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Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

When you decide to go for color, what's your thing?  A bold lip?  Bright blush?  All pink?


My favorites area a purple eye (love my Urban Decay shadows for this--Flash & Grifter are both great) with tons of mascara, bright cheeks (hot pink, like Angelika from NARS, is surprisingly wearable and really flattering).  And for a more subtle look that still gets attention, I'll do a more neutral face but line my lower lashline with a really bright color (pencil if you have it, or a wet liner brush dragged through a bright shadow works well, too).  What are your tricks?


Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

I'm a nude lip girl to heart but I love bright pink blushes, bright color eyeshadiws and eyeliners.

Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

Ever since I heard purple and plums make green eyes pop, I was all over purple shadows. I have enough purple eyshadows to last me a life time! 

So for my favorite colorful look I love a purple or plum smoky eye. Its probably my all time favorite thing to do. With tons a black mascara to really make my eyes pop and than a jet black liner to finish it off. But when I go super intense and dramatic with my eyes I rarely ever wear a bright blush and a bright lipstick/gloss. But thats just me! 

I rarely ever go for a bold lip. I don't know why but I am kinda "afraid" to! I love deep plum colors and bright red but I just can't get myself to take the plunge and do it myself! 

I don't know if you consider nail polish makeup? But I am 95% of the time always rocking a bright or neon nail polish... at all times. I am a nail polish junkie and for me I view Nail Polish as makeup. I switch my nail color every 2-3 days.... Im a bit obsessed!

Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

Bold lip. all the way. Dark, deep, and tasty looking. Yum.

Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

I love eyeshadow so I usually go for a bright and / or colorful eye every day.  I use at least four colors of eyeshadow every day.  For instance, I'll mix medium blue, medium purple, gold and a light shade on my browbone.  I'll line my eyes with one of the shades of eyeshadow or with gray or black liner.  I also love to use Urban Decay's Heavy Metal Liner at the outer corners of my lashlines for an extra splash of color.

Smiley Happy

Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

I like to go with a very bold eye-a smoky blue look, or bright green shadow and liner with black mascara. My "bold" is way too bold for most people, but what can I say? Ive got a weakness for green eyeshadow.Smiley Wink

Re: Favorite Colorful Makeup Look

I usually like statement colors on my deep mauve-y plums or reds (it's rare that I wear red, since I'm very fair, but I love them, anyway).


This isn't a color, per se, but I also love to wear false eyelashes -- natural looking ones, but still longer and fuller than my own. This really adds a touch of drama for an evening out, and I love how they look, especially with a subtle grey smokey eye : )

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