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Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

With summer almost here & the much anticipated Sun Safety Kit almost out, I was wondering which sunscreen & self tanner are your favorites? Reason why?


I'm super fair skinned. I do tan, but prefer not to (since a tan is just skin damage).

My favorite everyday sun screen is Josie Maran Argan Daily Moisturizer SPF 40. It's broad spectrum, which means it protects against UVA & UVB rays.


UVB protects you from the rays that burn, stronger mid-day and during the summer. & UVA protects you from the sun rays that cause aging, pesky little rays even make it through on cloudy days (which is why you need to wear sunscreen everyday!) Easy to remember- UVA= Aging,  UVB= Burns.


@ the moment I don't have a go to self tanner. I tried the Bare Minerals and was pleased with the results. It turned out very natural. I can't wait to try the new one from Tarte!  So ladies & gents, what are your favorites???

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

i used shiseido oil-free urban environment spf 42 for face! its very thin and blendable and works well under my makeup, and my tarte maracuja self tanner is great for fair skin cause its SO easily blendable and not orange at all.  

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

All my products have at least an SPF of 30 or greater but I always just apply a sunscreen I usually just get some from Wal-Mart or something but I use an  SPF50 when I get those. Kate Somerville Tan Towels and Moracan Tan from Xen Tan are my top 2 self tanners.

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

I get Mychelle products at Whole Foods, Sprouts or Vitamin Shoppe. Even my local grocery store carries the line Smiley Very Happy

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

sunscreen: mychelle sun shield and Neutrogena pure and free liquid daily sunblock. Mychelle is all natural, doesn't leave a white cast, and is moisturizing so I can skip face cream if my skin is dry. The Neutrogena is waterproof, has good spf 50, has natural physical blockers so it doesn't break me out and sets to a matte finish so makeup just glides over it.


I don't use self tanners. I use bronzer on my face though, and for that I love Benefit Dallas and Benefit Hoola.

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

I've never heard of the Mychelle before. Where can you buy it???

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

I've never particularly used or been interested in a self tanner, so I can't help you there.


For sunscreens, I have two.  For my face, if I don't need something waterproof, I love Clarins UV Plus HP Day Screen SPF 40.


I found it due to a sample or 100pt perk here.  It might seem expensive, but you really don't need very much because it's not in a base with a lot of other moisturizers.  I use it on my face and it's great under moisturizer and whatever else you put on top.  I have the tinted version in Light, too.  (It is in this year's sun safety kit that is showing up on-line, btw.)  It's a mineral sunscreen.


My other favorite is Supergoop Everyday Face and Body Lotion, SPF 30.


I did get the big pump last year (and then picked up another at SiJCP when it was $20 and I found it during Chic Week).  This I use everywhere else, and on my face when I need waterproof if I don't have something else waterproof along with higher SPF.  This is a chemical sunscreen, and one of the few that I've found that doesn't cause my lower legs to break out in very itchy little red bumps.  I think Oxybenzone was causing that problem and this doesn't include it. 


I'd love to have the convenience of a spray (especially when I need my husband to put something on my back) so I might try out their spray version, even though it's expensive.  This might be expensive for what you get vs drug stores (and this pump is a lot smaller than their previous version) but I will gladly pay that for something that allows me to be safely out in the sun without being all covered up.  This was in the past few sun safety kits but it's not there this year.  (I'm sure I have enough through March 2014 when my stash expires, so hopefully Sephora or someone will still be selling this next year and I don't have to go on a hunt again.)

Re: Favorite Sunscreen & Self Tanner

I might have to try out the Clarins! Sounds like a good one! Unfortunately I don't do as well with chemical sunscreens Smiley Sad

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