaging and probably formulation.  I chucked it in the trash. 

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Gotta love auto correct - SPF = shade coming out darker than expected for LG Balance and brighten.  Ok I think we're good!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Origins A Perfect World toner/lotion

Juicy Beauty age defy moisturizer

Caudalie cleansing water


Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

More empties for me!



The only thing that's really sad for me is the Bliss.  I bought during the short-lived promo and fell in love.  I don't like the scented ones, so I'm searching for a new daily cream.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Hey I've used those Josie Maran wipes! They smell so amazing but unfortunately....don't work any better than drugstore ones.


I have some skincare items I'm running low on...and I think one of my foundations is at its last hurrah. When they are completely empty, I'll try to remember to post a pic before throwing it away Smiley Very Happy


Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Exactly, sephoramusthave.  I bought during the Black Friday promo and feel meh about both the face and the nail wipes.


What's hiding under there is the fact that I finished my first whole package of Shiseido cotton!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture before throwing it away, but I used up one of my foundations yesterday---flower beauty about face. I need to repurchase that for sure but I have a few more foundations that are just sitting around, so I need to use those first.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I used up a Nars concealer too! Did you like yours? I liked mine

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

nivea bodywash!!! Whoo hoo! I'm using the touch of happiness one right now Smiley Very Happy


My faves!!!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I finally finished a few things!! 


LaVanila passionfruit body wash 8 oz

Philosophy Purity face wash I think 1 oz

Josie Maran nailpolish remover wipes (from the $10 black friday deal) I have a few of the face wipes left but should be done with that soon too.



Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

my first 'hit the pan's of 2013 is this week! My origins ginzing, and dior toner!!!

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