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Favorite nail polish color?

After updating my swatch sticks with my recent nail polish purchases, I had to switch some of my colors onto longer nails.


So, it's got me thinking.


What's your favorite nail color?  Not an individual shade- but what's the color (in any shade) that you can't get enough of?  Or keep buying even though you surely have every possible hue?


For me, it's purple.  I've got 49 purples now- which is silly.

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Oh wow, You certainly have a lot of polishes. I'm not patient enough to do my nails myself, so i have to go get them done. I love Orange Polishes, I have maybe 5 different ones and take them with me when i go get them done since most people don't have a variety of Orange. 

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I just counted... I'm up to 316.  Yes, I have a nail polish problem.  See, this is really interesting to me since orange is one of the colors where I have the fewest number of bottles!

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Lol, I usually go to get my nails done thinking "Oh i'll get them pink, or maybe blue" And i come out and they are Orange. I can't help myself!!

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Ah, I never get my nails done- so my nail sticks were my attempt at organization. I have a hard time making a decision.


Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I really love magentas,  like the bright pinks that have cool (blue or purple) undertones. I know that's super specific, but I fell in love with it when I got my nails done at a salon a few years ago and have been infatuated since. 


~We are all beautiful ~

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

That's exactly what I was wondering! I don't get my nails done, hence my excuse for having so many colors at home. I have my own salon-worthy collection, lol.

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Lol If i ever do buy Nail Polish i like to get the Mini OPI sets from Sephora, The miniature polishes are all i need since i only wear them once. 

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

I got a SMASH mini set from my grandma once for Christmas and she got it at ULTA. I could be completely wrong, but I think each store has different exclusive lines by OPI, and therefore different mini sets, so you might want to check them out too. 

Then again, I might be crazy haha


~We are all beautiful~

Re: Favorite nail polish color?

Ahhh... I love having the full bottles since I go back to favorites time and time again.

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