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Favorite nail polish color?

After updating my swatch sticks with my recent nail polish purchases, I had to switch some of my colors onto longer nails.


So, it's got me thinking.


What's your favorite nail color?  Not an individual shade- but what's the color (in any shade) that you can't get enough of?  Or keep buying even though you surely have every possible hue?


For me, it's purple.  I've got 49 purples now- which is silly.


Re: Favorite nail polish color?

green or grey

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I love hot pinks & oranges, but somehow I have way to many neutral light pinks and purples!


In general,I have too many dior nail polishes! I love the texture and the thick flat brush...

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

and btw, this is why its awesome that the ombre style was invented! that way I can use several shades at once and not feel that I wasted money on colors that are so similar!

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I have to say "Lincoln Park After Dark" is my go to color. That and my Butter London Matte top coat are my FAVORITE! One extreme to the next as one is a sheer matte nude beige and the other is a dark black/burgundy color- I can't get enough of either!

Luv&Lipgloss, Diana

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Mine is Just a Little Dangerous by OPI.  I love purples too. 

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Prism - mermaid green pearl

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I LOVE PURPLE!!!!  I never seem to be able to find the perfect purple - I want a deep reddish based purple, very royal, preferably with duochrome and/or glitter.  I have Zoya's Mimi and OPI's Grape...Set...Match! but neither are as vibrant as I'd like.  Any suggestions?

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Formula X Pedal to the Metal is a deep beautiful purple with a duochrome finish. You might want to try swatching that one to see if you like it. Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

You are truly an angel sent by the makeup gods!  I'm throwing caution to the wind and buying it - it looks just lovely!

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