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Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Hitting pan and finishing a product feels like a major makeup accomplishment, especially when it is something that has been neglected for a while.  So, I figured why not have a thread where we can share this accomplishment.  Perhaps we can all inspire one another, and probably discover a new product or two to replace the finished one lol.


I am about to run out of a few items.


makeup 1.JPG


My Buxum Lash mascara is getting low, and my Mega Plush mascara has maybe a couple of uses left.  I wore the Mega Plush a lot this summer.  The Neutrogena concealer feels like it is getting low, but I gotta give it some credit for being a drug store product.  I bought it during the Spring semester, so it has lasted quite a while.  TheBalm BalmShelter TM, which I bought last summer, is almost at the end of its days. 



makeup 2.JPG


I've used my Revlon Lip Butter in Sugar Frosting a lot this summer as well, and that is what remains of it.  The nub is what remains of my Sephora Retractable Waterproof Lip Liner in Nude.  I need to replace it ASAP!!  Although no where near finished, I have made a small dent in my Buxom lip gloss in April that came in a 500 point perk.



makeup 3.JPG


Another item that I need to replace ASAP: Victoria's Secret Pro Lip Scrub and Balm.  It has helped my lips out a lot since I bought it sometime in February.





Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I just hit pan on my first thing ever, and I'm really excited! I'm just getting into makeup and it always feels like I'm buying things I'll never finish. The tarte blush that came with the carried away holiday set, however, says otherwise!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I'm at the bottom of my Laura Mericer Sparkling Pink lipstick.


I've also hit the pan on my Cargo Blu Ray powder.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan


Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

w   o   w

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Way to go, Sephoramusthave!!!!  You didn't need any words to describe your post; the pictures do the talking!  I'm amazed at how much you have used up in the Ammo palette.  How long did it take to clean out those pans?

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Thanks Kimmi! Usually it takes me awhile to hit pan on makup, skincare/bodycare I go through much faster so its really exciting! You know....if I am using my Ammo palette and nothing else, I think that it takes me 3-4 weeks to use up just one of the shadows in there. They arent full sized pans and I use a brush. I have one use left of grifter but I have a brand new grifter in my UD BOS. Its just such a nice spring pink, has a little more glitter than I would like but I love it anyway. I looked through my shadows one more time and I think that I have enough brights right now for spring! Yay!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

WOWIE!!!! You are using that boxed powder from Benefit up!!! Nice one!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Thanks lylysa! Its my holy grail bronzer. This is actually my second Dallas, the first one I used up completely a few months ago and this one's just about gone too. If I use it everyday I dont think that it would last me more than a month. And its the original .42 oz size, the new ones are .25 oz so they wont last me as long. Smiley Sad I have 3 other bronzers though so I probably shouldnt buy a replacement until I hit pan on everything else, at least! (I have Benefit Hoola, Thebalm bettyloumanizer, and thebalm bahama mama. The bahama mama is not full sized but its a decent size, its in one of my face palettes)

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Kudos to the fact it was the .42 oz!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Thanks! I'm bummed that they dont make the sizes but I do have to give props to them for making the box less bulky, adding a little mirror and improving the brush! The brushes that came in the .42 oz boxes were *awful*, they shed like crazy and I always tossed them after the first use because I had to spend 5 minutes picking off the hairs from the brush that got stuck to my face! The new brushes dont shed, I use the one in my Dandelion blush, I've used it dozens of times and it never ever shed, and its a lot more dense than before. I only have one blush brush so I appreciate little things like this!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

That's a great plus! Ugh, I can only imagine picking up the old brushand finding tons of tiny, shed brush hairs on your powder!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

It worse when you are wearing cream or liquid foundation. When you're wearing powder foundation at least you can brush it off pretty easily....but when they really get it down deep in cream/liquid formulas.....its a nightmare. Once I had to wash my face completely and start again because I ruined my makeup by picking off parts of my foundation in certain spots!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Oh no!!! Smiley Sad That's horrible! Normally if I get any stubborn spots that won't budge (be it brush hairs or make up fall out), take a q-tip or sponge with a drop of silicone/dimethicone primer and go over the area lightly, it normally picks up anything without touching or moving your make up underneath!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Oh wow great tip! I just recently started using liquid foundation, I've been using cream and powder formulas for years...and as my luck would have it.....the liquid foundation I have is discontunued and can only be bought at a CCO in San Marcos, an hour and a half away...*if* no one else bought it.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Gahhh, it's so tough falling in love with discontinued products!!!!!

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I've hit pan on both Benfit's Coralista and Bella Bamba blushes! I've been trying to stretch the life out of them, because I don't want to replace them.

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

katie1724---Your nars powder, is that a powder foundation or a setting powder?

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

What a fun post!


I'm running low on my Too Faced Marshmallow Bunny - marshmallow pink.

Too Faced - La Crème

Also im on my THIRD tube on the Fresh Soy Face Cream!


Fresh - Soy Face Cream and im all out of the Dior Capture Totale One Essential (also 3rd bottle)!

Dior - Capture Totale One Essential


<3 Melissa

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Ohh NARS Laguna/Orgasm Duo... Talk about LOVING a product to death... I hit pan a long time ago & have been stretching out its life as long as possible before picking up a new one.  Luckily for me, I received a new one as a gift from my amazing bosses Smiley Happy The duo def isnt cheap, so I was super excited when I got the replacement.

I also finished up my 2nd Sweet Cinnimon Pumpkin Body Scrub from Bath & Body Works.  It was perfect for the holidays!


xo, Mia

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

Almost out of Anastasia Long wearing brow tint... really need to order a new one 

Re: Finished Products and Hitting Pan

I am almost out of the following products:


1) Origins Zero Oil Pore Purifying Toner (need to buy a backup ASAP!)

2) Neutragena Oil Free Eye Makeup Remover

3) Lush Rehab Shampoo (replacement is waiting!)

4) NARS Smudgeproof Eyeshadow Base

5) Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Dark Circle Eraser

6) Bare Minerals Mineral Veil



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