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Face Mask

I have a dry combination skin. Which detoxing  face mask (brand )would you recommend? 


 I prefer one that doesn’t peel off.


Thanks in advance! 

Re: Face Mask

Hi @Shelondra74 ! Face masks and other topical skincare products can't detoxify your skin. That's because skin is not a detoxifying organ. The liver and kidneys detox the body, but skin doesn't. I wish brands would stop using the word "detox" in their product names and marketing claims. 


Do you want a mask that hydrates your skin? Or do you need a mask that absorbs excess oil (sebum)? Or, is there something else you want a mask to do for your skin? I have mostly-dry combo skin that's quite reactive/inflammation-prone. The masks I use are mostly for hydration and inflammation soothing, with bonus points for a boost of antioxidants and ceramides. 


You mentioned not wanting a peel-off mask. Do you mean the masks you spread on your face and peel off, or do you also not like sheet masks that sit on your face? (I hate peel-off masks but like sheet masks.) 

Re: Face Mask

Hi, thanks for responding. Yes Hydration is what I need! 

Re: Face Mask

So true @WinglessOne

Products using certain terms like "Detox" are very misleading. Even the word "decreases" can be used without actual evedince to the FDA or any such thing. There allot of great masks out there for the skin, but what results are you looking for specifically @Shelondra74?

Re: Face Mask

Thanks for educating me…. I would like a mask that’s age defying and or that helps with minimizing pores. 

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