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Fall Collections 2013

So it seems like companies are putting out their fall collections earlier and earlier every year! It's only July for goodness sake! But that's not going to stop me from checking (and drooling over) some products Smiley Happy


Giorgio Armani might be dangerous on my wallet this year with its new Face & eye palettes, as well as the new Eyes to Kill shades!


Which line(s) are you looking forward to this upcoming season? Do share -- thought-wise and picture-wise! Smiley Happy





Re: Fall Collections 2013

Ooooh that's gorgeous!

Re: Fall Collections 2013

That is exquisite!

Re: Fall Collections 2013

I have such a huge weakness for pretty blushes, I want this one so badly!

Re: Fall Collections 2013

Just thought I'd spice up your Monday! Smiley Very Happy


OMG, I need that blush! Guerlain had this Asia exclusive blush, which is currently retailing at $90 USD. Le sigh.



Re: Fall Collections 2013

Smiley Surprised....

*checks bank account* I CAN BUY I CAN BUY

Must resist the urge.... *twitch twitch*

Thank god for No Buy July x_x

Re: Fall Collections 2013

If that blush you showed is selling out before the end of July, I might chuck my No Buy July out the window! hahaha

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